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Boohoo Clone

The trend evolves with Fashion. With new styles, patterns, and designs, the fashion world is updating every minute, and the industry is also growing with increasing competition. There are multiple business opportunities here, and the need for a unique touch to increase their growth is also present in the field. 

For many business entrepreneurs in clothing and fashions, the need for their online presence is demanding. This urging demand is sufficed through applications like Boohoo in recent times. The advent of developing applications through clone scripts has made the time and process seamlessly easy and convenient. 

If you are a fashion entrepreneur looking to establish your apparel store online, this is the best guide to get started with; here we go!. 

The market for Boohoo Clones

Boohoo is a UK-based shopping application that traffic more of 18 and 30 age categories of people with their exclusive Brand products. With a market value of £580 million, it was criticized for floating fast Fashion among the users. With its advent in E-commerce, the website had a good reach. The company earned 45% of its revenue in the first quarter of 2019 during the curfew. 

Its growth and popularity extended to reach many other entrepreneurs as a revenue-seeking business, and the crowd poured in since then. Similar entrepreneurs in the fashion hub wanted to take their business and reach out their brand to global visibility. 

With the prevailing situation, developing applications with clone scripts were introduced to build app like Boohoo. There arises the need and requirement for developing Boohoo Clones. 

Current E-commerce stats 

From Statista 2020, it is evident that the E-commerce business has earned $90billion, and it is predicted to shoot to $138 billion in 2022. And similarly, Boohoo has an increased 27% of traffic into the app in 2020, which accounts to a near 1.5million new customers. It also has a good market in the UK, as its reach increases now and then.

Advantages of Online fashion app stores like Boohoo

1.The difficulties of time, place, and labor in the Physical store are eliminated in the Online app store. 

2.Irrespective of timing restrictions, the online app store is available 24*7 for both use and service. 

3.Hefty rent and interior building costs are thoroughly eliminated in the Online app store. 

4.As the entire process happens online, that eases easy management of the business from any place at any time. 

5.Personalized customization facilities for the customers can be provided and efficiently coordinated. 

6.The online app store eliminates the need for location-based disadvantages and reaches out to maximum crowds. 

7.Paperworks can be avoided, and everything else can easily be managed and accounted for online as invoices, billing, and other formalities are computerized.

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Features of Boohoo Clones 

For any online fashion store to seamlessly perform, there are few requisites that the Entrepreneur had to remember while developing a Boohoo Clone for his Online Fashion outlet. 

1.Easy Registration process

The Users of the Boohoo clone must be offered an efficient registration process to get quickly signed in to the application. 

2.Multiple categories 

As an entrepreneur, the niche and variety of the categories must be well planned and organized. Option to float from Categories to subcategories must be available. 

3.Search option

The search bar feature must efficiently catch the user’s needs efficiently and result in search fields effectively to them. This search bar is made available to get the user’s needs precisely fulfilled. 


The shift to online stores delays a more significant disadvantage from traditional shopping methods, and the touch and feel option is unavailable. To satisfy this need, the Boohoo clone must-have catalog options to know how the apparel will be on oneself can be portrayed in any possible way to satisfy the user. 

5.Suggestion board

The style board or the suggestion comes up with the popping need to compensate for the confusion arising, with suggestions the users can try new combinations, style. With these pre-listed suggestions, it’s easy to choose their required style from the random combo easily. 

6.Shopping Cart

The shopping cart facilitates users to add whatever is needed into their cart and later separate which to buy, what not to take, and have it for the next purchase. It aids in easy organization.

7.Payment Gateway

To aid ease and tension-free in-app transactions, the security and feasibility of the Payment gateway must be strong and reluctant. The payment gateway must quickly transfer, work on return policies like return, refund, and cancellation. It needs to integrate a safe payment system.  

8.Push Notification Options

This is the need of the hour feature, found in almost every app. The app users are provided with timely notifications regarding the availability of our stocked products, updates in fashion, new styles, etc. This eases the user with the add-on information of the app without leaping on it. 

9.Checkout and Shipping

The crucial step in a Fashion app store is the checkout facility, and user satisfaction entirely depends on that. The entrepreneurs are expected not to compromise on that factor.

10.Review and Feedback

The reviewing session is a more significant contribution than aids in improvements. The Users need a space to express their shopping experience, whether good or bad; every review accounts for development. And as an Entrepreneur, respecting them is very important.

11.Customer Support

To make the app’s usage seamlessly easy and troublesome, its interface must be convenient. Similarly, to troubleshoot issues and get them clarified and sorted, efficient customer support is required for your Boohoo clone. 

12.Bar-code scanning

This feature can be used to scan and identify the status of the product, its details, and information straightforwardly. This can ease the order tracking facility also. 


The users can be given the option to add items to their wishlist, despite dropping them in the cart. During the later purchase, the Wishlist items will be given priority by the users. 


Blogs and articles are the primary sources of information in today’s world. By regular updates on blogs and informative content, the user can get an idea of a specific topic, which engages the reader and boosts your SEO ranking. 

Final verdict

The market is open to incorporating the entrepreneurs’ needs into their Boohoo Clone app to carry out seamless business management with ease. 

Developers at INORU help develop a full-featured Boohoo clone app to carry out your Fashion outlet online with customization facilities and white-labeled features. 

If that is your case and you want to boost your fashion store with ecommerce strategies and meet global attention with clone app technology, get started with INORU.



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