Lolli clone – A dream come true app that lets your users earn free bitcoin while shopping online

Lolli clone

As the sudden outbreak of a pandemic tremendously crippled all businesses, 2020 and the following years have become the year of online shopping. As per the recent global study by Salesforce Inc., around 58% of customers expect to do more online shopping than earlier. i.e., pre-pandemic.

The primary reason is the fear of getting infected with the deadly Coronavirus. This has induced a great fear in everyone’s lives. Hence, they avoid going outside and anything that has to do with physical contact.

Okay, now you might say I am aware of the above fact, but what on earth is Lolli? Here in this blog, we will help you get comprehensive information about Lolli, and by the end, you will have clarity about Lolli. So, keep your hands on it, stay connected by going through this blog & keep reading to know more about it.

Lolli clone – Earn free bitcoin while you shop

As we all are aware, for years, the only way to earn bitcoin was by investing and mining. Prior, people hesitated to invest to earn bitcoin as they considered investing to be risky, difficult to explain and comprehend.

Now you may ask; basically, this bitcoin cashback app is a loyalty program. But hold on! The best part is the app allows your users to earn a small percentage of Bitcoin when they purchase online from a vendor that supports the rewards program with zero investment.

For your understanding, let’s say that the user shops for a sports shoe from Adidas and the vendor is associated with the app. Now, the concerned user will get a certain percentage of Bitcoin for free. 

How does it benefit your businesses and users?

With the tremendous growth and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, retailers and vendors participate in these Bitcoin cash back programs, thereby stirring healthy competition. In any way, this benefits your user, and your business as both of them earn.

         1. Users earn by the percentage of Bitcoin while shopping online without having to invest.

         2. Businesses earn massive users and huge reach due to its innovative method of earning free bitcoins that eventually help you make huge profits in no time.

As evolution happens in all areas, so does here. As time passes by, things change. Have you ever thought of earning free bitcoin? So now, there is one amazing platform that lets your users earn free bitcoin every time they shop. Okay, now, without delaying further, let us explain the purpose of Lolli.

What exactly is Lolli?

It is a free browser extension and website that lets you easily earn bitcoin when you shop at leading merchants. It basically allows online customers to get cashback in the form of Bitcoins by Lolli’s extension.

In short, it allows customers to earn up to 30% of Bitcoin. The app rewards customers with a digital currency, Bitcoin, when purchasing products from the partnered stores.

Lolli works with more than 750 of the brands and stores that we shop every day. Following are a few of the sites and stores. They include Walmart, Marriott, Overstock, Priceline, Footlocker, GAP, Hilton, and many more.

Key facts to know

Lolli is not a shop. Yes, you heard that right! We would like to swiftly clear things up regarding this. You don’t buy anything from them. 

It is a tool. To be precise, you go through their tool, including browser extensions to do online shopping from hundreds of businesses. When they earn a commission from your online purchase paid to them by the shop, you earn a free Bitcoin.

The streamlined process of the Lolli app

        1. After users purchase things online, the app will send the Bitcoins that they have earned by shopping. It will be sent directly to the wallet of the app.

        2. The app gets paid after the refund due expires by the vendor/merchant.

        3. The users can withdraw their earned Bitcoin from their wallet after attaining a minimum balance of $15.

The users can earn a cashback reward ranging from 0.8% to 40% of the purchased price. 

It is a trust-worthy cashback platform, not a scam, as the app is associated and partnered with the leading and the giant retailers of the world, namely Nike, Adidas, Sephora, and more than 500 retailers.

The workflow of our Lolli clone

        1. Users will initiate by downloading the extension of the Lolli browser.

        2. Once installed and downloaded, your user has to create an account.

        3. Now, whenever your user visits the partner site for shopping, they will receive an alert automatically.

        4. This alert keeps them aware of how much Bitcoin volume they could earn from their purchases. To keep this functionality, users must ensure to activate the alerts while visiting a store for shopping.

        5. At last, they can get Bitcoin from their wallet.

Still not clear? Worry not. Here, we have given you simple steps of how your users can earn Bitcoin while shopping

        1. Go to the Bitcoin cashback reward platform, Lolli.

        2. Signup to the platform by adding its extension

        3. Now, you will be able to view all the partnered and affiliated vendors.

        4. Select a vendor and complete your purchase.

        5. Once you begin shopping, the browser extension is activated. As you shop online, you can start earning bitcoin by buying.

        6. Now, you will receive a notification about the volume of Bitcoin that you have received as cashback.

        7. Finally, get your Bitcoin from your Lolli wallet. 

Power-packed features of our Lolli clone

        1. Extension reminder 

        2. Bitcoin withdrawal

        3. Advanced search filter

        4. Multi-payment options

        5. Multiple merchant support

        6. E-wallet support

        7. Crypto cashback redeem

        8. Easy accessibility

        9. Cashback within 24hrs

        10.Browser extension support

        11.Secured transaction

Why choose Inoru to get started with your Lolli application development?

We offer

        1. Bug-free scripts

        2. Endless technical support

        3. Built with the advanced blockchain technology

        4. Fully customizable

        5. Secure payment options

        6. Post-launch support

Inoru is a leading clone app development company offering a fully customizable Lolli app to kickstart your business in developing your Bitcoin cashback reward app like Lolli. We help you to stay ahead in the competitive business sector with our top-notch and budget-friendly Cryptocurrency cashback reward platform like Lolli.

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