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Cloud Kitchen Software

If you are an avid social media user, especially a food lover, you must have come across this buzzword, ‘cloud kitchen software.’ Wait, What exactly is it? Is this the question that pops your mind now? If so, well, we have a piece of good news!! By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea about this new trending software, and  how businesses can develop their own cloud kitchen software with the right software solution. Okay, without further delay, let’s keep reading.

It is a known fact that people store their images, stream movies, and even run businesses in the cloud these days. Similarly, whether we realize it or not, it is also the place from where we order our food.

Do you go like what!!! Well, do not be flabbergasted. 

Introducing cloud kitchens, also known as Ghost or Dark kitchens. It is already disrupting the food and restaurant industry in recent days. We help you decode what it is in the upcoming session.

Cloud kitchen

Cloud kitchens are delivery-only restaurants with no dine-in facility or any storefront. It primarily accepts orders  through online ordering systems. It also accepts orders over the phone , wherein orders are re-routed to the nearby cloud kitchen outlet. They have a base kitchen that delivers food to customers’ doorstep instantly.

Now, you may ask, then why is it called Dark kitchen? Well, we will explain the reason as well.

Since orders are placed here through the internet, and there is no physical dine-in for the users to walk into, these delivery-only restaurants are called ghost kitchens, dark kitchens, virtual kitchens, or satellite kitchens.

The promising future of Cloud kitchens

As we all know, the demand for delivery continues to elevate and soar in the market; cloud kitchens are becoming a trending and popular option for opening new restaurant businesses.

The sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus induced fear in everyone’s lives. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns imposed by almost all the nations led to many restaurants being closed off. Yet, even during the lockdowns, food delivery service continued in full swing.

To keep up with the trend and the current situation, restaurants shifted/switched to delivery-only operations and turned themselves into robust and potential cloud kitchens to make up/compensate for the lost footfall.

Where does Inoru fit in the cloud kitchen model?

Are you a food entrepreneur looking to start a virtual restaurant or start a commissary kitchen? Well, here at Inoru, using our impeccable cloud software solutions, we have been able to help our global clients optimize their shared kitchens to take advantage of this new trending market.

We have noticed that food entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like you seek commercial and free kitchen space to launch their own virtual restaurant concepts.

First things first!!

Cloud kitchens may either have their own ordering website or accept orders via various food delivery platforms. As the primary source of income/revenue for these internet restaurants is through well-known food ordering platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, etc., it is crucial to have a check-in system that keeps track of all the food deliveries and the volume the company generates from different platforms.

Doing so, saves you the trouble of adding and counting orders from various ordering portals at the end of a day.

Report Highlights

The growing demand for online food delivery has led to the birth of delivery-only restaurants or cloud kitchens.

1.As per the legit source report by Goldstein Research, the global cloud kitchen market was valued at $700 million in 2018 alone.

2.It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.25 % through the forecast period, 2017 – 2030.

Also, many restaurateurs rave over this cloud kitchen concept as they consider it to be the smarter way to run their restaurant business.

Still haven’t got an idea about the exact function of the cloud kitchen? Well, the below explanation will remove the fog of doubts around your brain.

This new trending cloud kitchen gives the restaurant the flexibility to launch more than one brand with the same kitchen infrastructure.

Still not clear? Well, let us explain this concept with a simple illustration.

Simple illustration – For clear understanding

Let’s say a restaurateur owns a delivery-only kitchen and delivers Chinese food and can start offering South Indian food as well. But instead of adding South Indian to the menu of their existing band, they can begin to operate a different brand that sells South Indian food from the same delivery-only kitchen.

The primary reason why restaurateurs prefer to start a new brand instead of adding new items on the same menu is that generally, users prefer to order from different restaurants if they think it specializes in that particular cuisine.

Okay, let’s get into the main picture! Do you want to create a benchmark in the food industry by developing high-quality cloud kitchen software? Is it a yes? Throw away the expensive rentals and run your restaurant online with Inoru’s alluring Cloud kitchen software. Our combo of online ordering, POS, third-party order automation is perfect for a thriving cloud kitchen business.

Whether you have a single brand, single kitchen setup, or a multi-brand/kitchen setup, now you can manage everything with our powerful restaurant management system. 

What Inoru offers?

Attractive website

We understand your website is your storefront now as cloud kitchen doesn’t have. We help you develop a website that makes a lasting impression on your users who want to keep coming back.

We help direct your visitors to your online ordering platform and get direct orders.

Online ordering

At Inoru, we help your business get orders directly on your website with your restaurant’s own online ordering portal instead of third-party aggregators. It is not required to pay any commission on every order.

Unique features

Dynamic minimum order

This sets custom minimum food online ordering for the different delivery locations.


Your users can order in advance and schedule their deliveries using this feature.

Unlimited orders

There are no limits to the online orders placed on your online food ordering system.

We offer the quickest ways to order online.

Real-time order tracking

Your users can track their orders and are notified of the status of their orders.


This helps drive your website and mobile site users to your mobile app by running app-only discounts.

Image-based menus

We design beautiful and intuitive image menus to attract more users.

In-app feedback

This feature allows your users to rate and review their orders directly on the app.

Bottom line

Enter into this lucrative business and create a benchmark in the food industry by running your restaurant online with our high-quality cloud kitchen software.


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