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Depop Clone

As all of us are unique, and so are our style statements, Fashion accounts have no restrictions. And Depop is a versatile store that combines every style. Everything from Streetwear to casuals to vintage. It has extended its market globally and has substantially impacted the users to carry a notable trend for the future with its next-generation collections. 

The Depop app gained much popularity with its increasing global presence and, in turn, also earned an excellent revenue that gave a growing shift in its market value for its brand. This invited many other fashion entrepreneurs to develop their complete app like Depop to carry out their business with new, improved tactics and strategies. And this led to the growing need for Depop clones in the market. 

Working of Depop clone

The Depop clone app can be designed for both Android and iOS, and it can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store.

1.After the downloading and installation of the app, the user can log in using social media credentials.

2.The user is opened to a broad category of outfits and apparel.

3.They can search from the available menu, field, and classification. 

4.The product can be added to the wish list or the cart directly.

5.It proceeds to payment

6.Once the payment is made successful by the user, the product is checked out for dispatch.

7.The user can track their order 

8.Once received, the user can check the quality and review the service.

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Add on Characteristics of Depop clones

The list below consists of add-on features to your Depop clone and can be incorporated into your app to increase credibility. 

1.Easy login process

The user can be provided with quick and easy social media login that syncs to their Facebook or Instagram account.

2.Multiple payment options

To ease the payment methods, the users can be provided with multiple payment options through UPI payments, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. 

3.Buyer protection 

The customers are guaranteed with Buyer protection schemes who can avail report of issues at any point of time, 100% refund for a damaged purchase, etc

4.Customer security

The app ensures data security to the customers and abides by the guidelines and regulations of the California customer Privacy act (CCPS), 2018. 

5.Sell On Depop 

The sell-on Depop features enable many other fashion brands to collaborate. The other vendors are availed with many advantages like no listing fee, round-the-clock tech support, branding, and photoshoots.

6.Exclusive section

The app will have an exclusive section list the branded apparel like cargo shorts, jeans, leather jackets, etc. this increased in-app sales, promotes the product and the app eventually. 

7.Top seller incentives

The top-selling fashion brand on the Depop clone app can be availed with unique specifications indicating Verified or giving them a blue tick to increase credibility. 


With the list of fashion influencers, sellers, buyers, and summon users, the community can share fashion trends, new brands, products, etc. 

9.Blogging and SEO

With regular updates through blogs and articles for the app, the readability increases. These blogs and articles may contain information on the latest updates, tips, guidelines, etc., for both sellers and buyers. It also would aid in gaining trafficking and improve SEO.

Cost of developing a Depop clone

The cost of developing a cloned application for Depop depends on the design, structure, and external attributes, as the cost of developing an app from scratch is enormous and is tiring. But using clone scripts to build a similar application is cost-effective and not time-consuming. 

At INORU, we help you develop the app from clone scripts that increase the app’s performance and credibility. This ensures building a full-featured application with built-in advanced features at a comparatively lesser cost. 

INORU – Full-Featured Depop clone

1.As mentioned above, INORU uses clone script technology to build its cloned app. This eases the performance and reduces the cost of developing the Depop clone. 

2.We incorporate advanced and improved technologies that enhance the Depop clone. 

3.INORU provides the high-end cutting-edge solution to cope up with the trends and needs of the market.

4.Here, we help you build bug-free applications that are strong. 

5.The most beautiful nature of INORU is that it provides complete customization facilities to the clients. It allows altering of features and technicalities to support their style of business.

6.A user-friendly interface ensures easy management of the business through the app developed at INORU. 

7.The applications developed at INORU are provided with round-the-clock service even after their launch.

8.With the listed features, it is evident that INORU focuses on credibility and client satisfaction.

Final verdict

Fashion Entrepreneur, it is your right to get started to meet the worldly trend with Depop Clone. To develop and launch your credible Depop clone, reach INORU to gain utmost satisfaction and experience a full-on featured app developing process with customizations facilities to ease business activities. Get started with it right away.


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