A Guide to Starting up a White Label Casino Game

whitelabel casino solution

The way the world functions today, digitally in the cloud, is largely owed to the existence of high speed internet and advanced portable technology. In the current digital era, when almost everything is being made available in a virtual space, the vastness and complexity of casinos have been no exception to being absorbed by the digital sweep.The high costs and resources that are involved in developing an online casino, were soon conciliated with an alternate development solution. A solution that circumvented the enormous investment that an online casino required if it was built from scratch. The solution, a white label casino.

Smartphones have become capable of performing a multitude of tasks as far as humans can imagine. As soon as digital applications ensconced themselves in mobile phones, they rapidly evolved to be able to handle an extensive amount of tasks at lightning speeds. By incorporating features that are spontaneously responsive, applications have substituted long human processing times with an automated, personalized, and instantaneous experience. 

Casinos have been high stake establishments that house enthusiastic gamblers. In 2017, the gambling industry raked in a revenue of $76.59 billion. The widespread popularity of these high energy venues soon caught the attention of mobile app developers who saw the lucrative opportunity. Casinos, thereafter, quickly took to being warped into digital applications on smartphones. Today, gambling enthusiasts can play their favorite games from anywhere at any hour of the day whilst experiencing the same thrill of physically being at a casino.

According to Statista, the global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than $94 billion in 2024. As it is evident that the popularity of casinos are skyrocketing, the industry has turned the heads of entrepreneurs towards the niche. The transcendence of casino games into mobile applications has paved way for the rise of several app development companies that provide casino development solutions at affordable costs. A popular option of casino development is a white label casino solution.

What Online Casinos Offer

A whitelabel casino software can provide the same features as that of a leading casino app like William Hill. Although casino applications are developed with customers as the sole target, developers aid administrators in managing the app and its contents by providing features for the admin. Casino apps have two broad core features. They are the user panel and the admin panel.

The User Panel

The user panel caters to the features of the customer. It is designed to provide the thrill of actual physical casinos through the app in a seamless manner.

Login – The first and foremost feature. Users are prompted to sign in/sign up to an account that can save all their app activities.

Betting Information – A comprehensive casino app provides betting information and tutorials. Users who are new to the world of casinos will find this feature helpful.

Games – Offering a plethora of popular casino games will keep users interested and engaged in the app. Blackjack, Roulette, Wheel of fortune, and Jackpot slots are some popular games.

Secure Transactions – Casino apps experience a massive influx and outflux of money. In order to ensure that the transactions are subjected to proper security, stringent protocols must be integrated.

Bonuses and Offers – A user is rewarded with bonuses and offers for various deeds such as referrals.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel enables administrators to get a firm grip of the administrative controls in an app through various management systems.

Dashboard – The Dashboard provides admins a view of all the activities that are ongoing in the app. Ongoing processes that can be viewed can range from the number of users that are online to all the transactions that occur in the app.

Content Management System – It is important to keep updating the app with new content and features to keep users engaged as well as stay up-to-date with the market’s standards. The content management system provides the necessary tools to do so.

All the essential features of a quintessential casino app needn’t always be built from scratch. The development of a casino can circumvent having to undergo time consuming planning, strategizing and incurring enormous costs by choosing to opt for a white label casino game development

A whitelabel casino solution grants the following advantages over creating it from the very beginning.

  • Fast Time to Market – Developing a casino app from scratch can take months, and by the time it is ready for launch in the market, the market standards might drastically change. A whitelabel solution will save having to put together a large team to work on the prospects of the app. Rebrand and resell, the solution has a fast time to market.
  • Your Brand – By designing and creating your own brand, your whitelabel casino app becomes unique. It creates ample room for promotion.
  • Set Your Price – With a whitelabel solution, you can set your own in-game purchase prices and design how any in-game currency functions.
  • Reduced Costs – The most valuable advantage of whitelabel solutions is that it drastically reduces the cost of developing a casino app.

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Cost of Developing a Whitelabel Casino

The cost of developing an online casino from scratch can cost anywhere between $10000 to $60000. The costs that a casino incurs are – Gaming software, license and marketing costs.

A whitelabel solution drastically reduces the cost of developing a casino as whitelabel casinos are ready to be acquired, rebranded and resaled. 

Casino games keep players wanting to play more. The excitement of winning a game is now available as mobile applications. A massive rapidly growing industry, the best way for an entrepreneur to grab a slice of the profits is by developing a casino app with a whitelabel solution.

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