Airbnb Clone: Launch A Handyman Tool Facilitating Hotel Reservations and other essential facilitating tourism.

Airbnb Clone

The most hectic thing about travelling or shifting to a new city away from home is finding a home-like space. Yet this is no longer a big deal with Mobile Apps like Airbnb that offer a list of places and spaces for its users to conveniently look for their farthest home in the locality. These apps provide the house owners with a place to establish their availability of houses. The users in the global niche get to know and reach out to them. 

With the increasing interest in Airbnb booking, which hit its milestone of 1billion users and improved its rank in the global tourism industry by $11,382 billion It has vast opportunities to become the most advanced feature-filled appeasing tourists by 2025. Developing similar Airbnb clones have opportunities to flourish in the market for its leveraging business models. 


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Major activities of the app like Airbnb 

The Airbnb booking app connects the host with those who want to rent their space, either at their house, lodges, rooms, etc., for the guests seeking a stay. Generally, these rented spaces are offered at a lower cost than the hotels, which is an influencing factor for more tourists and guests to look upon similar properties via the app. 

The app offers an in-app chat facility to ease communication between the owner and the users effectively. The app is also more compatible with making digital payments and has improved fields and filters. Above all, it offers user security and ensures safe payments. 

Working Model Of The Host App 

1. Host registration option will enable the hosts to register themselves with the app and after that, they are provided with opportunities to list the details regarding their renting space, location, price, number of rooms, photos, size, landmarks, etc., to locate accurately and get an idea of the space.

2. The host builds the profile by filling in necessary details 

3. The host must wait until the admin verifies it.

4. When any user is interested, they reach out, and the reservation is made. 

5. The host has the option to accept and deny the reservation based on availability. 

6. Upon confirmation from the guests, the payment is processed. And they get to serve the best for their guests. 

Working on the Guest app 

1. The guest gets to create their profile and add their details.

2. With improved amps, they can search through the different properties, multiple filters are available, like date, is space, rooms numbers, type of accommodation, rental type and many others.

3. The user can choose their feasible accommodation based on their preference. Once after confirmation from the host, the user/ guest can make the payment. There are multiple payment options online, and cash is also accepted. 

4. On the date of booking, they can go to the location and accommodate directly. 

The Airbnb clone app can be structured with attractive, robust designs incorporating different business models based on the business requirements. 

1. The Host – The one who owns the house or the property and wants to rent it. The admin collects commission from the hosts to enlist their properties in the app for booking. 

2. The Guest – Varied travellers, families are heading to holiday, professionals coming for official trips, and those looking for a comfortable space to stay at reasonable pay. They can look out at these apps. The admin charges fees from the guest for the service the app facilitates. 

3. The Admin – The business’s idea box has total control over the app and the business activity. They verify, manage and coordinate the process. They track payments and make sure the app is performing great with time.

Who Are The Targeted Audience Of Airbnb Clones

Based on the type of property, varied customers will reach the app to seek their requirements. The preferences and needs are likely to change based on the requirements of the personal and professional trip. Based on the guest’s requirements, the host has all the facilities to surge prices up and down. 

1. Travellers and tourists who require simple and affordable places to stay. 

2. Travellers are reaching out for commercial purposes. 

3. Long tours with family and friends.

4. People shifting entirely to a new place 

And those looking to create an income opportunity with their properties with space to rent are welcomed into the app as hosts. Similarly, the hoteliers can also list in the app to gain more guests to stay at their hostels. 

Leveraging factors of Airbnb clone

1. The calendar features help in notifying the dates and provide updates duly. 

2. The app lists several properties in different types attracting more audience. 

3. Improved cloud storage to store all data with security. 

4. Social media integration facility to facilitate easy and quick signing up.

5. Improved Google Maps integration that helps in easy navigation. 

6. Guest penalty as cancellation charges is shared among the host and admin. 

7. Active bots in the appease snippet conversations, making the app more interactive. 

Final verdict

The Airbnb model has increasing business opportunities with its features and smooth flow of activities. There are 150 million active users globally, and 900 million stay bookings have happened across the app. It benefits around 4million hosts around the globe listing 5.6 million spaces. 

The numbers are truly leveraging, right? 

Don’t let this loose. Develop and launch your Hotel Booking Clone with INORU. We provide you with an improved user interface with advanced feature incorporation. With our scripting methodology, the time and cost are effectively reduced. 

Instead of us telling you, why don’t you hear it all by yourself, contact us and get to know more benefits of developing your Airbnb clone with us.

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