Curb Clone: Launch A Trendy Taxi Hailing App For Riders At The United States

Curb Clone

$69.18 billion to $120.89 billion, the market for Taxi will shoot up in the next six years with an aggregate of 12.3%CAGR. It is proving a prominent statement that the market for taxi service is increasing, thereby demanding for taxi booking app development process.

Apart from the Uber model, there are different other apps like Curb in the marketplace of the United States of America, operating in 60+ cities employing 100,000 drivers and cabs. Its unique demand-supply rate calculator feature gained it a great reach among the taxi hailers.  

Okay, apart from this, do you want to know how taxi-hailing apps like Curb benefit the entrepreneur and the user community? 

Here you are in the right place. We will be discussing the significant attributes of curb clones to boost your revenue and market amidst the prevailing situation. 

Apps like Curb for taxi-hailing service

The share value of Taxi-hailing apps like Curb account for 72 -75% in the ride-hailing service. The main attraction of the Curb app is that the pay and charges are calculated based on the demand and supply of the Taxis that also include factors like time, duration, distance, weather, and traffic. The external factors like vehicle type are also considered while analyzing the pay chart. There is a heavy competition going on between Uber and Curb in terms of their Carpooling options. 

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Distinguished features of Apps like Curb 

By competing with global giants in the market, especially with Uber clones, apps like Curb need to operate in exclusive circumstances to hold and push their place to meet the global market. 

Listed below are evolutionary features that make your taxi booking app a handy tool for hailers needing the service. 

Crystalline Pricing tool

Apps like Curb focus on other attributes to provide pricing information. With improved technical support, your App can readily show the cost by calculating every detail in a lesser interval. The taxi fare includes tips, charges, base fare, tolls, and everything else. 

No-contact payment

The App can vitalize on other payment gateways like E-wallet, PayPal, in-app wallet, etc., easing online payment. This eases the user to conveniently pay and ignore direct contact by paying via credit card or cash amidst the situation.

Ride Scheduling

This option can ease users to book rides in prior and avoid the last-minute hush. The driver here will be made available for the stipulated time. 

Referral offers

This exclusive feature enables the user to earn revenue, in terms of discounts, cashback, coupons, etc., by referring their friends and family to the App. This is the most attractive feature in apps like Curb and can be considered a strategic tool to increase users and visibility.  

Quick and easy login

With a social media login facility, users can easily register and sign in to the app with their FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter credentials. 

Live tracking and navigation

With an improved navigation facility, the driver can quickly locate the destination. And through a live GPS tracking system, the user can guide the driver and track the time and location with accuracy. 


Both the user and driver can be provided access to the history of activities. The driver can analyze his performance and activity at ease. These details are maintained under high confidentiality. 

Round-the-clock service

The users and riders are provided with 24 x 7, 365 days service and support. Regarding any query, issue, or trouble, the user can contact the support team at any time. 

Functioning of Curb Clone

1.The user starts the process by registering themself in the app. Social Media login can be used to ease the process. 

2.Proceeding that, basic details of the user are collected. And they are verified by the Admin. Only after verification, the user is defined with their account.

3.A similar process takes place for Drivers; they provide their details, credentials, documents, etc. And only after the Admin’s approval, the app is likely to provide its access to the drivers.

4.Only after a complete scrutinizing process, the Admin approves the customers and drivers in the app.

5.After the verification process, the app asks for location access to locate the user and the driver to coordinate with the service. 

6.The rider feeds in pick-up and drop location and can request immediate service and also schedule the ride. This information will be transformed to the nearby drivers in the location. 

7.Either of them approved the rides and heads to the pick-up point. 

8.With the OTP, the user and driver confirm to proceed with the ride to the destination. This OTP is sent to verify the start and end of the ride. 

9.At the destination, the user, via online transaction, can make the payment. 

10.And finally, the user reviews the ride and provides a rating for the same. 

Factors influencing the Cost of Building a Curb clone 

Cross-platform compatibility

The app must be compatible enough to seamlessly function in Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and others.

Development cost

Erecting a taxi booking app like Curb will take a few days, weeks, and months, depending on the process involved. While developing an app from scratch undergoes a lot of trial and error that eventually drags the cost.

Development time

Depending upon the model of the business, features, requirements, etc., the time for developing your taxi app like Curb varies.  


The developers charge according to the customization needs of the entrepreneur. 

Feature integration

Similarly to integrating basic and advanced features, the entrepreneur is charged to develop their Taxi service app in the app.


The most important factor influencing the cost of developing a taxi service app is the design and back-end work. For each interface, the developer had to design new models and programming languages like Java and HTML. For incorporating cloud storage, multilingual scripts, payment gateways, etc. Costing varies accordingly. 

Above all, the charges vary on the external attributes from the developer’s end. Like their time, distance, location, travel, skills, qualifications, etc.  

Final verdict

Taxi-hailing apps like Curb have been more prominent in the U.S market. By incorporating these features into your Taxi-hailing app, you can easily boost your business services. At INORU, we provide you with a fantastic facility to develop your full-featured Taxi-hailing app with customization. Our clone script technology eases the entrepreneur to build a cost-effective tool. 

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to modernize transportation facilities, here is the right solution. Get your customized Curb clone app developed with amazing features at INORU.  

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