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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are hot talks all around the world. Several governments are trying to make cryptocurrency legal in their country. While El Salvador has legalized cryptos, several countries started imposing taxes on crypto transactions as an onset to legalize them in their country. There are already over 300 million crypto users worldwide, and it is increasing every day. This has made a pathway to start your Cardstarter clone development.

Yes, the number of crypto users is increasing at a rapid speed right now. This has made startups and other businesses from Healthline to retail and eCommerce take up blockchain for their projects. With the number of businesses adopting blockchain is increasing, the number of IDOs launches is also growing.  Here is a complete guide on why you should take up Cardstarter Clone Development, an IDO launchpad.

Why do people need IDO Launchpads?

Initial DEX Offering is a crowdfunding model in which companies launch the sale of tokens or coins in the decentralized exchange platform in return for funds. The investors who invest in these platforms get high returns on contributing to the liquidity of these tokens. So what is the necessity of a project accelerator like IDO launchpads?

1. IDO launchpad spotlights the potential project on the platform for the investors to find them, which brings in the funds they deserve

2. It supports immediate trading, offering the investors to get high returns on their purchase during the early stages of the project

3. The immediate trading of IDO tokens brings increased liquidity, and this would increase the value of the token 

4. The liquidity exchange makes it affordable for the investors as they impose fewer gas fees for deploying smart contracts.

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Cardstarter Clone Development

Cardstarter is a project accelerator or an IDO launchpad on the Cardano blockchain. It is a platform for Cardano projects which also offers interoperability. Cardstarter clone is a white-label solution that offers rich features more advanced than its parent platform. It is a pre-engineered solution that is open to customization and future scalability. 

It is an affordable solution that takes less time to launch in the market when compared to developing it from scratch. The process of development involves

1. Ideating the features and purpose of the project accelerator with the developers will be the first step towards development. It is important to check the feasibility and complexity of the new features that can be customized in the platform.

2. Now it is essential to draft a whitepaper for the IDO platform producing the technical details and innovations of the platform.

3. It is time to design and develop the IDO launchpad of your dream. Our developers can erect launchpads in any blockchain of your choice. That is, we have skilled developers who can build an IDO platform like Cardano in any blockchain you choose.

4. Native token development is one of the important phases of development. These tokens are the fundamentals for the working of the platform. Developers at Inoru offer you robust token development solutions, fulfilling your specifications.

5. The user interphase is then developed, and every tech is put together to bring out your IDO launchpad like Cardstarter.

The Working Mechanism of our Cardstarter Clone

As mentioned earlier, the fundamental requirement for the working of Cardstarter clone is the native token. The native token of the Cardstarter IDO launchpad is called Card. The working mechanism of our Cardstarter clone is given below.

1. The users or investors will have to buy the native tokens and search for a potential project on the platform.

2. If the user finds a potential project, they can register to take part in the IDO of the project.

3. To register, the user has to stake the native tokens bough

4. Once they stake the tokens, it is locked for a minimum of 7 days. The users have to complete the KYC verification within 24 hrs. This is to eliminate the system manipulation attempts. 

5. When the IDO is live, the users will be able to participate in the IDO based on the Tier system. The users will be whitelisted based on 3 tiers which are categorized based on the number of native tokens they staked in the liquidity pool.

6. The users can now buy the IDO tokens on sale and can use them for immediate trading. This contributes to the liquidity of the tokens.

Our Cardstarter clone verifies the IDO projects before it is listed on the platform. With strapping security features, the project is checked for its authenticity and then gets listed. The project needs to provide the documentation, whitepaper, and other team details to request a listing in the IDO launchpad. 

Why INORU is the Best for Your Development?

We, at Inoru, with a team of professional developers, have experience in the blockchain field for years. We can deliver any kind of launchpad on any blockchain you desire. Apart from that, we have

1. 24/7 post development support

2. Technical support

3. Native token development

4. On-time delivery of the product

5. Post-development marketing strategies

6. Trending security features

7. Transparent development process

We have an experienced marketing team who are experts in social media marketing. Discord marketing, email marketing campaigns, and others. They are well-versed in the recent marketing trends that they can take your IDO launchpad to the spotlight easily.

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Last year was the onset year of investment in the crypto industry. IDO trend is reaching the masses, and it is showing visible growth to many businesses. It is time for you to ignite your journey in blockchain with our Cardstarter clone Development. Why waste time thinking and developing from scratch when you can Launch IDO launchpad in no time. Get in touch with experts at Inoru and get a quote today.


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