HonestBee Clone – Dynamic Delivery App Solution To Gear-Up Your Business Activity

For anything and everything, there is an internet with a lot of answers to support and facilitate the user with their requirements. This technological improvement has paved the way for new opportunities for businesses to explore and expand overseas. 

Likewise, to benefit the households, local vendors catering on-demand multi-service like grocery delivery, food, laundry, ticket booking, and many others are facilitated through similar apps like HonestBee. 

Different businesses, different services, yet all are facilitated in one app. 

Is this possible? 

Yes, of course. Businesses are operating offline in multiple services, and the same concept is provoked into an online infrastructure that can be accessed and benefited from any location. HonestBee and other similar apps facilitate such service to their users.

HonestBee app solution 

Asia’s well-established online marketplace was facilitating delivery and on-demand services. HonestBee operates in more than eight large Asian cities providing a friendly delivery service to the users. A wide range of products delivered within a day is the most attractive feature of the app. 

Shaking hands with the supermarkets, local business vendors, and small retailers, HonestBee in 2015 started off as a delivery app extending doorstep service with the help of its delivery fleet. This Singaporean app-connected almost all the national markets with the customers and now operates in countries like Taiwan, Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. 

Impressing factors contributing to developing a similar app like HonestBee

The app was funded with $15million and received $46 million from Korean investors. With its success in grocery delivery in Singapore, it extended its services to other neighboring countries. 

HonestBeeis a multi-service app, extending its service in delivery facilities and rendering other services, which shows a good revenue opportunity in the business. 

1. Food and beverage delivery – Bringing in restaurants and cafes, the users can place the order in the app, and the delivery person picks up and delivers it to the users at their doorstep. Here the restaurant and delivery executives are benefited from business opportunities and gain income for their service. 

2. Laundry service – When the user requests a laundry service, the service facilitator is notified, and it’s scheduled. After the service is done, the user pays for the laundry service. 

3. Ticket booking – The app lets users book tickets for traveling in different modes, with no mediator charges. The travel agents are facilitated and get direct business. 

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Working on the app

The app facilitates its users to purchase different products from different stores in a single cart. And facilitate in making payments using either their online payment facilities or by cash and get them delivered on time. The users are satisfied with their extended service of the app and share their experience using the app in the reviews field. With increased areas and comprehensive services, the user saves a lot of time, money, on travel. 

Opportunities to flourish with a multi delivery app like HonestBee 

For restaurant owners, cafes, grocery vendors, service providers, travel agents, and others who are looking to boost their business revenue and meet the global trend with outstanding opportunities, taking your business online is the best choice, well known till date. 

Being tech-savvy has become very common with the technological world, which makes the usual services rendered with improved technology. Mobile app developments and apps like HonestBee get to serve the customers’ needs effectively with instant service providing the facility. And this demands other entrepreneurs in similar business activities to change their track toward the online. 

By going online, there are improved benefits to business entrepreneurs.

1.Increase business scalability

2.Improved sales and revenue

3.More in-store audience 

4.Order accuracy

5.Upscaled customer service

6.One step ahead of the competitors.

7.Wider audience.

How do you get started with developing apps like HonestBee?

All of us know how on-demand apps like Honestbee perform. Still, have we ever thought about how these apps would have started initially?

There is a lot of groundwork involved in developing On-demand delivery service apps like HonestBee. And putting it into action is a long toil activity. 

1. The very first step is to analyze the market of the service location. Based on the demand and supply, the entrepreneurs must keenly choose the service provided via their app.

2. The market demography needs to be keenly analyzed. 

3. Analyze the Customer’s needs and requirements. Their change in preference, the fluctuating pattern of interest has a great impact on the business. 

4. Research the existing business models and plan your model based on the requirements and analysis. 

5. A complete study of the competitor is required from their business model, revenue streams, investments, demography, ups and downs, schemes, offers, change of strategies. Every inch of information accounts to analyze the market. 

6. For Other external needs and requirements, get in touch with vendors and delivery executives. Decide their commissioning and income structures. 

7. Then move on to external attributes of the app like language incorporation, wallet, payment methods, and many others. 

8. And now it’s the final and the crucial step. Reach out to a legit Honestbee clone app developer to develop your app with all the features and strategies infused into the app. Thereby, you can increase the effectiveness of your business activity. 

Final Verdict

Now that we got to know the requirements and needs for your HonestBee clone app development process. Reach out to us for developing your on-demand delivery app with improved efficiency. 

At INORU, we help you develop legit HonestBee clone apps using scripting technology. Our White label solution enables you to launch your customized app with improved performing capabilities. And to know more about our development process and the other facilities, contact us immediately. 

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