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Tesco clone

Gone are the days where people visited the grocery shops in their local areas and markets to buy their household items. This concept was gradually taken over and replaced by the Supermarkets, where they can access varieties of items and choices in a single place. But with time and due to the advancement of digital technology, we can now see the evolution of online grocery stores that are accessible using mobile apps.


Report Highlights

    1.   Mobile grocery apps have become popular, and online grocery stores are set to grow by 40% in 2020.

    2.   According to a report, around 43% of the users said they prefer using mobile apps over grocery shops.


What is Tesco?

It is a grocery delivery service app operating successfully in more than 9 countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Poland, and the United Kingdom. This grocery store app allows its users to make instant orders using an integrated barcode scanner in an app and also allows them to search the essential product with a voice recognition filter.

This app has gained immense popularity and growth because it effectively satisfies the grocery needs of users from the comfort of their homes with just a few taps.

Are you looking to bring a change to your traditional grocery business or to develop a grocery delivery app providing services on your user’s doorstep? Do you want to expand your business to multiple cities and countries? 

If you want to build a grocery delivery app like Tesco, associate with the leading and renowned clone app development company, Inoru, offering a high-quality Tesco clone app built with the latest technology solutions. 

At Inoru, we help you launch a robust grocery delivery app, Tesco using our script that majorly helps your business sustain in the market for the long run, thereby reaping high returns swiftly.


The streamlined app development process – Tesco clone


We gather your business requirements into a working plan.


Our skilled designer team gives life to your ideas by designing a highly-intuitive app.


Our expert developers help you develop your app with the help of incorporating the latest technologies.


After development, the app will be released for testing. Here, errors and bugs found will be rectified by our testing team.


After fixing all the errors, we help you launch your app in the market efficiently.


Our team provides constant support and maintenance even after the app is launched. Because the Inoru team believes in owning an app is easier than maintaining an app.

Hence, utmost care will be taken and offers endless support if encounters any problem in the app or any timely updates.


Advanced features of our alluring Tesco clone app

Our Tesco clone not just focuses on inculcating basic features. We incorporated add-on features in our clone app that keep your users engaged in the app for the long run due to its easy accessibility and user-friendly features.

Multilingual support

We developed our app in a way that doesn’t restrict your business from getting expanded. Yes, our Tesco clone helps your supermarket business reach global users irrespective of what language it is.

Sleek design

We crafted our Tesco clone with pixel-perfect UI and UX providing easier ordering flow and convenience, ensuring a better user experience.

In-app navigation

With this remarkable feature, your users can track functionality like ETA, route optimization, and real-time tracking.

In-app chat/calls

With keeping users’ demands in mind, we incorporated this feature to provide end-to-end communication for the app users. 

We included this feature paving the way for delivery agents, outlet owners, and your user to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Don’t let the Coronavirus spoil your business – You have our back. Yes! Understanding the current scenario, we updated our Tesco clone with the following safety features as our main focus is to provide safety for your users.


Protective features we inculcated in our Tesco clone app

Contactless delivery

This feature allows your users to place requests for contactless delivery. As this coronavirus induced fear in everyone, it is essential to make safety your top priority. Our app has contactless delivery as the prime feature, realizing users’ demand and the current inevitable scenario. 

The delivery agent can take a picture of the delivery dropped off at the concerned user’s doorstep and send it to them, ensuring safety for both users and delivery personnel.

Pick up/Take away

Keeping the viral pandemic in mind, we integrated this feature that helps your users pick their orders and not have them delivered in any way that leads to physical contact. The store keeps the order ready for pick up at a scheduled time and allows your user to come and take away their order by themselves.

Safety badge

This feature offers a safety badge only for stores who adhere to the highest safety hygiene standard measures during this pandemic. This majorly helps your users know the list of stores that follows the government safety guidelines.


Wrapping Up

Thus, accelerate your grocery delivery business online by developing your grocery delivery app with our Tesco clone app development solution, helping your users access the app efficiently and enabling them to access all the essential groceries at their doorstep with just a few clicks.


Launch your grocery delivery app using our alluring Tesco clone app

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