White Label Casino: The Best Solution to Start an Online Casino

One of the best ways to make a profitable business more profitable than it already is… is to infuse multiple aspects of profitability into it. The casino business which is considered highly profitable can be made more profitable by adding an online dimension. Building an online casino should be an intense and cost sensitive affair. To avoid unwanted expenses in developing an online casino, white label casinos can be used. Let us look at the entities involved Viz. Casinos, online casinos, and white label casinos.

Casinos – The Odds are that you would win in this Business

The concept of winning a lot of money by investing a relatively smaller amount has been a thing of fascination ever since the concept of money and the understanding of desire existed. Casinos are grand manifestations of this element of fascination. The ‘grandeur’ is evident in the astounding numbers that show the sheer magnitude of the market.

The global revenue of the casinos stands at a staggering $120,380, with the United States alone contributing to about 50% of that number. Unexpectedly, in an aspect where Las Vegas is expected to lead, Macau occupies the number one spot when segmented by regions, and it contributes to about 40% of the total revenues.

Online Casinos

While the idea of casinos sounds interesting and exciting, the biggest deterrent when it comes to participation is that the user needs to be physically present in the casino.

The above statement could have been held true in its fullest sense until 1994, when the concept of online gambling was introduced. Online casinos give the experience of a real casino in terms of winnings and games, and also provide the convenience of playing from homes, and even on the move using mobile devices.

This feature helped the concept of casinos break geographic borders and reach even the remotest of places. In countries where there are no legal restrictions to online gambling like Canada and the Caribbean, online casinos have helped in expanding the prospect of revenue generation.

Globally, the online gambling market is expected to be about 6 billion short of a hundred in 2024 with a CAGR of around 10.9%. These big numbers would entice any business person to explore if not invest in online casinos.

However, creating an online casino with all the features, the technology and the support for security and transparency could be a hassle. Given the similarities in the way casinos function, a plug-and-play solution could be a viable answer to the challenge.

White Label Online Casinos

The plug-and-play solution that was discussed above is available in the white label online casinos. The white label is a highly profitable solution that allows an operator to launch an online casino without much of investments both in time and money. It is almost like an affiliate program where a company provides the client with a solution with all the functionalities of a casino.

White label casinos involve a lot of costs involved in recruitment, development, compliance and to an extent, marketing.

Essential Features of a White Label Casino

  • License – Since casinos are considered to be hotspots for illegal activities and organized crime, a license is mandatory to operate one. A white label solution takes care of the licensing aspect. Obtaining a gambling license could take anywhere between 2 and 6 months. A white label solution should be able to address this part particularly.
  • Software – The technology that lies behind the functioning of the casino should be provided by the company.
  • Payments – Facilities to deposit and withdrawal should be made as flexible as possible, accommodating multiple payment instruments and if possible, even cryptocurrencies.
  • Legal service – Although a part of it could be taken care of under licensing, there are also ongoing legal compliances that need to be established on a periodic basis. The white label solution should provide room for this.

Benefits of White Labeling your casino

  • Time to market – A new casino can be launched in a matter of weeks’. The entire process will take considerably less time than developing from scratch.
  • Immediate income – A white label casino is a ready-to-use product and it is all set to become an immediate source of revenues.
  • Price -The major aspect where a white label solution wins hands down is in price. The price difference is so much that it even cannot be compared!


You need a whitelabel solution today and for that you need to get in touch with a white label casino provider.

The efficiency of the process, the ease of setting up and the prospect of profitability make white label casinos an amazing business to invest in.

Inoru specializes in providing the most advanced white label casino software for your business. Our casinos are coded in the most perfect way, with the provision to scale and the flexibility to accommodate multiple payment options. Get in touch with our team to discuss the creation of your online casinos.

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