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We totally understand what you are thinking at the moment. You must have minimal or even no knowledge or even have an idea about what this Hugo app is all about, right? You must have spent a long time browsing about the app and found no clarity about it even after doing in-depth research for hours. Well, no worries, you have landed at the right place. Here in this blog, we will walk you through explicit knowledge about the app and see how businesses can develop an app like Hugo. Let’s get started.

Hugo app 

It is a super app providing a multi-category marketplace for food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, on-demand services, transportation, payments, e-commerce, entertainment, and much more.

How has it started?

El Salvador exasperated Alejandro Argumedo by the negative recognition garnered in the world of business. Hence, Alejandro  decided to ally with Ricardo Cuellar and Juan Maceda to develop an app that would recognize his country on the innovation app.

The Hugo app was developed by Alejandro in 2017, the first Central American app with the goal to provide micro logistics services like food delivery in the beginning.

Haven’t understood yet? Okay, let’s make it clear. It is Central America’s favorite home delivery service. Hugo app, was a startup based in Sal Salvador, El Salvador. At the beginning of 2017, it provided micro logistics services, starting with food delivery where all the user’s favorite restaurants and all types of beverages were delivered to their doorstep.

Recent Happenings

Hugo App, Central America’s favorite home delivery service, is making headlines again for including new products.

Soon Hugo started spreading like wildfire to many places and became the first Central American super app, expanding into 6 countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. 

It is labeled as the fastest growing app of Central America because its operations in Guatemala grew by 500% compared to the previous year. As it expands throughout Guatemala, the Salvadoran startup intends to include new products in its catalogs like Mandaditos, Hugo cash, tickets for events, grocery delivery, laundry service, e-ticketing, and insurance products.


Meaning errands. Users can request Hugo’s delivery agents to fulfill varieties of miscellaneous jobs. Jobs can range from picking up forgotten things to delivering a product.

The growth of Hugo

Hugo is by far the largest delivery app in the Caribbean, with extensive coverage. The company’s founder envisioned creating a whole delivery solution in El Salvador.  They count over 900,000 users, and over 7,000 merchants are affiliated with them in the Dominican Republic. At present, Hugo processes 90 orders a minute in that entire region. 

The peak time to start an app like Hugo – Get started

Now you must have understood the tremendous growth and the demand of the Hugo app; it is the right time for business owners and entrepreneurs to kick-off their business by building a robust app like Hugo. 

We understand what stops you from pitching in. Well, there are two options where you can develop your app with the following app development firms. They include

1.Developing your app from scratch 

2.Seeking the right clone app development company.

We highly recommend not to go with the first option as it consumes your pocket and your valuable time. You will have to hire and charge every individual, which is not advisable and not guaranteed to bring out an effective app even if built.

However, choosing the second option, i.e., approaching a clone app development company, is your lifesaver, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur/solopreneur. All the app’s essential and crucial modules are readily available, offering fully customizable features and services. You don’t have to hire each individual as they are power-packed with a wide range of skilled professionals. They help you launch a high-quality app using their pre-built script at the earliest, offering endless support even after the app is established in the market. 

Well, now that you want to purchase a clone script and launch your app, you must be wondering whom to approach? Which is the best and experienced clone app development company? You are left with no worries. Yes! 

Turn your business ideas into reality by implementing your ideas with the renowned clone script service provider, Inoru helping you create a benchmark in the multi-category online marketplace with our irresistible Hugo clone tailored with pivotal features.

Features of our all-in-one Super app solution

1.Easy login


3.In-app chat/call

4.Multi-payment integration

5.Real-time tracking

6.Booking history

7.Feedback column

8.View service providers/drivers

Add-ons we provide with our Hugo clone app considering the pandemic

1.Contactless delivery

2.Take-out services

3.Face-mask scanner

4.Online checklists

5.Online payments

6.Safety badges

Why should you collaborate with us?

We offer

1.White-labeled products

2.App rejection support

3.Scalable solution

4.App submission support

5.On-time delivery

6.Post-launch support

7.Data protection

In a nutshell

Launch your Hugo app and stamp your online presence in the business world using our alluring clone app. Developing your app with our Hugo clone helps you reach and serve global users effectively and benefits your users to efficiently access and avail of all the services in the app.


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