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ClickMeeting clone

The communication sector is totally evolving in multiple ways with no restrictions. Video streaming apps are now the trendsetters in means of improving effective communication and business activity online. 

France, Greece, Germany, Poland are all the core markets. The demand is spreading far and wide among freelancers, organizations, enterprises, etc., irrespective of their size and operations, for conducting business meetings, webinars, conferences, and others.

Apps like ClickMeeting are so popular and widely used by enterprises, schools, colleges, and other organizations worldwide. They facilitate real-time webinars and meetings in a much effective way. These Video conferencing apps offer hassle-free solutions contributing to the easy management of group meetings.  Several other benefits in terms of business productivity through a user-friendly interface infused with modern technology and efficiency. 

It offers opportunities for enterprises to gain momentum in the digital world by developing customized ClickMeeting clones. Here let us discuss how things are eased through these apps in terms of business. 

Who is the Targeted Audience of the Video conferencing apps?

Video conferencing apps are in need as the prevailing situation demands. Nowadays, all the major and minor business activities are carried out online through apps and software that facilitate Video conferencing activities. 

The HR professionals, marketing specialists, and sales managers form the business perspective. Similarly, these apps also target educational institutions like schools, colleges, institutions, and other tutors, teachers, trainers, speakers, concerts, etc., which are also targeted here in these Video conferencing apps like Click Meeting

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Functionalities of Video Conferencing app like Click Meeting

  • Product demo and marketing

With their improved technical features, these apps have increased the opportunity to carry out the business demo online effectively. This platform is more compatible, thereby giving a positive experience through a virtual connection. It helps in boosting marketing strategies.

  • Training sessions and online course

Impart online learning through video conferencing apps. Handling training sessions, online tutoring, webinars, courses, and any other activity that correlates to sharing knowledge can be effectively carried out here on these platforms.

  • Meetings and Business collaboration

Carry out your business activities, meetings, discussions, and other internal business affairs through these apps. With their efficient features, it’s easy to carry out smooth business operations with no hindrances, disturbance, and interference. 

  • Huge online events 

Through Click meet clones, get an increased audience to your online event. Let it be stand-up comedy events, talk shows, game events, music contests, dance videos, concerts, etc., including international webinars. or those who plan to reach out and accommodate thousands of users, these apps do facilitate with ease. 

Salient Components of a Video conferencing app 

Based on the plan, the users will be benefited from varied features to explore in the app.  

1. Increased audience capacity

2. High-quality audio and Video transmit

3. .Recording options

4. Background effects

5. Scheduled meeting facility

6. Waiting room access

7. Opportunities to host Multiple meetings

8. Meeting control

9. Cloud storage

10. Live to stream 

And many other additional features can be inbuilt into the app based on the need, and the user can be benefited by updating their subscription plans. 

ClickMeeting clones are convenient for handling Webinars online

There are three different modes in the ClickMeeting app that can be integrated into your Video conferencing app in a manner to facilitate the users with convenience to take over their webinars effectively.

  • Automated 

The host must possess the required materials. Based on their requirement and availability, they can fix their meeting time and schedule it in advance. This is a cost-effective solution when compared to other face-to-face meetings. These automated webinars can be made interactive and lively with the call-to-action features through crisp video and feedback sessions.

  • Live

This is a great option to conduct pre-scheduled meetings fixed on a particular date and time. This is more effective to carry out business activities that ease direct interaction with customers, clients, and followers. These Live webinars can be vitalized for conducting product launch events, sales team meetings, etc. This space can accommodate thousands of people at a time.

  • On-demand 

Here all the corporate events, meetings, and others can be recorded. Here audio and video can be recorded and shared with clients, investors and customers. This aids in increased leads for the business. 

Facilities of Cloud storage in our video Conferencing app like ClickMeeting

1. With an effective backup option, the user/enterprises can secure their recording in the ClickMeeting clone app.

2. Using third-party integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. They can transfer files.

3. Including documents, photos, videos, and other files can be effortlessly stored here. It has the ability to manage the collected data and survey from the feedback session, analyze and draft reports.

What is the cost of developing apps like ClickMeeting?

As the app has the efficiency to conveniently conduct meetings, webinars, and other internal business functions online, ClickMeeting is now the choice of many enterprises. With its demand in the market, the cost is also hiking. 

Instead of building your app from scratch, developing it using Scripting will be more convenient and cost-effective. By this method, the clone is adaptive to the app’s functionalities and is flexible to bend to the needs of the business. Hence to conclude, through Scripting, customization is eased. And the time involved here is also less. 

At INORU, we help you develop legit clone apps with unique code scripting technology at a lesser time which is also cost-effective.

To Conclude

ClickMeeting is becoming a popular choice for business enterprises and institutions to carry out their online business activities effectively. With the increasing demand, there are high chances for greater improvements in the field. For those who develop ClickMeeting Clone app, it’s really going to be an effective tool to handle webinars and other business meetings with ease. 

Get to rule the tech world with versatile App like ClickMeeting and boost your business activities. At INORU, we help you with advanced solutions, so don’t hesitate. Call us right back to discuss and initiate your ClickMeeting Clone App Development at ease. 

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