Clubhouse Clone – MiTalk, Xiaomi’s Instant Messaging App, Gets Audio-Focused Similar To Clubhouse

Clubhouse Clone

You are probably here looking to know the recent news about Xiaomi. Here in this blog, we will help you by giving  clarity about this trending information. Get your business started by developing an app at this peak time. We believe the app’s success relies not on developing but on  launching  it at the right time.

We will walk you through the whole development process. But before we move into that part, let us help you start your business.   We will clarify the recent things happenings around Xiaomi, and help you clear your head. So, join us to walk in the path of success.

First, let us see the talk of the town app, Mi Talk.

What exactly is Mi Talk

It is an instant messaging app that allows users to chat with all their contacts individually or in groups. It lets you practically do the same thing as Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc. This app lets you include up to 500 people. It has multifarious features like sending quick voice messages, short videos, etc. The app also allows sending text messages with videos, images, documents, other files, and emojis.

This messenger app is really an interesting alternative to other similar messaging apps. To use this app, it is mandatory to have a Mi user account. Another note to keep in mind is that the people you want to communicate or chat with using this service must also have to have the app installed.

An updated version of Mi Talk – Revamped as a voice-chat app

Get ready to experience the new version of Mi Talk as a voice chat app

Okay, now, let’s get into the actual trending news, so-called Xiaomi, turning its Messenger app, Mi Talk, into its own Clubhouse app. What is all the fuss about Xiaomi making its own Clubhouse app called Mi Talk that is soon coming in Android and iOS platforms? Let’s jump into reading to know further.

Recent decision – Xiaomi

The world-renowned multinational electronics company Xiaomi has taken unanticipated decisions concerning its communication service Mi Talk. Initially, Mi Talk existed for a while but was reportedly closed a few days ago. Just a week after its closure, the messenger app, MiTalk, is reviving in an updated form now.

Recently the Xiaomi Mi Talk team made a statement: ‘Mi talk, start again’. Their messenger app is launched again but in an updated and different form. The company aims to target professionals and people to give their talks online. This is totally a new product, and they have no plans to transfer accounts and data from the original app. At present, a minimal number of users will receive invitations for beta testing. Others can register and wait to receive an invitation.

The revamped Mi Talk app has already appeared in the Chinese app store, and both Android and iOS will have it in the coming days. Looking at the recent decisions taken by the world-renowned companies Facebook and now Xiaomi, it is evident that the Clubhouse has really hit off the trend and compelled these  companies to take such serious modifications and alternatives in their existing platform.

When such well-known businesses take serious actions and work on cloning it like Clubhouse and making their own messenger app into an audio-based chat app, What is it that prevents you from stepping into this huge opportunity to develop an app like Clubhouse? Are you worried about whom you should approach developing this newbie audio-chat app like Clubhouse? As we said at the beginning of the blog, we will walk you by developing an app like the trending Clubhouse.

Go with the right choice, Inoru

Turn your long-term business ideas into reality by associating with the esteemed and leading clone script service provider, Inoru, helping you develop an app according to your business needs and preferences. Our Clubhouse clone is white-labeled, easily accessible, readily-launchable enabling your business to top the business sector as it helps you launch the app at the earliest. Our team is power-packed with a wide range of professionals, and they develop the Clubhouse clone app with advanced technology. They make sure the features, services, and others are updated according to the market’s current trends.

Jotting down some of the monetizing strategies our team incorporated in our Clubhouse clone

We have developed our Clubhouse clone that aids businesses to grow efficiently by creating rooms and performing speeches on their business. This further creates a following for them and later turns them into their potential clients.


Our Clubhouse clone enables you to earn by permitting other businesses to advertise on your platform.

Premium services

Since Clubhouse is mainly an invite-only app, we have developed our clone with features like invite-only registration. So, to access or unlock those features, your users should pay a specific amount. This helps you earn a substantial income.

In-app purchase

This revenue strategy lets you create an online marketplace, and the users may be allowed to sell their products. For every purchase in your platform, a small commission can be charged, thereby helping you reach more users and turn returns in no time.

Wrapping Up

Strike the iron while it is hot! So, wait no longer to launch your Clubhouse clone app in the market at the earliest.  Turn all the heads towards your app with our alluring, outstanding, and unique clone script that helps you sustain in the market for the long run, thereby benefiting your business by reaching massive users and reaping huge profits in no time.  

Therefore, to set foot in this profitable industry, get in touch with us and develop your Clubhouse app using our smacking clone app

Clubhouse clone – Xiaomi revives MiTalk as its Clubhouse clone

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