Banabi Clone- A KeyStroke To Launch An Exemplary Food Delivery App

Banabi Clone

The world is changing, so as we, new technologies, new businesses, and new ideas, are born every single day. One such recent innovation in the business sector is on-demand services. The customers can now get anything they want at their home with just a few taps. A service or a product; everything knocks on their door. Of all the on-demand services, some are popular and generate a handsome revenue considering the vast market size. One such potential on-demand service is the on-demand food delivery service. 

People today prefer to stay at their bed binge-watching their favourite series while having their favourite dish. Weekends are now indoors rather than outdoors. The pandemic has also played a major role in this behavior shift of the consumers. Anyways, this shift has expanded the already existing vast market of food delivery service apps. If you are an entrepreneur waiting for the right time and the right business, then this is it. Banabi clone will be the door that opens you to a great opportunity. Keep reading to know more about the Banabi clone app and why you should launch one now.

What Is A Banabi Clone?

Banabi clone app is an on-demand food delivery app that connects the customers with their favourite restaurants to order food and get them delivered at their doorsteps. It is a replica of the globally acclaimed Banabi app. It comes with the exemplary features of Banabi and offers a seamless user experience to the customer. It is 100% customizable, meaning you can customize it with your creative ideas into a unique app specifically targeting your niche and as a branding tool for your business.

Why Should You Launch A Clone App?

As an entrepreneur, the most valuable assets for you are time and money. You should be wise when it comes to spending them both; because how you spend them will directly reflect in your profit charts once you launch the business.

1.The Banabi clone script is ready to launch script, which means you can get your business live instantly except for the customization part. When you include customization, it will need a week as the maximum time. This allows you to launch your business in a week’s time from now. But the story of building an app from scratch is different. It takes a minimum of six months to build it, and even then, there is no assurance that the app will be bug and glitch-free. As an entrepreneur, you can’t risk here; launching a clone app allows you to capitalize on the market way too early.

2.The cost of launching a Banabi clone app is nothing but fractions of the money you will need to spend to build an app from scratch. However, it is not possible to give you a number here considering the customization, technology used to build, platforms to deploy, and other factors. Your investment will be considerably less than the latter allowing you to reach your breakeven revenue in a short span of time.

Revenue Model Of The Banabi Clone App

Every entrepreneur or business owner must be aware of the ways to generate revenue from their business so that they can keep soaring high in the sky.

1.Commission Fee

As a food delivery app, you will be responsible for many new orders for the restaurants. Your app acts as an aggregator here, giving the restaurants more business. In return for it, the restaurants have to pay a commission for every order they receive. This is a pertinent method to generate revenue.

2.Onboarding Fee

As we said earlier, every restaurant signs up with your app because they need more business, and your app will be their bridge to more business. So, you can charge an onboarding fee from every restaurant. 

3.Transaction Commission

As a food delivery app, your app is susceptible to numerous transactions. All these transactions will be performed using the third-party payment gateway you have integrated with your app. And these payment gateways are susceptible to paying you a transaction commission fee for every transaction made. This can also be a viable option to generate revenue.  


Allow third-party businesses to post their ads in your app. As a food delivery app, your user base can be huge, allowing them to leverage your user base and charge them for it. This is also a bankable method to put some money in your pocket. 

5.Banner Ads

Offer the restaurants registered with you to post banner ads of their mouthwatering menus and discounts they have for their customers. These banner ads can yield increased sales. Charge the restaurants for the banner ads, as it is a win-win situation for both you and the restaurants.

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Exemplary Features Of A Banabi Clone App

Keep yourself informed with the must-have features for a food delivery app like Banabi.

1.Easy onboarding

2.Explore the menus

3.Advanced search filters

4.Instant search box

5.Geo-tagging location


7.In-App calls

8.Review and Ratings

9.Analytic Dashboard

How We Develop Your Banabi Clone App?

Before partnering up with us, this is something you must know about us.

1.Client Meet

We have a discussion with you to understand your business ideology and your nice crowd.

2.Requirement Analysis

We analyze to analyze the requirements to launch an exemplary Banabi clone app that will attract your target audience.


We create a roadmap of the development process to stick on and build a stellar app within the promised time.


The design team works on a design that resembles your logo and also is pleasing to your niche audience.

5.Back-End Development

Our experienced back-end developers build an app with trailblazing features exclusively for you. 


The testing team uses advanced testing tools and runs numerous tests at every stage of development to ensure that your app is bug-free.


Now that we have built a robust app with a seamless performance for you, we launch it in both the Android and iOS stores.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are now excited about this great opportunity awaiting you to bring your entrepreneurial dreams true in a short period of time and at a nominal price. Why wait? When you can give us a call and know more about it and maybe even get a quote. We are just a call away!


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