What Entrepreneurs Need To Know Before Investing In A Oyo Clone App

Oyo Clone

Ever since smartphones took over the world, all industries in different sectors have updated themselves to the level where their business reaches the common man through the phones in their palms. One such industry is tourism and hospitality. A few years ago, booking a hotel room involved various steps. From deciding the location to paying the room tariff, it was a tiring process. This endless cycle came to a stop with the advent of app like Oyo.

There are over 300,000 daily users of the famous app with over 1 million rooms. These numbers are astounding. This is a wide network that the app has been able to build and today you, as an entrepreneur or an up-and-coming business, have the ability to do the same. Here you will know how or rather why these apps have such a big following and how you can be the next sensation by developing your own Oyo clone app and be the talk of the town in the tourism industry.

Why investing in an Oyo clone app is a clever decision

Over-reliance on apps

Ever since smartphones came into existence, there are apps for possibly everything. From clothes, food and even to wash your dog there is someone readily available to get the job done. With such increased dependence on technology, businesses have entered the conversation and are getting their work online for users to view and engage with. The tourism industry has also followed suit. With an Oyo like app, customers can quickly skim through the desired locations, have a look at the rooms, decide on prices and make bookings then and there. You can also make an Oyo Clone app and be a provider for customers who heavily rely on apps (which includes almost everyone) for the perfect hotel stay by partnering with us here at INORU.

Quick booking

Nowadays no one has time to wait in line or call a hotel to book a room. Especially those working with businesses and have the need to travel a lot. They don’t need to be shoved in their faces with a list of amenities a hotel has to offer. For a quick and hassle-free booking, they rely on hotel booking apps that get the job done. With bookings that take only seconds to get done and multiple payment options that come built-in with the app, business executives and those who are always on the go simply need to tap a few times on their phone, and viola, a room is booked.

Unlimited choices

With hotel booking apps, users are supplied with a wide array of choices to choose from. Starting from rooms for a single night or a weekend stay in a villa, the users can pick and choose according to their preferences. The apps will come with pictures of the real deal, and details of all the amenities that the hotel offers. With in-built filters, users can also look for rooms based on availability, price range, and of course locality. The surprising part is that tons of options are available at their fingertips and users can make their decision with ease. This comfort level is unmatched and hence why users prefer using these apps.

Business partnerships

As the popularity of the Oyo app increased, many hotel and resort owners have reached out and are partnering with the app to expand their hotel business. This is a very wise and profitable deal and a win-win situation for both parties and an offer that is hard to resist. In 2019, Oyo rooms introduced a loyalty program to make partnering with Oyo an attractive proposition to encourage hotel owners to provide the best hospitality experience to their guests. You can also do the same and partner with numerous hotels that are waiting for an opportunity that you might have to offer. Make this a reality by first partnering with us at INORU to get an Oyo Clone App.

Now that you have understood why investing in an Oyo clone app is maybe not a bad idea, you must know what features and functionalities the user interface of the app must have to increase its reach among users and hotel owners alike. Consider the following options –

1.Registration – guests can easily sign up or log in with their social media credentials.
2.Browsing and filters – customers will be able to browse through a number of hotels and make a choice. They can also set filters to narrow down their search. A search option can also be included so the guests can easily locate a particular hotel they’re looking for.
3.Payment modes – guests can easily pay for their stay using debit and credit card options, mobile wallets, and net banking.
4.Notifications – the users can get push notifications as their booking status is updated.
5.Reviews – customers can type in their concerns with their stay in a particular hotel and other guests who might opt for that hotel can read the reviews to make an informed decision.

With all this in mind, it is time for you as an entrepreneur to make a decision as to which app development company to choose, and here’s why you must pick INORU.

At INORU we pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide. Our excellence in developing smartphone applications over the years, the top-notch tech stack that goes into building your Oyo Clone app, and the Oyo Clone script is unmatched. You will receive a customizable end product and an around-the-clock support team that will help you deal with any technical glitches that might occur. So reach out to us so we can begin working on your Oyo Clone app to get into users’ phones in a flash.


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