ZedRun Clone – Persistent NFT Gaming Platform With Elevated Play To Earn Abilities.

ZedRun Clone

The blockchain gaming platforms have surpassed billions of dollars in their trading volume, encouraging entrepreneurs to explore the field of Play to Earn. And this will make you wonder if this strategy of Play-to-Earn in blockchain gaming is only applicable for players/gamers on the platform? This is partially true, and as a whole, ZedRun like NFT gaming platforms, endows full-on power to explore the gaming industry and trace in increased revenue through the various streams for end-to-end players in the platform, including a huge source of income for the admin. And here, let’s cut down to know the privileges of Developing a ZedRun clone for your business with INORU that help you trace and trap increased revenue for your business eventually. 

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Play and earn Gaming Key To Blockchain Adaptation 

The billion-dollar revenue in the trading volume of NFT games is an undeniable statement. Today, millions of people who play games, especially blockchain-related games, have attracted the attention of young minds to lean on the stem to give them the maximum rewards possible for their real-world crisis. At the same time, the growing numbers have made a play to earn NFT gaming platforms as the driving force for blockchain and its adaptations in the future. 

ZedRun like the NFT gaming platform made it evident for the world by establishing its abilities to earn real money in the MetaVerse that can also bring life-changing possibilities. To go on further on the point, the advent of play to earn concept in the gaming industry has made the line between virtual and real-world economy thinner for people adapting to the Digital geek culture today. And in a much sooner pace, the creative economy has all its power to take off this meager mediator that is standing to divide the two.  

Next Generation Horse Racing Experience – By NFT Gaming Platform Like ZedRun 

Like we all know, the NFT gaming spectrum have their cult, and their abilities are often concreted to give the users the best gaming experience. Similarly, the very famous ZedRun like NFT gaming platforms also dived in upgrading their gaming experience in the blockchain networks to be independent in the market. 

Here are a few updates that can be vested into your ZedRun clone for a much delighted horse racing experience for the players in the forum. 

  • Rating System 

In the newly updated version, this rating system for horses is given based on their position at the end of the race. This rating is ordered based on competitiveness, previous performances, number of classes in the race, etc. 

  • Native Tokens

The players can execute payments and conveniently participate in the forthcoming in-game challenges utilizing ZedRun tokens. Adding to the fact that ZedRun has recently partnered with Republic Crypto, fundraising campaign enterprises, players can use them as a digital asset to take part and participate in the various activities, battles against riders, and receive bonuses.

  • Token distribution

Organizing Airdrop campaigns, the holders of the tokens can access exclusive skins, accessories and pass-through events. This strategy depends on the number of racehorses, ownership duration, and horse type. 

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Perks Of End-Of-Life Option In Your ZedRun Clone

Retirement is a part of the game, and as the player retires, ZedRun is coming up with an option for horses to retire. The stable owners can permanently give up on their horses’ ownership and change the number of colts and stallions in the treasuries creating demand. 

Incorporating this End-of-life Option into your ZedRun clone helps in deflationary trends in the horse racing population. And the riders eventually can pocket profit through recovering the value from their initial purchases. 

Exciting, right? So Why not get into Developing your ZedRun clone with INORU? We give you the best customizable solution for developing your life-changing Play-to-earn, NFT gaming platform like ZedRun with increased abilities that is all ready to step into the market. 

Final Verdict

Zed Run continues to change the horse racing formula in the blockchain network while your NFT gaming solution can be the trendsetter in the market with increased abilities. With new strategies imbibed in the process of developing your ZedRun clone with INORU, you can maximize your community and bring in more utility for the in-game tokens. 

Reach out today to INORU and develop your customized ZedRun Clone that can carry the set of new and freshly constructed functionality. Maximize your profit margin to something you never imagined with our white label solution. Reach out now!


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