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Zoom Clone

With step by step advancements, the human race has been educated and evolved accordingly. Technology, as it grows vast and wide, provides multiple opportunities to cull out new strategies for us to run the race with updates. One such innovation is mobile apps and now to support the prevailing situations in terms of education, business and others, Video Conferencing App like Zoom are predominantly used. 

Let us here get to know how with no confinement, apps like Zoom meetings are helping out different businesses to erect similar Zoom clones. Also, we will be focussing on its revenue streams and know why these video streaming apps are integral.

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What Does A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom Meeting Do?

1. One on one video calling facility

2. One to many video Calling 

3. Screen sharing options

4. Text chat facility within the meet

5. Whiteboard features

6. End to end encryptions

7. Record meeting options

8. Meeting control 

9. File sharing and storage

10. Restricted member participation 

Pioneer Solution Facilitating Effective Video Conferencing

There have been many video conferencing apps but one that stood and is standing ahead is the Zoom meeting app. A cloud-based peer to peer platform that allows individuals from different geo-locations to work together. It virtually binds users and has received a great response globally. 

This pioneer video conferencing app contributes to effective communication both professionally and personally. All the companies irrespective of their shape and size are exclusively benefited from its features and facilities to effectively carry out different tasks within the app based on the business ecosystem. From video calls to conferencing, instant virtual meetings, in-app messaging, audio and file sharing are effectively performed. 

Sectors Using Video Conferencing App Like Zoom 

There are different sectors using Video conferencing apps to communicate with each other. Apart from communication, conducting meetings, transfer information, impart learning and much more are facilitated through Zoom like apps. As mentioned above, these apps are not confined to any particular industry but support multiple sectors. 

1. Companies

At companies, video conferencing apps play a major role. Before the lockdown crisis, its usage was limited but now its functionality is improved as its needs are growing. To conduct meetings irrespective of its natures, to communicate, bind employees with the management, handle review sections, briefing, interviewing process, joining and training sections are all carried out through apps like zoom. Thereby at the convenience of their locations, the employees and management can easily get in touch with no in-person communication. 

2. Distant learning 

There are people who want to reach out to universities, expand their knowledge, etc. through these apps this distance is totally reduced.  Not just here, now-a-day we find children from kindergarten to high school and college goers attending regular online classes. Zoom like video conferencing apps diminishes the distance factors and helps in bringing in children and making them active and aware through online classes. These are modern classrooms that are fascinating to children today. 

3. Webinars and Classes

Like mentioned, when it is possible to conduct online classes for children why not external classes that focus on building a career and others online? Through these apps that facilitate virtual classes help in connecting worldwide audiences and gain increased audiences to the course and platform. To conduct webinars, workshops, relaxation classes, etc. These apps are super cool and bind audiences and attendees irrespective of age.

4. Social Tool 

Apart from business and education purposes, these video conferencing apps are efficient enough to conduct social events, competitions, discussions, etc. With no external cost and other, through these apps, meetings, gatherings are all arranged and done with minimal labour and maximum viewers and audience.  Many social groups, clubs, associations, etc., are active amidst the pandemic because of these apps. It is also an easy facilitator to correlate with global audiences and thereby gain worldwide connections. 

Fundamentals Of  Video Conferencing App Clones

Applications like Zoom facilitate the users with multiple features and functions to effectively carry out their activity. To improve the quality of the app, listed below are the features to incorporate into your Zoom clone. 

1. Host and join meeting facility

2. HD video configuration

3. Clear Audio 

4. Workspace features

5. In-app calendar

6. Reminder and Notifications 

7. Direct messaging option

8. Email support

9. Polls

10. Recording options

11. Meeting control 

12. Scheduled meetings

13. Q/A sections

14. Instant screen sharing

15. Improved security

16. Cloud storage 

Based on the subscription plans the entrepreneur can confine features for the users. And these subscription plans can be a great income source. It can contribute heftily. Apart from this, the app can collect charges from the host for holding extended meetings, for services, cloud space, etc. 

By developing a similar zoom app,  being the need of the hour app for many users, there are high chances to gain wide popularity among the global enterprises to host their meeting and sometimes there are chances for huge contracts to be signed on beneficiary terms.

Why Develop Zoom Clone Apps?

When you plan to launch an app, it’s better to opt for scripting rather than the actual app building process. This technology helps in improving your app’s ability and makes it more flexible to work. 

At INORU we help you develop Clone apps, and our white label solutions give you an upper hand in launching the clone app with your name, which officially means the app and its authority are taken over by you. 

Final Verdict

Want to build an app? 

An app that is needed and is capable of attracting a Global audience? 

An app that is cost-effective but has the capability to yield increased revenue? 

Reach us out at INORU, and we have the best solution for you. Develop and launch your Zoom Clone app that is capable of gaining increased users with global attention, and an app that is much needed for society to count on. And importantly, this video conferencing clone app is capable of generating increased revenue through multiple channels. 

What else? Contact us for more information and get to spree the world with your clone app launched with us. 

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