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Kakao Talk Clone

Online messaging apps are to hit 3billion users, which is a sum of half of the global population. 

Especially App Like KakaoTalk, the most favorite South Korean text messaging tool that is capable of doing many more services. Moreover, with the increasing demand, the users are looking out for varied chatting app solutions to ease their interpersonal communication. 

Let us discuss how the best chatting app can benefit the users and contribute to business progress. 

So what is the KakaoTalk app?

The popular South Korean KakaoTalk offers its users an array of services like free voice calls, text messaging features, etc. This somewhat works similar to an app like Whatapp, which permits users to share text, photos, videos, and files with security. 

KakaoTalk was launched in the year 2010, and in just two years, it was capable of gaining 57million registered users among the Korean community. And at the end of 2013, it is still a wonder – the app’s registered users count jumped from 57 million to 130 million. And a report according to the Chosun Ilbo states that the app receives and sends nearly 3billion messages every single day. 

And above that, the Mashable report states that KakaoTalk earned 200 million dollars in 2014. Their 2015 new year strategy was that the company planned to extend its market in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Somewhat Interesting, right!?

Want to develop a fully-featured best chat app like KakaoTalk?

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Salient Features Of The Text Messaging App

 1. Instant Messaging

The app offers a quick and speed messaging facility irrespective of internet stability. 

2. Free Chats feature

The app provides chat and multimedia support to make users conveniently communicate. 

3. Free Voice call

There are high-quality one-to-one and group voice calling features in the app. 

4. SMS facility

By converting this app as the user’s default messenger, they can chat and send SMS in the same single interface. 

5. Emojis

There are endless stickers and emojis in the app to send and receive. The users can conveniently make use of these add-on stickers to communicate through emoticons. 

6. Group chat facility

Not just one to one, the app facilitates a group chat option that connects users and all their friends together unlimitedly. 

7. Channel

The app also functions as an e-commerce platform. Where the reclusive coupons and deals are generated on the user’s favorite brand to do endless shopping through this platform. 

8. Voice filter options

This is a crazy feature built into the app. The users can make use of this to create funny voices and chill with their friends. 

9. Android wears

From different devices, the user can conveniently log in to their app. 

Amazing Features To Add Up In Your KakaoTalk Like App

1. Location sharing option 

2. Multi-language integration

3. Option to check the message read timing

4. Unread message feature

5. Text while on call 

6. Set reminders to notify appointments, meetings, etc.

7. Multi-device integration – mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

8. In-app games to chill with.  

9. Add free

Why is an app like KakaoTalk special in Korea?

KakaoTalk is one significant text chat app model of Korea that has universal attention among the global audience. This ubiquitous app is capable of performing various tasks apart from texting. The users can catch up with the latest news updates of their K-idols, have fun playing games, and chill listening to music. 

These apps also facilitate online shopping facilities. It has an amazing language tool to learn the Korean language for foreigners to easily communicate in the app and eventually learn the language all by themself. The app is also open to abstract content through its interface. 

This user-friendly app is exclusively designed to attract increased popularity among the users by facilitating maximum interaction and services all under one ecosystem. 

Without banking credentials, the app also facilitates P2P transactions. It also facilitates hotel booking facilities, restaurant reservations, and any other features. 

The Kakao brand offers multiple services and benefits its users in different aspects. Thereby it holds the user crowd collected with its brand. 

Why concentrate on building the messaging app?

Ten country citizens around the world use more than 90% of messaging apps regularly. 

1. Countries in the average of 90- 94.9% : Austria (90.6%), US (91%), Russia (92.7%), Italy (92.8%), Argentina (93.9%), Netherlands (94.9%)

2. 95 and above : China(95.2%), Spain (95.4%), Finland(95.5%)

3. Mexico is the country leading with 96.4%, using messaging apps. 

We see it! There is no one without a messaging app today. And for an entrepreneur building their KakaoTalk clone app has great opportunities to gain the attention of the global users with improved feature incorporation. They have lucrative opportunities to explore themself in the worldwide market with their phenomenal messaging apps. 

Build your KakaoTalk clone app with us

At INORU, we extend our service to build new apps. With our White label solutions, you can easily create a KakaoTalk like app with advanced features and admiring characteristics to attract wide users. With our customization, your app erected here will reflect what you had in mind. And for further details on our development process and the cost etc., to launch your KakaoTalk Clone App, reach us directly. 

Tell us your ideas, and we will help you trap an increased audience into your KakaoTalk clone app idealizing it. And there you are, set to fly up with an exclusively splendid text messaging app. 

Get your KakaoTalk clone app built and launched in an instant.

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