BlueJeans Clone – Exceptionally Legitimate Solution To Ease Business Communication

BlueJeans Clone

Develop a sturdy solution to boost business communication with the BlueJean Clone app

With the global demand, the need for online existence is significant for every niche. And this prevailing situation has pushed us all to work and while away from life online. This very situation prompted the need for an effective communication tool to carry out business activities exclusively. 

Through Video confessing applications like BlueJean, it’s been evident that these tools ease the business flow amidst the situation. And entrepreneurs are widely approaching their developers to build similar BlueJean clones to facilitate their business flow.  

Its feature highlights and revenue streams discussed below help you invest in an App Like BlueJeans

Enlisted Features in BlueJeans clone app

1. Improved gallery view

The grid view of the meeting can be viewed effectively. Usually, any meeting with 25 participants can be generally seen conveniently. Here this view can be improved according to the meeting participant.

2. CCPA and GDPR

Most video confessing apps like BlueJean Clone stick to the California consumer privacy Act, 2018. And the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2016. Following these guidelines, the app can effectively carry out the business activity with safety and security.

3. Tools

Features like screen sharing, whiteboards, annotation, subtitles, etc., are brought in to ease the meetings and activities in the app. 

4. Advanced integration

The BlueJean Clone is convenient to integrate with other applications like Google, calendar, Microsoft, Skype, Youtube, etc. 

5. Improved security

This platform ensures safety and security. With Advanced Encryption Standard (AES -256), it provides a secured platform. Apart from this, the app asks for email verifications, SMS authentication. 

6. Meeting mechanism

It benefits the executives and employees to manage the meetings efficiently. It’s very convenient to kick start an instant-long session. It increases the productivity of the business also. 

7. Rewards and earning

The users can easily earn through referrals, discounts, and offers. By achieving levels, they get additional features. 

8. Round-the-clock service

We provide you with the utmost convenience and offer round-the-clock assistance in the comfort of your time. This can ease the user’s to sort their problems like privacy issues, payment portals, recording options, screen sharing, etc., via call, text, or mail.

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Unique features of BlueJeans

This Video Conferencing app improves the productivity of the business that helps in simplifying the management. Despite all of these working in place, few additional functionalities are added to the app to improve its functionality and stand unique among the competitors. 

1. Improved intelligence

 Providing meeting highlights, transcription, live meeting control, analytics research, alert features, and many more helps increase productivity and manage the business activities. 

2. Ultimate Compatibility

Through a simple touch, the user is provided with the app’s feasibility to join the meeting. Irrespective of the browser, device, platform, and room system, it is easy to connect in the meeting.

3. End-to-end security

From third-party intervention, malicious activities, spans, and other privacy violations activities are thoroughly eliminated. The app provides utmost security and safety from the user and the admin to ease communication activities and promote the business. 

Video conferencing Workplace 

While talking about Video conferencing apps, there can be confusion reading its platform interface to use and explore. The BlueJeans clone must operate with advanced technologies and improved platforms to ease the business business. 

Not just by providing space to video chat, there are few amenities that the app needs to provide to ease the flow of the business when considering the app to be a Business Workplace exclusively developed to promote business activities. 

1. Meetings – a platform to carry out engagements in a secure way that helps plan the business’s productivity. 

2. Events – the app can stream live events, Webinars, virtual events through this phase. This helps in eliminating the location gap. 

3. Rooms – an improved platform to ease the business activities through an improved solution. This feature opens rooms for audiences and directors to private or public communication.

4. Gateway – it extends to integrate cloud with Microsoft teams and connect to other platforms at ease. 

Revenue streaming option in video Conferencing app

1. Subscription plans

With standard subscription plans, it’s easy to render the utmost service to your users. Through their monthly, yearly goals, they get to experience exclusive benefits, and the admin portal gains a regular income. 

2. Pro plans

With slight increases in the plan charges, the Pro subscription plan offers users additional pro features in conducting meetings, gaining access to the command centre, video recording more, increased audience and participants, one-to-one sessions, and much more for the entrepreneurs. 

3. Entrepreneur Plan

Exclusively launched for the entrepreneurs to manage their business activities and conduct meetings and calls at ease. Maintain secrecy, live meeting control tools, additional customized tools, H.323/Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) room connector, unlimited Video conferencing facilities, etc. 

4. External Revenue

Additionally, the admin can charge a service fee, gain income through in-app ads, third-party banners, and other improved strategies.

Get your ultimate Video conferencing app developed with us 

We saw a list of items that help you ease your BlueJean video clone app to boost your business. And now let us get into the significant factor, where to build your exclusive business tool like BlueJean Clone? 

At INORU, we help you develop your Legit Video confessing app like BlueJean with improved technical advancement. Here we use clone script technology to build your white label application. Instead of creating an application from scratch, developing it using Clone scripts is considerably beneficial and cost-effective. 

The application built using clone scripts carries the potential strategy of the app in it. It makes it easy to configure new, improved features. The app is made flexible to bend to the needs of the business and help the entrepreneur push their business to new standards. The cost of developing clone scripts is considerably less than that of being built under strict requirements from scratch. Moreover, the time is also significantly reduced. 

With advanced solutions, INORU helps you configure advanced features and help you develop a complete-fledged advanced business application.  

Final verdict

Communication strategies are fundamental to boost business activities with your BlueJean Clone for video conferencing service. With no further delay and no more second thoughts, here take this as your opportunity to boost your business. Launch your legit Video conferencing app like BlueJean clone with us, to ease the business activity and provide a seamless flow of communication. This video streaming app will be a convenient tool and a profitable one-time investment for your business.

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