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Yemeksepeti Clone

The plight of our busy schedules had made us get everything done in a single tap with the ease of our mobile phones. Food, in that case, irrespective of its cuisine, is made available at any time. And this is possible only through the food delivery apps available to earn a good revenue field.

Yemeksepeti, a Turkey-based food delivery application, having a good reach among the locals and had tied up with mostly all big food giants. It has now reached most of the other parts of the UK. Yemeksepeti is considered one of the successful food delivery apps with about $8million annual revenue. 

The demand for the widespread population has led to developing similar Yemeksepeti Clones and alternatives to meet the need. Developers like INORU are coming forward to help you develop applications like Yemeksepeti with in-built customization facilities that support the host seamlessly carry out their business. 

Yemeksepeti food delivery app flow

Apart from the other famous food delivery services, Yemeksepeti has a welcoming interface with almost every food hub around the town.  Once done with its downloading and installing, the application process flow proceeds like

1.Using the login credentials, the user gets signed in to the app.

2.The application asks for GPS access to detect your exact location.

3.Here it opens to the door of a wider choice. 

4.The user searches for his/her favourite restaurant or food.

5.Results appear as per search request.  They will choose the items they want

6.Check out, and the payment portal awaits them

7.Pay the bill and proceed

8.The delivery person and the restaurant is notified

9.the order is confirmed, and the delivery persons pick up the order at your place

10.Order delivered, and the process ends with a review of the service.

Need for Yemeksepeti alternatives

As Yemeksepeti food delivery service is carried out only in the States of UK, the need for similar food delivery service is worldwide. Many other food delivery service providers are also looking to establish their service on a bigger platform and promote their business. It also includes serving peculiar food or offering services to convenience in food delivery through an online food delivery business. And these reasons can be considered for most business entrepreneurs to launch similar Food delivery applications like Yemeksepeti. And at no surprise, new business heads are also trying to enter these niches as proven to earn a good profit.  

Potential app developer to launch Yemeksepeti clone

To develop an app like Yemeksepeti, as an app developer, it should be very convenient to customize the application for the entrepreneur. INORU, in that case, is suitable and approachable for any customization request for your application. Here at INORU, we provide legit advice and customization to establish a food delivery application at ease. We also help you launch the application with White-label features that are more advanced and technically resolved. With our round the clock post-launch service, we ensure that you help you resolve your issues with the food delivery clone that eases your business activity. 

Any app developer needs to understand the needs and requirements of the clients to satisfy them and help them carry out their business entities seamlessly with the app we develop. On that note, INORU does its full-on service. And we also concentrate on developing the application of a full feature from the clone scripts of the existing applications that acts as a solid base to the clone version and promotes its functioning skill. INORU also provides you with multiple payment options for the users to make feasible payment options.  

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Add on to your Yemeksepeti clone

Here are a few suggestions that can be considered while creating your Yemeksepeti clone 

1.Your Yemeksepeti clone can bind or concentrate on one particular cuisine

2.Provide nighttime food delivery.

3.Bring in desserts and bites to your list

4.Provide delivery service to one brand of food

5.Provide options to treat or surprise people

Any many other inputs can be brought into your Yemeksepeti clone. And INORU is always open to offer its service.

Customer app interface

1.The customer’s interface must be simple and readable

2.Advanced search option,

3.Customization in schedule booking

4.Easy log in features

5.Multiple payment methods

6.Push notifications options 

Vendor interface

1.Option to accept and decline an order

2.Order dashboard with ongoing order, waiting list, etc.

3.Business reports showing the revenue details and insights about the growth of their business

4.Menu management to update based on the availability of items

5.Promos codes with offers, deals, discounts.

Admin dashboard features

1.Efficient tracking and monitoring 

2.Payment and commissions panel with surge payment, delivery charges, etc.

3.Features to monitor the delivery process.

4.Manage restaurants details

5.Feedback analysis

6.Business analysis based on the order, payment, and delivery made within a day,

Final verdict

With the improved version of the Yemeksepeti clone, it’s very convenient to carry out your food delivery business at ease. And INORU, with its enhanced technical support, will help in taking your business to new heights and improve the global visibility of the app to reach a wider audience. 


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