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Bitpay clone script

The undeniable fact is that the terms crypto, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain have been the buzzword over the last two years as these are ruling the digital world. However, with the popularity of cryptos, businesses started to accept these as payment currency apart from the fiat currencies available in the market. For instance, an e-commerce platform could accept cryptocurrencies when people make purchases and payments online. This would considerably enhance the business nature in the technology-driven fast-paced world.   

Have you ever wondered how this has been made possible? This is attainable with the help of a cryptocurrency payment gateway. This is a payment processor that enables businesses to provide users an option to pay online using digital currencies when they make a purchase. Are you running an online business or an offline business? It would be the right time for you to make a transition by reinventing your business with an instant crypto payment gateway application. 

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway – Explained

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a payment processor that would enable end-users to go with a transfer of Bitcoin and various other altcoins. Some prominent cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and so many. Although, the payment gateway which supports the transfer of Bitcoin is known by the term “Bitcoin Payment Gateway.” 

Through this, literally, would bring benefits to various businesses, whether it is small or large. Remarkably, launching a cryptocurrency payment gateway for a venture would be much suitable. Undoubtedly, this will take a business to the next level. The prime functionality of the Digital currency payment gateway is as follows.

  • Facilitating users to make payment transactions for purchasing products & availing services instantly.
  • The customers’ data would be saved on this platform in a secure manner.
  • Regardless of this, the digital assets consisting of cryptocurrencies will be saved wallet.
  • Being played a vital role, the crypto wallet would be responsible for sending and receiving digital currencies. 
  • The secureness and efficiency of the payment gateway will definitely make the end-users trust as this seems to be a reliable one and supports crypto as well as fiat currencies.

Why Incorporate A Crypto Payment Gateway Into Your Business?

There would be so many reasons why merchants, retailers, sellers, vendors, and wholesalers accept crypto as a currency for selling their products or providing services. Here are some prominent reasons are listed below. This would let you know the benefits of combining a crypto payment gateway with your existing business.

  • The transactions made through a crypto payment gateway would be looked after by the end-users as they can check the previous transactions whenever needed. Ensuring, these will be safe and secure. Thereby, this will give convenience for the platform users. 
  • The customers’ data will be stored in the crypto payment gateway with high-end security, and there will be no intervention by third parties in order to avoid fraudulent activities. Henceforth, the customers’ loyalty can be gained.
  • When compared to other payment modes like credit cards or debit cards, cryptocurrency payments could be made faster. 
  • The prominence of this type of platform is due to the perks of cryptos, including transparency, low fees, anonymity, and decentralization. 
  • Even the cross-border payment could be done with no delay. Moreover, the crypto payment gateway is authenticated with a digital signature to avoid unauthorized people accessing it.

These are more than enough to say that end-users would opt for a crypto-based payment gateway apart from choosing other payment methods. Henceforth, it will be a good reason for merchants, sellers, and other business people to combine crypto payment gateway to their business.  

BitPay – A Flexible Crypto Payment Procesor 

BitPay is a flexible crypto payment processor supporting mobile as well as web. This provides a risk-free environment for transactions of various types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins and altcoins. BitPay is supporting over 20,000 businesses and is available in more than 164 countries. This gateway supports the conversion of currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. This would enable the end-users to pay as well as receive any type of currency across the globe. The instant & trouble-free conversion and low fees & tariff plans are the major reasons behind the widespread usage of BitPay. 

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Features Of A BitPay Like Crypto Payment Gateway

In general, the features and functionality of a cryptocurrency payment gateway would be the same irrespective of being it is BitPay, OpenNode, or another crypto payment processor. The following are the most common features infused in the BitPay like crypto payment gateway.

  • With the help of the multilingual feature, the users could be able to decide how they want to view the content on the platform.  
  • The multi-currency support will aid the users in transferring hundreds of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Both attributes would ensure a global reach.
  • Users would be able to check the previous transactions that they have made using the transaction history feature.
  • The multi-wallet support grants the users to have a centralized place for all their cryptocurrencies. Thereby, they would have the option to switch between platforms and trade & manage cryptocurrencies.
  • The multi-sig security is to safeguard the cryptocurrencies in the wallet as users have to provide multiple private keys while making transactions. Hence, this would prevent unauthorized access.  

BitPay Clone Script – An Overview Of What It Is About

Clone script is the ready-made solution crafted with the infusion of basic features of the original version of the platform, which would be similar in terms of capabilities. Like this, BitPay Clone Script is a tailor-made crypto payment gateway solution with features & functionality similar to Bitpay. And, The script is completely customizable & scalable for the entrepreneurs’ requirements and can be instantly deployed upon some tweaks.

Does Choosing A BitPay Clone Script A Viable Solution For Creating A Crypto Payment Gateway?

Undoubtedly, the answer is Yes. On a typical note of BitPay Clone script development, there are two different approaches for it. The first & customary approach is starting it from the initial stage. Seemingly, this requires a lot of time as well as effort. Eventually, the cost for it would be quite high. 

Contrarily, the second & modern approach is choosing a BitPay Clone Script, which would considerably enable entrepreneurs or business people to deploy the crypto payment gateway sooner as it is a pre-made solution. Therefore, it doesn’t need much time and effort, and hence the cost would be comparatively low. This solution comes with the following advantages. These would make certain to say that opting for a BitPay Clone will be a viable option.

Looking to get A BitPay Clone? Everything you have to do is to connect with INORU that is mastered in delivering the crypto-payment gateway like BitPay suitable for how you want it to be in terms of the inclusion of the feature, signifying its functionality. The team of developers will ensure that the transactions made in the BitPay Clone are secure and authenticated. 

Benefits Of A BitPay Clone:

  • You could expect a quick launch. This is because it is a ready-to-go solution and with modifications, it could be launched in an instant way, i.e., the shortest turnaround time.
  • The solution supports the transfer of crypto as well as fiat currency without much difficulty. Moreover, enabling faster transactions in a secure way.
  • In order to gain trust among your potential audiences, such kind of security features have to be incorporated. Assure that customers’ data alongside the cryptocurrencies will be stored much more securely.  
  • Beyond everything, the BitPay Clone will ensure the support of transferring different types of cryptocurrencies. 

Wrapping Up

The individual or business people who own an offline or online business eagerly wanting to come up with the integration of a crypto payment gateway could choose a white-label BitPay Clone. It’s high time to start with this. 

Everything you have to know in order to get started is choosing a suitable crypto payment development company and developing & launching a solution that would fit your business requirements.


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