Urbanclap Clone – An On-Demand Multi-Home Service Application Ensuring Business Success!

Urbanclap Clone

In the highly competitive business environment, aspiring entrepreneurs are much curious and interested in starting a business that is worth the money and effort that will have high demand among the customers. UrbanClap Clone, a demanding multiple home service app with all personalized features. When it comes to availing multiple services, the customers are now interested in enjoying all the services at their doorstep. So, the business professionals who want to mark their legacy in their business should provide valuable services to their customers ceaselessly.

If you plan to initiate a great business idea, one of the best choices is to build an app like UrbanClap. Yes, in the current trend of availing multi services online, you can offer your customers a highly functional and user-friendly application, UrbanClap Clone. Being a pretty high revenue yielding business, developing an app like UrbanClap will help you achieve success immediately when you get into the competitive business market. Let us now look deeper into why you should initiate a business with UrbanClap Clone.

Inoru’s Urbanclap Clone – An On-Demand Multi-Services Application

We all know that Urbanclap is a popular multiple service provider that genuinely focuses on providing home services at your customers’ doorstep with just one tap. Inoru’s app like Urbanclap is engineered for excellent performance. It has all well-defined features with many personalization choices that are open to choose according to your individual business needs. Being the most demanded online provider application, the Urbanclap Clone is said to be the most profitable revenue yielding business in the upcoming years. Some of the categories of services provided by Urbanclap Clone are,

1.Household Services

2.Tutoring Services

3.Salon Services

4.Health and Fitness Services

5.Packing and Moving Services

6.Design and Architecture

7.Repair Services

8.Event Management

9.Business Services

What Are The Outstanding Features Of Inoru’s Urbanclap Clone?

There are a vast number of salient features of Inoru’s Urbanclap. When it comes to the list of Urbanclap Clone features, it has three major classifications of the application such as User App, Service Provider App and Admin App. The various primary features of the above-given apps are as follows. 

1.User App:

Login, Browse List Of Services, Service Provider Profile, Multi Payment, Real-Time Tracking, Notifications and Ratings & Reviews.

2.Service Provider App:

Registration, List of services, Timing of the services, View Request, GPS Navigation, In-App Messaging, Earnings Trackers and Customer Support.

3.Admin Panel:

Dashboard, Service Provider Approval, Manage Services, Manage Service Providers, Manage Advertisements, Manage Revenues, Manage Notifications, Analytical Reports and View Ratings and Reviews.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An App Like Urbanclap?

Before you set your target on starting your business with Inoru’s Urbanclap Clone, you need to learn about its advantages. Some of the lists of benefits that you can enjoy from Urbanclap Clone are given below.

1.Easy and Quick Launch

The Urbanclap Clone is very much easier to launch and use as the complete application is developed based on the business requirements and is ready to launch. There is no need to wait for long periods to get the finished product as we offer white label solutions to the clients according to their business requirements. So, you can quickly start your business without any delays.

2.Cost And Time Efficient

As the Urbanclap Clone is developed by highly technical professionals using robust technology, it is ultimately cost and time-efficient. Compared to developing a clone application by recruiting a team, it will eventually cost you more money. So, it is a wise choice to go with building a highly efficient clone application that will save you more time.

3.Easy Payment

On developing an app like Urbanclap, the payment for the services availed by the customers are made online. So, there is no need to pay via cash and the transactions are done quickly without any confusion. The customers are open to paying for the services via credit cards, debit cards, digital payment, e-wallet and net banking options to keep track of the transactions, making it hassle-free.

4.Huge Revenue

The business you take forth in the market by introducing an app like Urbanclap will fetch you more revenue. As Urbanclap is a multi-service provider, the business can eventually benefit from various revenue streams. In turn, you can enjoy great business opportunities in the future by expanding your services and earning more out of them.

5.Secured Platform 

The Urbanclap Clone is a highly secured platform that keeps the hackers away, providing a safe environment for the business service providers and allowing the customers to use the services without any scamming. Hence, safety is much ensured on using the Urbanclap platform.


It is finally concluded that the upcoming years will ultimately be the era of technology where the customers will be highly attracted to online services. As the online business market keeps expanding in the future, it is strongly suggested that investing in a multi-service application like Inoru’s Urbanclap Clone will surely get you more potential customers in future and higher chances of success rate and revenue in the future business.


A Revolutionary Business Upfront With Inoru’s Urbanclap Clone!

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