ChowNow Alternative: Revitalise Your Food Delivery Service With Improved Revenue Model

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From an ordinary person’s perspective, while focussing on the restaurant business. We see a lot of opportunities that seek revenue in this business. Like in-store revenue, income through food delivery apps like ChowNow, pre-booking orders, and many more. 

But are they benefited via all these means? 

Not really, Restaurants bear hefty charges on external attributes that consume heavy business profits. 

Let us discuss some associate features that help boost your Restaurant business’s revenue through online Food delivery apps like ChowNow.

Apps like ChowNow app and its Working

The food delivery apps like ChowNow strive to promote local food hubs via their delivery service. They provide restaurants with opportunities to flourish their business online. And with considerably low charges, apps like ChowNow facilitate its service to the restaurants to reduce their hefty load.

This food delivery model is very convenient for entrepreneurs to boost their business activities. And increase the visibility among the users. This has a simple interface to ease the flow of the business and similarly ease the user in terms of simplicity and performance. 

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Working on the ChowNow clone

The user gets to download and install the app. 

1.With the efficient user interface, the login procedure is eased through the social media login facility.

2.Then the user is asked to provide a few basic details, and location is a must. 

3.The user can easily choose the desired item from the menu list or the categories listed and add them to the cart.

4.Once they choose their favorite food from their favorite restaurant, they proceed to payment.

5.With the multiple payment options, the user can choose one and make successful payments conveniently. 

6.The restaurant then confirms the order. Once the dishes are ready, the delivery person picks the items and goes directly to the customer’s delivery location. 

7.The user receives the order, and the process ends with satisfaction that the user can convey through the reviewing and rating option. 

How does ChowNow clone app boost the restaurant business?

A food delivery business app works in two major streams. The first one focuses on food delivery for different restaurants. While the second is an extended service for a particular food hub or brand to render its exclusive food delivery service to its customers. 

For entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and provide different customer services, apps like ChowNow can help. To boost up business management and ease the flow of your restaurant business, these apps can be customized and modified accordingly. 

Their efficient, user-friendly interface in their admin panel and the user panel conveniently eases to list the business details. They also provide restaurant spaces to find new customers and reach out to new business avenues. 

Benefits of using ChowNow Clone

1.Order ownership

While using third-party apps, the order ownership transforms to them. While carrying your business through your food delivery app, it eases customer relations and creates repeat business data. Details regarding orders made via websites, loyalty programs, customer data, marketing information can be outsourced. 

2.Expanded service provider

Through online platforms, it’s easy and convenient to reach a wider audience. Thereby it increases the range of visibility and traffics multiple users into the business. And it also helps to increase the capacity of business operations quickly.

3.Simplified Operation 

The app helps to manage the business activities at ease. They provide 24 x 7 service, eases order management, POS integrations, checks on delivery. They render an efficient interface to carry out the business activity through a supportive backing team from ordering to review. They also reduce dine-in and pick-up for their customers. 

How do entrepreneurs attain satisfaction through the food delivery app?

With the advent of the food delivery apps operating exclusively for their food hub, the entrepreneurs respond astoundingly. This eventually leads to the growth and demand for building food delivery apps like ChowNow to carry out their business effectively. 

Three primary attributes boosted the increased attention towards the food delivery app development process. 

1. Direct income:

 Through exclusive food delivery services eliminating third-party influences, the entrepreneur directly draws the app’s revenue. The payments paid by the users immediately flow into the business account with no sharing or commission.

2.Increased customer response:

 Through their efficient, user-friendly interface, the app drags in diverse users. And at the time, it retains loyal customers, thereby increasing the volume of online ordering. With the loyalty programs, the app eases to increase the frequency and order size. Through loyalty programs, customer relationship activity rises by about 60%, and it closely correlates with the frequency and order size. The user then can avail the discount for their every purchase, and they usually tend to make more purchases. 

3.Direct profit flow: 

With the increasing customer, the business’s profit is directly proportional to the company, and no third party can invade. From commission to service charges and other external charges are eliminated. 

Eventually, the loyal customers are benefited through rewards, discounts, etc. That encourages them to make orders often via the food delivery app. 


Restaurants today need to focus on different aspects to improve their business, from infrastructure to their menu, ambiance, etc. And their online presence is also demanded. Through ChowNow alternative apps, this is facilitated. 

These apps can be customized and made flexible through clone script technology. At INORU, we help you build legit apps with unique clone scripts that make the app more convenient to use and act according to the needs of your business. 

Don’t miss your chance today. For business entrepreneurs in the field of restaurants, food delivery services are on par demand. To globalize your service, develop your exclusive Food delivery app like ChowNow with INORU. Through apps like ChowNow, Clone helps to boost your business activity. 


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