Uber Clone Using BlockChain – Assured Business Prospects In Ride-Hailing Services

Blockchain Taxi app development

The taxi industry is one of the fastest-growing industries where the revenue booms rapidly after the inclusion of technology into it. Uber Clone using blockchain technology is a recently emerged platform where development of taxi-hailing will be the new era in taxi app development. What does the future will look like after the ride-hailing services are integrated with blockchain technology? Although it involves highly technical knowledge, it is still ensured that there will be eventual business profits for the upcoming business professionals who are interested in investing in technically sophisticated applications like blockchain taxi app development.

In the future, it is predicted that there will surely be high end technically rich integrations with the taxi-hailing apps. It will revolutionize the working process of ride-hailing apps, making it a more automated, safe and secured environment completely. The introduction of blockchain technology into the taxi industry will eventually bring up more transparent solutions to the existing challenges that the industry faces. What is the concept of blockchain taxi app development? We shall now learn more about the Uber Clone using blockchain.

What Is Blockchain Integrated Uber Clone?

Uber Clone, an on-demand taxi-hailing app with similar features to that of the Uber app, is open to integrate some exclusive add-on features for individualistic business needs. With the emergence of fusing the Uber Clone with blockchain technology will provide various benefits that help in the smooth running of the business, offering transparency to the customers. How will the advancement of features help in the effective operations of the business process?

Benefits Of Blockchain Taxi App Development

There are various benefits that have been included in the fresh, integrated model of Uber Clone with blockchain technology. Some of the notable features are as follows.

1.Fast And Secured Transactions

The integration of blockchain in Uber Clone helps in fast and safe payment transactions, as the rider’ payment section is directly linked to the driver’s crypto wallet, which makes the payment process safe and secure.

2.Increased Transparency In Pricing 

With the inclusion of blockchain in Uber Clone, the pricing system of estimation is transparent to the rider. Without the blockchain, the rider cannot know about the parameters of fluctuating prices at different times.

3.Streamlined Automated Payments 

As the payments are automated, no confusion will occur in ride payments. Also, as there are no middlemen involved, the transactions are kept flowing automatically after the rider completes the ride.


As the process is made transparent, it reduces the extra costs associated with the middlemen before the inclusion of blockchain technology. So, the riders can enjoy riding to various places at a reasonable price.

Challenges Existing On Ride-hailing Business Model

The list of challenges faced by the ride-hailing industry in the current era made it difficult to have a secured and open ride-hailing platform. Some of the current challenges faced by ride-hailing apps are as follows.

1.High Ride Fees Due To The Existence Of Intermediates

2.Lack Of Transparency

3.Lack Of Security

How To Overcome The Challenges In Uber Clone Post Integration Of Blockchain Technology?

Some of the ways on overcoming the existing challenges of integrating blockchain technology in Uber Clone are by bringing in a decentralized platform to manage the complete process. On introducing a decentralized platform, the major challenges such as increased crime rates, enhancement of real-time traffic data and accident information can be easily tracked, which acts as a major contribution in lessening the challenges in the existing Uber Clone app.

Workflow Of Blockchain Integrated Uber Clone 

The complete process of ride-booking after the integration of blockchain with Uber Clone are as follows.

1.Driver’s Profile Creation

The driver has to create a profile with the necessary information such as Driving License, insurance and other personal information.

2.Rider’s Profile Creation

The rider has to provide their personal information such as Mail Id, Name, Phone Number etc., to create a profile.

3.Sharing Of Ride Information

Once the ride information gets stored in the digital ledger, the information of the rider and driver is open, which is helpful while picking up the ride.

4.Rider’s Request

Once the rider provides the request, based on the geolocation API and the extra information provided, a driver gets automatically assigned to the rider.

5.Driver’s Acceptance

Once the rider requests the driver for the rise, the driver can automatically get the rider’s information without any third party involvement based on real-time location.

6.Auto Payment

After the completion of the assigned ride, the estimated amount will be automatically transferred from the crypto wallet of the rider to the crypto wallet of the driver, which ends in successful payments.


It is finally concluded that the integration of blockchain technology in the Uber Clone will revolutionize the complete taxi-hailing process into an automated one. Also, the blockchain taxi app development will establish an automated connection solely between the rider and the driver without any involvement of external parties.


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