Beginner’s Guide To DAO Maker Clone Development

DAO Maker Clone Development

Cryptocurrency is a new trend that almost everyone in town should have heard of at least once. It is creating a continuous buzz in social media after a number of governments are trying to legalize them in their countries. As a result, there is an increased attraction towards this field. DAO Maker clone in the middle of this buzz which helps crypto geeks get into early investment. It also aids support to the growing crypto projects.

Struggling to take the first step of your crypto journey? Struggling to take the first step of your crypto journey? Several Cryptopreneurs are dreaming of initiating their startups. Here is a beginner’s guide to getting started with DAO Maker clone development.

Initial DEX Offering for Token Liquidity

There are several fundraising models that aid crypto projects in getting the funds. Initial DEX Offering is an affordable way for emerging crypto projects to distribute their tokens. It offers proven results in increased liquidity compared to other models like ICO and IEO. 

An Initial DEX Offering is where crypto projects launch tokens in a decentralized platform. People from various backgrounds can participate in these IDOs and provide early investment to these projects. An IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform that provides a secured environment for the investors and aids the crypto project to reach those retail investors. DAO maker is an exclusive IDO launchpad running on the Ethereum blockchain. Its Native token DAO is bought and staked to participate in an IDO launch.  There are three types of token offerings and methods for selling refundable tokens. There are three types of token offerings and methods for selling refundable tokens in a DAO Maker. They are

1. Strong holder offering

2. Dynamic coin offering

3. Seed sales

At Inoru, our expertise in blockchain knowledge and agile development methodology offers you the finest IDO launchpad with DAO Maker clone.

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The working mechanism of the DAO Maker clone

DAO Maker is a safe and fair platform that allows both retail investors and small-scale investors to participate in token sales on an equal footing.

The platform is entirely based on native DAO tokens. Each user or investor must stake these tokens, and there is a minimum stake limit. This will make it easier for investors to participate in the launches. Users will receive one DAO Power for every DAO Token they stake in the platform. When a user has more DAO Power, the chances of winning an allotment of slots in the IDO increase. The minimum amount of DAO tokens that can be staked is 500 DAO.  Depending on the DAO Power one holds, they will be classified into 5 classes. They range from Tranche 1 to Tranche 5, where the latter is the highest level. 

As the number of Tranches increases, so does the likelihood of winning an allocation. If a user is assigned a slot, the funds for the assignment will be deducted from the user’s USD Coin or USDC Balance. The DAO Power assigned to the user will be locked for at least 10 days before being automatically reset.

DAO maker clone is built for complete fairness and security which makes it an ideal platform for potential investors to invest in. As a result, the DAO Maker clone is regarded as the best option for emerging entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency market.

What makes our DAO Maker clone feature-rich?

Features and user experience play an important role in having a good audience for the platform.  With the governments trying to legalize blockchain and Cryptocurrency, there will be several new audiences to these platforms. It is important to be beginner-friendly with an easy-to-use interface. 

DAO maker clone is a Whitelabel solution that is open to customization. That is, the script can accommodate new innovative features as well as update existing features. The rich features of a DAO maker clone are 

1.  Immediate Allocation of Tokens 

The DAO maker clone assures that each slot winner receives a significant amount of allocations. The platform allows consumers to purchase tokens instantly after the project is live in the DAO Maker clone. 

2. The airdrop feature

Tokens can be swapped using this feature. It also allows for the destruction of previous tokens. This is accomplished through the use of a portal and smart contracts.

3. Simple early-stage investment

DAO Maker clone enables and simplifies early-stage investment by issuing DAO Tokens. DAO Tokens are the only way to win a slot in the IDO launch.

4. Stacking modules 

Our DAO Maker clone’s major feature is the ability to list a range of staking modules for investors. This allows investors to invest in the IDOs of their choice.

5. Integration of a secured wallet

The safety of a platform is a significant and essential feature any investor will check for before getting into it. Our DAO Maker clone provides customers with secure wallet integration. The Ethereum blockchain users will be able to lend and borrow more easily here.

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What do we do at Inoru?

We have been working on a number of blockchain projects with our outstanding developers. Apart from giving you the product, we offer End to end services. We offer complete maintenance and support even after the launch of your product. We have experienced developers who are specialized in trending blockchain networks to develop your launchpad in any of those blockchains.

Apart from developing and launching an IDO launchpad, we also offer marketing for our clients. You can now schedule a chat with us to get more information on DAO Maker clone development.


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