Delivereasy Clone- Build A Stellar App To Deliver Mouth Watering Cuisines To Your Customers

Delivereasy Clone

Today, we are all in a fast-paced world. Customers today prefer every product or service to knock on their door instead of them walking out in search of the products they need. Or, we could also put it as the customers today do not have the time for all these activities. But the whole human race is a passion-driven being with the covet to explore in their inner minds. Today, they desire to explore it from their favorite couch in their home. Let’s bring alluring cuisines from around the world to their doors by launching a food delivery app like Delivereasy.

If you are an entrepreneur waiting for a breakthrough into the world of business, the points you must know are, the pandemic is here, people are locked down in their homes, socializing and meetings at public places are no more a common notion. Yes, all these are signs of the rise of on-demand services. Launch your Delivereasy clone and serve your customers with a platter of their favourite dish in their favourite room ordered from their favourite couch. Now, you are probably wondering what a Delivereasy clone is, how it works, and how it is going to help you launch a business. Keep reading, and all your answers will be served.

What Is Delivereasy Clone?

Delivereasy clone is an on-demand food delivery service app that allows customers to order food from their favourite restaurants in their city and get them delivered to their home in a short time. It is a ready-to-launch script awaiting your touch of uniqueness. It is 100% customizable, allowing you to customize the app in accordance with your target audience and business needs. You dream today, and your business is live in less than a week. 

Why Should An Entrepreneur Launch A Clone App Rather Than Building It From Scratch?

This is a question every entrepreneur like you would think of when you start planning to launch a business. But as a businessman and a newbie, you should be conscious about cost-cutting and the time you invest in starting your business.

1.To launch an app from scratch means the time taken to build it may be six months or more. And the worst part is that it comes out live with bugs and glitches, which should be worked on, even after the launch. But a clone app is a ready-made solution of a fully functional, seamlessly performing app integrated with attractive features. The least you have to ask for is customization, create a unique design that reciprocates your business idea and go live in a week. The earlier you are into the market, the more you can capitalize on it.

2.The cost to build an app from scratch is humongous. It requires a huge team of professionals, who have to come up with ideas, then the logic, the algorithm, and finally the code structure, and more. The more the work, the higher the cost. Whereas in a clone app, you already have a script that can function seamlessly on par with a globally acclaimed app. Everything you need is customization. Why work hard when you can be smart?

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Work Module Of A Delivereasy Clone App

The work module of a Delivereasy clone app is facile and easily understandable by customers of all ages.

1.The customer signs up to the app using their social credentials.

2.The location of the customer is geo-tagged with their permission.

3.All the best restaurants, along with their mouthwatering menus in their location, are showcased to them.

4.The customers scroll through the app to find their favourite dish on the menu of their favourite restaurant in their neighbourhood. Some of them who are in the app with a predetermined thought can simply type the dish they are looking for in the search box and find it.

5.The dishes to be ordered are added to the cart.

6.Once the customer has added every dish, they are about to order in the cart, they checkout the cart by placing their order.

7.Now, the customer is requested to make the payment using any of the multiple payment options available in the app. The order is confirmed once the payment is made.

8.The admin assigns the order to the respective restaurant, and the restaurant starts preparing the food instantly.

9.Simultaneously the admin also assigns a delivery person for the order.

10.The delivery person heads to the restaurant, waits and picks up the order once it is prepared and leaves to the customer’s place.

11.The delivery person hands over the order to the customer, and that’s it.

Key Features For A Delivereasy Clone App

1.Easy Sign Up

2.Explore page

3.Instant search option

4.Filtered search features

5.Facile order placing experience

6.Multiple payment options

7.Reviews and rating

Why Choose Us For Your Delivereasy Clone App Development?

1.Free Server Installation

We install the fully developed app on the server of your choice for free.

2.Free Deployment

We deploy your app in both Android and iOS stores for free.

3.Free Support

We offer you free support throughout the development process and even for a certain period after the deployment of the app.

4.Native Apps

We build your app using native technologies, so your app is compatible with all devices.

5.100% Customization

When it comes to customization, there is no compromise; you can customize your app the way you want it to be, both backend and frontend.

6.Round The Clock Support

Queries may arise at any time, and they must be resolved instantly. Our support team is always available for you, irrespective of what time it is.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the Delivereasy clone script, its advantages, work module, features,, don’t wait too long to make your decision. Give us a call, and we will describe to you more about it. You can be the next promising entrepreneur in a few weeks time. Time to give birth to your dreams!


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