zkSync 2.0 Integration in NFT Platform – Infuse Accelerative Eminence to the NFT Trading Space

zkSync 2.0 Integration in NFT Platform

Businesses are no more the primitive ones that they were to be in the early days. With entrepreneurs choosing digital nodes for vital business releases, the most anticipated and impressive blockchain technology has encapsulated the attention of multiple new-age entrepreneurs. 

Blockchain-based businesses like crypto and NFTs have scaled high altitudes in the past decade. Apart from revenue options, the interface, and the luring business environment, they have illuminated why this is the primary business option. 

Ethereum, the sophisticated blockchain technology, has been the most sought-after solution for developing NFTs and crypto platforms compared to other blockchain solutions. While Ethereum is prevailing with the layer one solution for the business, a highly sophisticated layer 2 solution of zkSync 2.0 integration comes as a reliable option for better NFT business. Get to know more about the zkSync 2.0 solution and the integration that INORU does for your NFT platform. 

What is zkSync 2.0? 

Ethereum prevails to be an epitome solution for providing encrypted security to the business. Having said that about Ethereum blockchain technology, zkSync 2.0 is the layer-2 blockchain solution developed to integrate into the Ethereum-based platform. 

Each data of the transaction and the other details of the platform are safely stored in the digital storage ledgers of the platform. That said, transactions within blockchain technology are accumulated beyond the limit, increasing user transaction fees. Here came the need for a layer 2 solution for the platform, zkSync 2.0, which is a zero-knowledge rollup that  makes it an assistive solution for this heck. 

We want to go into more detail. matter labs developed the zkSync 2.0 on the Ethereum blockchain. zkSync 2.0 is based on a roll-up schema where there are two types. zkSync2.0 and optimistic rollups are the two types where optimistic rollups work organized, whereas zkSync 2.0 works to make things easier for the platform action.

zkSync2.0 groups the piled-up transactions and makes it way easier by segregating them in off-chain mode. With this layer 2 integration to the platform, the compressed transactions are made more easier by segmenting the transactions. Firstly the transactions happen in layer 2 and after that the proof of transaction is sent to layer 1, making a legitimate transaction. 

This solution makes it legit for layer 1 to recognize the transaction and thereby make it valid. As with all the other transactions in blockchain technology, in this solution-based platform, the transactions happen through cryptographic code and are made credible with validity proof. This enables layer 1 transactions to be more legit as it has already happened in layer 2. This way of segregating transactions reduces the gas fees of the transaction, making more people adopt this premium route. 

zkSync 2.0 integration in the NFT platform 

NFTs, the most anticipated business in recent times, are creating anticiapation among entrepreneurs in the global marketplace. The growth nuances with this business type are said to be exponential. This blockchain-based business has amazed the digital market by showing the revenue route from various vital digital assets. To compensate for the growing demand and make transactions feasible, a layer two blockchain solution can be an optimal solution. 

The zkSync 2.0 solutions is comprehensively compatible with all the EVM-compatible platforms and Dapp solutions. Moreover, the zkSync 2.0 integration does not compromise on the security features of the Ethereum blockchain, thereby rendering a highly secured interface for the users with transactions and other platform actions. 

zkSync 2.0-based platforms 

On knowing the eminence of these lucrative layer 2 solutions, a thought might have plunged into your mind about integrating this into your NFT platforms. If so, INORU can make it real by integrating the solution into your platform. NFT platforms and Dapps can  be developed on this layer 2 blockchain solution from scratch. Like all the other blockchain solutions, this zkSync 2.0 can be a basement for platform development. 

Advantages that you get with zkSync 2.0 integration 

As mentioned already, zkSync 2.0 integration deploys amazing features for the business making feasible nuances with all verticals. Thereby the advantages of zkSync 2.0 integration to the NFT platform from INORU offers 

  • Advanced security 
  • Increased throughput 
  • EVM-based smart contracts 
  • Web3 API
  • Low gas costs 

NFT platforms where zkSync 2.0 can be integrated

NFT platforms are of different types, each displaying a specific theme and niche. zkSync2.0 can be integrated with many verticals and deployed for platform development from scratch. Let us mention some of the platforms that are zkSync 2.0 compatible. 

  • NFT Marketplaces 
  • NFT P2E games 
  • NFT launchpads 
  • Metaverse NFT applications 

Conclusive note 

The global market is moving towards web3 infusions making every business decentralized and credible. Acquiring one integral Web3 component would generate a huge leap for entrepreneurs to reach their desirable extent. zkSync 2.0 integration to your NFT platform can make transactions and platform nuances attractive with EVM smart contracts to lure an amazing audience across the market. INORU, with ideal developers and sophisticated solutions, can embrace supremacy for your business. Connect with us and let communities evaluate your growth ratio with zkSync 2.0 integration. 


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