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Akelni Clone

With the growing population, the food delivery business is spreading in all possible directions and Food delivery apps, in particular, have a great role to play to boost the business efficacy. Based on the location, region, and business models there is a huge collection of Food delivery App like Akelni. These apps are never a boring factor, as all of them have their own set of audiences.  

Any food delivery app its a business model that varies from one other. When we have to consider the different business models of on-demand food delivery app models, here are a few listed exclusively for you. 

  1. The Proper delivery model – the app acts as a mediator connecting the food outlet with customers by delivering the food they ordered. 
  2. One store delivery model – the app acts as a bridge to connect the customers with their food delivery outlets present in different locations. The brand is one here. Based on the location of the user, the delivery executives get the parcel delivered. 
  3. Aggregate business model – the app here acts as a mere connector. It brings in delivery executives to deliver orders from different stores listed in the app to the customers effectively. 
  4. Cloud kitchen-based app – this model completely works for the cloud kitchens where there is no definite store location, these are individual vendors connected with delivery executives and the customers. 

You may actually wonder, why I have been toiling over the business models of a food delivery service app like Akelni. 

A food delivery business has great opportunities to flourish in the market and for a business entrepreneur like you have space to experiment and at the same time to flourish far and wide in your business niches. Let us get to know them more in detail. 

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Why built your Food delivery app?

Okay, let us settle up and talk about real business. 

When we see a lot of business growing around us, that eventually would have kindled ideas to launch a business of their kind and progress to increase the proximity. 

One common yet unique style that most of us wanted to cull out with is a business related to food and its kind. If you are one such entrepreneur who wants to flourish in the market with your taste and service, this is your opportunity to grab. With the growing trend and technological improvements, mobile apps have become the future of any business that needs human traction. On that note, with a food delivery app, it’s more convenient to manage and maintain your business at ease. At INORU we help you develop an exclusive app with your desired business model with utmost customization benefits. With advanced features and functionality, your app can become your supporter giving you amazing results that motivate you to work more curiously and effectively. 

Why Akelni Clone In Particular?

You may ask us, irrespective of different apps, why the Akelni clone developed from us. 

Yes, there are multiple food delivery apps in the market, but this model is quite unique and simple. This app basically originated from Egypt. The Akelni food delivery app delivers food and groceries from different locations. One seamless solution that conveniently renders its services with not much drama, more simple and neat. Since its launch in 2017, it renders its 24/7 service in more than eleven countries now operating for 1,800 restaurants and other grocery shops and especially focuses on the food outlets that have different and unique dishes. 

A food delivery app like Akelni delivers readily cooked food from restaurants and delivers groceries from the supermarket at our doorsteps. And apart from this, it has one additional unique feature. It also delivers Frozen food, ready-to-cook food that the customer can use once after purchase. 

Unique Attributes Of Akelni Like Food Delivery App

1. The app is more convenient for the users to easily order their favourite dish from the listed restaurants in a jiff. 

2. By ordering in these apps, the user can either choose to get their order delivered at their footstep or pick from the outlet on their way without waiting in long queues. 

3. The app concentrates on listing unique food varieties. And brings in food outlets that are specialised in their unique menu. 

4. The app also delivers groceries and other households need to form the multi-delivery shops that are listed in the app.

5. There are daily rewards and gifts for users, thereby saving a lot of money. 

6. There are options to make bulk and group orders with the Group ordering feature. 

7. Like the other apps, this food delivery model also accepts payments through different methods. 

8. The user can easily track their orders with advanced navigation features. 

9. These are a few attractive features of the Akelni app, while we offer you much more facilities in developing your food delivery app. 

Why Choose INORU To Develop Your Food Delivery App?

When it comes to developing your Food delivery app, despite a lot of developers in town, there are few additional attributes in your service style that will attract you to choose us as your Akelni clone app developer. 

At INORU, we are an app development company working to develop new apps for the future world. We tend to follow a few unique attributes in the development process to make the app qualitatively furnished with advanced features. 

1. Customisation is our key attribute. We provide you with the utmost customisation facilities in the process of developing your food delivery app. 

2. With a high tech team, we come with advanced solutions to build your app with futuristic features and provide upgrade facilities as well. Thereby making your app interestingly beneficial for the future that users will really like to use it. 

3. With our dedicated support we provide round the clock service even after launching your app. 

4. Our white label solutions make your app unique and the ownership of the app it totally handed over to you. 

5. We provide cost-effective and time-efficient solutions as well.

All that you have to do is come up with your plan to launch a food delivery app like Akelni, and the rest is taken care off. 

Final verdict

If you are a food enthusiast who wanted to cull out a business out of your interest or a business operator already in the field and wanted to expand your service online, Launching your Akelni Clone will be the right choice. 

At INORU as we have mentioned we render you with a professional app development service that you can easily and efficiently launch your Akelni Clone with our white label solution that helps you launch your app in a comparatively lesser time. 

Food delivery, itself is a full-on revenue streaming industry. With your simple and classy Akelni solution to boost your business, you can gain an increased audience to your business and let your revenues streams be flooded abundantly. 

Want to build an Akelni clone app to reboot your business?

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