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Clubhouse clone

The recent statement made by the world-renowned CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took the internet by storm. As we all know, be it gaming, short-form videos, or video conferencing, Facebook will always want a piece of that cake. This time, Facebook is consistently and repeatedly throwing its hat in the ring to go against the trending audio-based chat app, Clubhouse, by creating its own invite-only audio-based chat platform.

Facebook plans to develop an app like Clubhouse with its app version

Every now and then, there will always be a new app that comes along that other platforms can’t help but replicate. This time it seems like the app, Clubhouse. A shocking report is that the well-known and largest social network has its eyes on this new app and was attracted to its unique way of communication. According to the legit sources’ information, the New York Times stated that Facebook is interested in creating a platform similar to Clubhouse.

Recent happenings

Facebook is currently working to develop its own version of an audio chat app akin to Clubhouse. This app allows users to host, participate in or listen to a wide range of conversations. Apparently, the product is in the early stages of development and developers are working restlessly to develop a Clubhouse clone.

The most-trusted report, the New York Times, further stated that Facebook’s founder is interested in audio communication apps. He has recently joined the Clubhouse app and even appeared on it recently as a guest on a talk show called ‘The Good Times Show’ and discussed future techs like VR and AR.

What inspired the CEO of Facebook to build an app like Clubhouse?

It is evident to see why giant companies like Facebook are scrambling to create a Clubhouse clone. Since its launch, it has gained momentum among many Hollywood and Silicon Valley insiders. The clubhouse, which is invite-only, had only 1 million downloads at the end of 2020, is now up to close to 5 million downloads, according to the Axios report.

Being an invite-only social networking app, Clubhouse has gained popularity as the app differs from others because it focuses on audio as opposed to video or text. It allows users to create voice chat rooms or join various clubs that focus on discussing varieties of topics. The moderators in the app can control who speaks, and listeners can raise their hands virtually, indicating that they want to contribute. The chat or conversations are not saved in the app, which is a big deal as far as privacy is concerned.

Reasons for its popularity

The app has gained immense attention over the past year and has garnered more users, giving people a new communication channel outside of the regular video and text-based apps. With the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus, the new normal keeps people from assembling. This provides a unique and safe way to join with groups of like-minded people while discussing their favorite topics. 

Even Twitter has started publicly testing its own version of Clubhouse called ‘Spaces’, with functions similar to Clubhouse, making it unsurprising that Facebook wants to get in on the action too. Facebook is best in developing clone apps of other social media platforms in its own version.

Get your  business started by building an app like Clubhouse

Now that you must have understood the importance of Clubhouse app, it is high time for businesses and entrepreneurs to get their hands on it by launching an app like Clubhouse.

Do you still hesitate to kick start your business developing an app like Clubhouse? Well, we understand what stops you from entering into this lucrative business. We give you two options to build your app and by the end of this blog, we will explain which app development firm will help your business grow exponentially and sustain in the market for the long run.

How to turn your ideas into an app in a short span of time? There are two ways you can do it. They are

1.Building your app from scratch

2.Approaching the best clone script service provider

If you choose to develop your Clubhouse app with the first app development firm, you will have to hire and charge the following individuals separately.

1.The development team

2.UI/UX designer

3.Testing team

4.App developers

5.System administrator

6.Project manager

Approaching a clone script service provider

Choosing this app development firm is highly recommendable as the app development cost is comparatively low to the previous choice. All the Clubhouse app’s essential and crucial modules are readily available, offering customizable features and services. You don’t need to hire each professional with this option, as the clone app development company is bundled with a wide range of professionals helping you launch your app at the earliest.

Well, now you will have no hesitation in launching your app like Clubhouse. Grab this time and stamp a huge impact in the online marketplace by kickstarting your business with Inoru’s impeccable Clubhouse power-packed with elite features and services.

Primary features of our Clubhouse clone app

Developing an audio-based social media app is possible with our Clubhouse clone app.


This feature in our Clubhouse clone displays all the audio meeting rooms posted by the communities or people the user follows.


We integrated this remarkable in-built calendar in our clone app,  reminding users of upcoming meetings, and those the user has marked that they are interested in joining.


With this feature, users can create and join clubs they are interested in. These clubs can create separate rooms for the members to discuss in private and in public.

In-app alerts

Our Clubhouse clone app is incorporated with this incredible feature enabling your users to get notified if their connections or favorites get on stage to speak in a room.


This feature facilitates users to get invitations considering their activity and the meetings hosted by them. The number of invites a user is credited will be displayed here.

Listing out various categories on which meetings can be held in our Clubhouse clone app solution

Users can organize meetings with any topic. Among them, the most common topics users create rooms to discuss are as follows.







Revenue-generating streams of our Clubhouse clone


You can allow other businesses to advertise on your app. This is one of the basic yet effective methods of monetizing your app.

In-app purchases

This revenue-generating model paves the way for the users to purchase digital products such as e-books, podcasts through your app.

Premium subscriptions

Users can access premium features only after paying their subscription fee. They can pay either monthly/annually, which helps your business generate huge revenue and helps you earn desired ROI consistently. 

Summing Up

Yet, if you want to go with the first option, i.e., developing your app from scratch, it would cost you more effort, time, and money. Any businesses’ success relies on how quickly and effectively you enter the market and serve your users. So, if you are going to spend a long time choosing the first app development firm, then the purpose of developing your app and your goal to create massive users and returning high sales gets affected.

Hence, it is highly advisable to go for clone apps by approaching the renowned clone app development company, Inoru, that helps you launch your Clubhouse clone app in a jiffy.


Launch your Clubhouse clone by developing your app with our alluring clone app solution

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