All That You Need To Know About IDO Launchpad Like Cardstarter

IDO Launchpad Like Cardstarter

Cryptocurrency is the most used word recently. People around the globe are getting into the world of crypto hoping for a better return. There are a number of crypto projects coming forward for IDO fundraising every day. But raising funds is not that easy for them. IDO launchpad like Cardstarter Clone help them in getting these projects the initial investment they need. People are indeed interested in early investment in Crypto projects that are facilitated through Initial DEX Offering. 

It is now easy to get into the blockchain trend. Are you ready to take the first step of your journey in blockchain networks? Here is the guide for the entrepreneurs out there to know everything about your Cardstarter Clone, an IDO launchpad development. 

CardStarted Clone – Explained

IDO is a fundraising model that helps innovative blockchain projects in getting the early investment they need for their project development.  Every project needs a platform to reach the target audience. An IDO launchpad is a platform that lists down a number of potential projects. The launchpad will check for the legitimacy of the project to ensure safety for the investors. 

A Cardstarter clone is a Whitelabel solution of the IDO launchpad. The Cardstarter is the first insured IDO launchpad or a project accelerator in the Cardano blockchain. It is a decentralized project accelerator that also performs token swapping and helps in connecting the investors and the project holders. 

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What are the features to be included in a Cardstarter Clone?

Features are one key characteristic that gives a better experience for the users. There are a number of features that will make a better IDO launchpad. By researching the number of IDO launchpads and the user experience, here is a list of major features that will help in bringing out an extraordinary IDO launchpad.

1. A substantiated listing Process

The main job of the IDO platform is to list down the potential projects. But to ensure the security of the investors, the platform has to scrutinize the project before listing it down. The projects should undergo strict security checks, verification, correctness, and checked for authenticity.

2. Token Less funding

The Cardstarter clone with this feature helps the business or the crypto project to raise the funds by using token vouchers. 

3. Auto-lock liquidity feature

Developers can include the auto-liquidity capability as an optional feature to facilitate a smooth transition from raising into the market.

4. Insurance fund

The insurance fund feature of the Cardstarter clone can be used to protect the community against financial loss or associated risks.

5. Native Token

The Cardstarter clone with its Native token can facilitate the transactions of the investors and increase the liquidity of the launched tokens. The Native token of the Cardstarter IDO platform is CARDS.

6. Subscription Model

The users who hold the native CARDS tokens in the platform can be given the privilege of getting early access to the projects launching on the platform.

7. Special Programs

Special programs and features can be launched on the platform for the investors. This will gain the attention of the investors towards the platform as well as investing in the projects. Hosting accelerator programs for the investors such as token engineering, security audits, etc., can be beneficial 

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What should you look into?

If you have decided to get into IDO launchpad development, there is a list of things you should look into in a developer,

The developer must be able to provide you with 

1. Upgraded security features

2. Easy access to the users

3. On-time delivery of the solution

4. Transparency

5. Experience in the blockchain field

6. Usage of advanced technology

7. Customer support

8. Technical support

At INORU, we are expert blockchain platform developers who can provide you with the best-in-class IDO launchpads. 

Wrap up

A Cardstarter Clone uses a Tiered system to ensure equal and fair participation of the users. This makes it an ideal platform preferred by the projects and investors. It is the first-ever platform in the Cardano blockchain. Get in this trend early with your own IDO launchpad in the Cardano blockchain. Take your first step today and fly higher with Inoru. 


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