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Get yourself updated with other informative content. We are going to give you clarity about yet another trending app named Acorns. Does it sound new? Well, keep reading to know what the app is, how it works, and its scope in the coming days. Once you gain knowledge about this app, we will see how you can get your business started by developing an app like Acorns. Let’s get into the blog right away.

There exists an app for everything. Literally, you name it; you will have an app for that. The saying has come true for the finance industry now. Now, whether you want to perform any transactions or invest in the stock market, you have an app that will take care of it.

Nothing is impossible with the advent of digital technology. This improvement in technology has interrupted even the finance and banking industries. Before investing apps came, we had a call from a broker to invest in the stock market. That process used to take more time. But today, all we have to do is download and explore the leading and the best investment firm or stock with a few clicks using our smartphones.

What is this new app, Acorns?

This takes a different take on investing while still targeting novice traders and investors. The app offers portfolio management based on the user’s age, income, etc. One of the best parts is investing happens almost on autopilot. i.e., every time users make a purchase; Acorns sends the change to their investing account.

In short, this app is a leader among investment apps for the iPhone. It is designed for investing in spare change. The app’s usage is as simple as you can ever think of. With Acorns, you can start saving by just signing up to the platform and deposit money into your diversified portfolio.

Acorns is a new investment app that allows people to automatically invest a spare change from debit/credit card purchases. The app connects to debit or credit cards to round up the spare change to the next dollar on all purchases. Once it reaches $5, it automatically withdraws money and invests in a personalized stock portfolio.

The portfolio is nothing but a combo of different investment tools – stocks and bonds. This platform allows people to review, purchase and invest money. This investing app helps users to make the appropriate investment and earn profits efficiently.

Report Highlights

The following statistics will convince you that online investing apps are a worthwhile undertaking.

           1.  78% of investors use investment apps to establish relations with brands and companies they want to support.

           2.  The world-renowned company Google’s requests for financial planning and management have grown up to 70% in recent years.

           3.  20% of Millennials retirement money is kept in the form of money market funds, cash, bonds, or other investments.

           4.  More than 12% of respondents aged 18-29 have used online investing.

The above statistics prove that this generation participates actively in mobile investment deals. So, this is the right time to create a benchmark in the fintech industry by developing a highly secured investment app like Acorns.

Get your business started with Inoru

Now that you want to develop an investment app and serve global users, are you worried about whom you should approach to turn your business ideas into reality? Well, we are here to guide you throughout the app development process. Get your app developed with the leading and renowned clone app development company, Inoru, helping you provide a unique, white-labeled, and top-notch Acorns clone app power-packed with customizable features and services. Our Acorns clone is developed with cutting-edge technology by skilled professionals.

Phenomenal features incorporated in our Acorns clone

Following are the features included in our stupendous Acorns clone app that helps your users access the app easily, thereby enabling them to invest safely and enhance your business to reach massive users effectively.

            1.   Instructions & Guidelines
            2.  Social media integration
            3.  Automatic investment from purchasing
            4.  Card linking
            5.  Push notifications
            6.  Latest News & Updates
            7.  Referrals

Bottom line

All you have to do is, approach us right away, and the rest will be taken care of by our experienced professionals in the team, who will help you launch your app at the earliest. We provide round-the-clock support and offer a bug-free Acorns app script enabling you to alter it according to your business needs and specifications. In a nutshell, our Acorns clone script can be the right solution to get started. Get connected with us right away.

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