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Clubhouse Clone

The newly launched voice-chat based social media app, Clubhouse is taking the internet by storm in the tech world. This smartphone app offers the potential to transform how we can share knowledge, communicate, make new friends, etc.

Okay, it is understandable that you have minimal or even no idea about what this app is all about and how it works. Well, by the end of this blog, you will have clarity about the app and its usage. So, keep reading to have a clear knowledge about Clubhouse, the invite-only social app.

First, let us see what Clubhouse is all about!!


If you are probably an avid social media user, then you would have heard a new buzzword taking popularity among the social media apps: Clubhouse. This new app basically permits users to chat in real-time, collaborate, share stories, and bounce ideas off each individual using their voice.

To be precise, this voice-based social networking app enables users to drop in and out of ephemeral chat rooms and participate in gatherings, from small type conversations to larger discussions featuring expert panels, attended by thousands of listeners.

It is an invitation-only audio-based social media app. The app owner describes it as a new type of social media app based on voice, allowing people to talk everywhere, tell stories, and meet interesting people worldwide.

How does it work?

In short, it is a voice-based social media app allowing users to join or create chat rooms focusing on vast topics, and the conversations that happen here are audio-only.

To understand better, it is a live audio app where people can listen or can actively participate in live discussions.

When the chat room session ends, the conversations are gone forever because nothing is recorded.

All you have to do is just enter a room and start listening. Else, you can host your own room, and people show up, and the conversation lasts for hours.

What makes the app unique?

It has become a talk of the tech world and the internet because of the uniqueness of the app. That is, there is no private messaging and written comments. It is only audio. In this app, voice is the instrument.

Let’s say now that you enter a room where you hear ongoing conversations. Now, if you raise your hand, it will be shown in the app, and you might be called up on stage to join the discussion.

As you join in their conversation and contribute to it, you might be made a moderator, thereby allowing you to call others up on stage when they raise their hand.

Are you still not clear about the workflow of the app? Worry not! Let us explain to you with a simple illustration that clarifies queries to understand the app better.

Imagine Clubhouse is like being at a party where you are a stranger and know no one. What do you do then?

Yes, you try to initiate conversations by gradually talking with them. You casually poke your head into random people having conversations and chat with people around the room at the party.

Now that you got the essence of the app’s workflow, the keyword you need to keep in mind is ‘chat,’ as in with your voice(audio only) because Clubhouse is an audio-based app where you talk to others in virtual rooms that you can hop in and out of.

Why has the app become this popular?

The point is to connect with other humans, in a word, networking. The app is available to smaller groups, allowing connecting with a network of tech experts, celebrities, activists, etc. one of the most alluring features.

People want to utilize this chance to make personal and professional connections as they may not otherwise have access to connect with such people. 

Since the Clubhouse enables every user to join a room and have a real-time conversation with anyone, there emerges a sense of strong connection and bond that you don’t get on other social media platforms.

The founder of the Toronto-based non-profit app Helping hands, Janelle Hinds, says, ‘A synchronous conversation feels more personal than typing something.’ As per his saying, since the novel Coronavirus and the chaos of 2020 have taken away many jobs and physical communications, people consider this audio-based social media app the best thing as it seamlessly connects with a wide range of people, thereby gaining knowledge and giving users to get connected with vast audiences.

Key facts to know

The clubhouse is not available to everyone. At present, it is an invite-only app. That being said, you can download the app from the Apple store, login and register your username, and join the waiting list.

We read your mind; there arises a question about the invite-only word? Well, let us clear that as well here.

How to get an invite to Clubhouse?

 Clubhouse is only in beta testing, meaning it is not yet open to the public. That indicates the only way you can get on this trending app is to receive an invite from someone who is already a user of the Clubhouse app.

Hence it is invite-only for now. You will have to wait until someone asks you to join in it.

Every new member is allowed per invite that they can give to a contact of their choice. So for now, you have to wait for someone to invite you into the club. Only then can you enjoy the benefits and the essence of the Clubhouse app.

In short, the easiest yet effective way to get an invite is to reach out to your social media network. Hop onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and let people know you want in.

Is Clubhouse available for Android?

Clubhouse is currently available only for iPhone users. There has been no recent update about branching out the app to Android users. Yet, things might change if it goes public.

Reasons why everyone prefers to get into this new trending Clubhouse app

1.Your voice is the only instrument.

2.Effective platform to make business connections

3.It empowers and gives you the space to use your voice.

4.It offers real-time and effective human engagement.

5.It allows them to explore themselves in new areas.

Clubhouse clone

It is an invite-only and interactive voice-based social media app connecting a diverse range of users in a single platform. Clubhouse clone is a replica of the original Clubhouse. It has all the attributes, functionalities, services, and features similar to Clubhouse. Our clone script for this audio-based social networking app is built with extensive customization that helps your business have their own app that fits their needs and requirements.

Why should you collaborate with us?

Inoru’s highly intuitive Clubhouse clone script helps your business stand unique from your counterparts and enables your business to steal the limelight in the thriving market. We provide high-quality, top-notch, white-labeled, and fully functional Clubhouse clone apps integrated with customized features that can be altered based on your requirements.

By now, we earnestly believe that this blog helped you understand the app and its huge demand in the market. There are many such audio-only apps. But to make your app stand out from the crowd, get your hands on experienced and leading clone script service provider, Inoru. We’ll help you sustain in the market for the long run by reaching a global audience with our user-friendly Clubhouse clone.


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