Why Launching A Zillow Clone In Today’s Scenario Is Your Best Bet For A Profitable Business

Zillow Clone

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers, real estate agents and property owners in one forum. This application has completely revolutionized buying and selling properties, capsizing the traditional methods that have been around for centuries. Zillow was the brainchild of former Microsoft executives Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink. 

The way business is being done has completely changed since the advent of mobile applications. From freelancers to enterprises, the internet and its many uses benefit and support the steady growth of their business. Consider some of these customer attitudes when it comes to buying property.

1.89% of prospective buyers first research online before buying

2.Only 6% of buyers respond to a yard sign

3.Real estate websites record over 120 million visits each month

There has been a total shift in the market dynamics when it comes to real estate. Zillow is one app that has risen to offer convenience coupled with top-grade services that has left all users satisfied and wanting for more. With that being said, let’s brush through some statistics of Zillow to give you an idea about how your Zillow clone can fare in the market.

1.There are over 110 million properties on the application and counting.

2.In Q3 of 2020, Zillow’s consolidated total revenue was at $657 million.

3.80% of homes in the U.S have been viewed on the Zillow app.

4.Zillow has secured the top place in most-viewed real estate sites.

5.It has around 196 million monthly users.

6.It has a 31.56% increase in revenue year-to-year.

These numbers and facts stand as a testament to the fact that your business too can scale to such magnificent heights with Inoru’s efficient Zillow Clone. Have a look at these questions that answer crucial questions about how our Zillow Clone functions and caters to the needs of the users and the advancement of your business.

Why do I need a Zillow Clone?

If you’ve read this far it’s clear that you want to grow a profitable business by launching your own Zillow clone in your region or country. So what are the benefits of doing so for your venture?

Elevate customer interactions 

You might already be a real estate agent or run a business. So, you might already know that good customer interaction is vital. An app like Zillow with features like rating and feedback is sure to boost customer interactions and increase your holdings.

Increased efficiency 

With your Zillow clone, you can elevate the efficiency of your entire operation. An app like this requires very little manpower to run. The automated procedures in the app make handling all transactions effortlessly. This resourcefulness of the app will also increase your profits profusely.

Extra revenue stream

You might already run a successful business and have no immediate need. But multiple revenue streams guarantee a solid future for your trade. The Zillow Clone that we develop is capable of generating a steady flow of revenue that is sure to skyrocket your returns.

Brand recognition

Creating a positive brand image is a feat of its own. And getting the customers to notice one’s brand is taxing as well. Investing in a Zillow Clone that comes fitted with white label solutions increases awareness about your real estate brand which inevitably attracts more customers.  

Now that you’re convinced that a Zillow Cone is what your business or start-up needs to take it to the next level, look at some of the commodious and exceptional features fitted with Inoru’s Zillow Clone.

Since the app will predominantly be used by buyers, real estate agents, and of course, the admin managing the general operations, the features will need to provide for their individual needs. Guest app features will include 


This is a basic feature part of any mobile application, requiring details like phone numbers and E-mail addresses. 

Property listings 

The users, as soon as they open the app, are met with a ton load of properties. They can tweak the filters according to their requirements such as location-based properties and even look at pictures of the premises, other details like when it was built, the interiors, furnishing, and of course, the price of the property. This will help them find what they’re looking for with ease.

Booking and confirmation 

With a single tap, users will be able to pre-book properties. Once the booking request reaches the landlord, they will confirm the reservation. For queries regarding booking or the property, users can use the ‘message owner’ option and get in touch with them.


An important feature, the feedback panel will list the opinions and feelings regarding a property by others who have checked it out previously. This will help users make an informed decision when it comes to buying or renting.

The agent and admin app will have the following features to facilitate straightforward usage of the Zillow Clone

1.Upload and view property listing

2.Upload property images and descriptions

3.Offers and discounts

4.Ratings and feedback

5.Powerful dashboard

6.Manage listings and users

7.View analytics and feedback

8.Send in-app notifications

The topic of revenue streams was previously addressed here. You might wonder what the different streams of revenue that the Zillow Clone offers. They are as follows.


You, as the app owner, can decide on a fee that is charged as a commission with the local real estate industry market in mind for every property that is sold or rented out. This is one route through which consistent revenue is achieved.

Priority Listing

To improve chances of conversion, the admin can list certain properties as a priority which will ensure it pops up when users search for properties to buy. Sellers or real estate agents can charge to list properties as a priority.


Third-party companies aware of your Zillow Clone’s popularity and reach will want to display their company advertisements on your app. To avail of this opportunity, they can pay a small fee.

Premium membership

Just like most prominent apps in the market, your Zillow Clone app can have a premium version which guests can pay for. This premium version can host added benefits and features that the free version does not. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Now, you might be thinking about what the development process of the app will be like. We, at Inoru, follow a streamlined approach that will ensure the Zillow Clone is built to offer the highest functionality. This is how it goes.

1.The requirement process to understand your needs and ideas for the Zillow Clone.

2.The planning phase to assign appropriate personnel for developing.

3.Design and development phase where the user interface of the app is built followed by the back end development which will ensure the functionality of the app.

4.Quality assurance is mandatory to make sure your Zillow clone is free of bugs and errors.

5.The final step will be the launch which ensures the app is up for download and use, providing it maximal visibility and exposure.

Now that you are familiar with our impeccable development process, it is your place to make a decision. We at Inoru are pioneers when it comes to app and software development services. Having launched a variety of products for clients globally, we understand your needs and plans to scale your business. Our solutions are 

1.Completely scalable and customizable

2.We will give you the source codes for your app

3.Round the clock customer support

4.Highly efficient and dedicated team of developers

5.Affordable pricing

6.High standards for all our products

Contact Inoru to know more about how to launch a state-of-the-art Zillow Clone so you can become the next big name in the real estate business. 

Why Launching A Zillow Clone In Today’s Scenario Is Your Best Bet For A Profitable Business


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