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BOX8 Clone

If you’re a budding business person, you have landed in the right place. As a teenager, everyone wanted to start up a food business. In the current generation with a technically rich environment, food delivery has been the next big and growing trend. It is foreseen that food delivery will have great success in the near future. So, it is a must for a business person to come up with the ignited business ideas that will have a futuristic approach to them. If you have an idea to start a food delivery business, hold on! Introducing to you the next generation on-demand food delivery app, BOX8 Clone. If you want to get an insight on Inoru’s BOX8 Clone, scroll down to know more about it.


What BOX8 Clone Is All About?

Inoru’s BOX8 Clone is a food delivery application that is similar to that of the original version. Right from the process of choosing delicious food, the users can enjoy food delivery from their favourite restaurants. With easy and quick access features, the customers can easily order food from the BOX8 Clone app. It comprises all the main features of the original application that is ready to launch, and the clients are open to choose any customization they want based on their business needs. Based on the technical requirements of each business, we offer solutions to it . What are the main features of the BOX8 Clone App?


BOX8 Clone Features

The primary features of the BOX8 Clone that make the delivery order simple are,

Worldwide Cuisine Selection 

There are a wide variety of cuisines available that is open to choose from according to the tastes and preferences of the user.

Search Best Restaurants Nearby

Using the search option, the user can choose any of the favourite restaurants that are near their location with an option that lets users choose from various restaurants nearby.

Advanced Filters

With many restaurant choices, the user is also open to using any filters that allow them to quickly scan through the nearby best restaurants. The filters that are available to the user are Restaurant Name, Cuisine, Distance, Reviews and Special offers and deals that suit them the best.

Ratings And Reviews

After the food delivery, the user has to rate and give reviews of the ordered food, delivery personnel and the restaurant.

Order History

The order history feature lets the user keep track of the previous food order history which makes them more convenient for the next re-order of the food.

How BOX 8 Clone Works?

The workflow of Inoru’s BOX8 Clone is more simple that the food order is made simple with just one tap and receives the food in minutes.

Searching Nearby Restaurants.

The user starts to search the restaurants that are  located nearby the users’ location.

Food Ordering

Once, the user finds the best restaurant, they can choose the food from the menu option.

Bill Payment 

After adding the desired food in the cart, the bill is calculated and displayed to the user. The user can either choose to pay online or through cash.

Food Order Placement.

After the food order, the user’s order request reaches the restaurant chosen.

Restaurant Order Confirmation

Once, the restaurant receives the order, it confirms the user’s order.

Delivery Tracking

After the food gets prepared, the delivery professional  will be ready to pick up the ordered food.

Food Delivery

Users can track the food delivery from the restaurant to the pinned location.

Ratings And Reviews

Once, the food is delivered, the users can rate and review the food product, delivery professional and the restaurant. 


Why Choose Inoru?

With a motto to serve the business people, we offer software solutions to various business needs. Inoru is a pioneer in the area of a software product with well-qualified software personnel with special expertise in the arena of software development. Some of the best reason to choose Inoru are,

              –    14+ Years of Industry Experience.

              –    Highly Technology Driven 

              –    Expertise Professionals

              –    Cutting Edge Technology

              –    International Clients

              –    World Class Products

              –    Quality Assurance

              –    Cost-Effective


Current Stats Of Food Delivery Industry

We all know that food is an essential part of our lives also developed from only homemade to all-time restaurant food. With the inflated need to serve the people for food, there is also a demand to deliver food for the people in need. As per statistics of 2020, the food delivery app users were 111 million people in 2020, and the revenue of the US food delivery app is up to $26.5 billion. The projected revenue of it will have inflation of up to $42 billion by 2025. So it is known that the food delivery industry will eventually have a rise in the business in future.



Be a hunger saviour! Yes, if you are planning to start up a business related to food, then BOX8 Clone should be the best business to invest in. With tremendous industry experience and international exposure to clients, we can offer you the best custom-tailored software products that will propel your business success. Join hands with Inoru to take up your business to the next level.


Elevate Your Business Success With Inoru’s BOX8 Clone!

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