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Tokopedia Clone

Hey, entrepreneur! Welcome to our blog. We know you are mentally exhausted trying to find what exactly Tokopedia does? What does it comprise of? Well, take a deep breath, sit back and relax because you have finally landed in the right spot. Okay, without further ado, let’s get straight into the blog.

What exactly is Tokopedia?

An online marketplace permitting individuals and business owners to open and maintain their online stores for free, providing an easy and safer online shopping experience to their users.

Tokopedia believes that it can reach success in the business marketplace by making individuals and their businesses successful. It empowers millions of individuals and business owners to sell products to customers.

Anything a user needs, they can search with a keyword, and they will most likely find the product. Anyone can sell by creating an online store on Tokopedia. Users can access anything from books to clothes to personal care etc.

Still not clear? Let’s explain in detail in the following content.

How does Tokopedia work?

It provides a platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs who want to access wider users. They can open an online store on the Tokopedia platform, and they will be automatically connected with many options like logistics agents and large banks in their region. Instant payment options like ClickPay Mandiri, Indomaret, Mandiri e-cash, credit card, BCA KlikPay, KlikBCA are available as the main features of transactions.

More users and merchants widely use it because, for users/buyers, it is easy to purchase all products in a single platform and merchants instantly open an online store and reach massive users quickly.

To create an online store on the Tokopedia platform is simple. They can find the tutorial on their website to open an online shop. They have to fill in the requested details like online shop URL, tagline, shop brand, payment methods, and delivery services. With just a few steps, they can set and own their online shop. To begin selling goods, they need to list products on the website with detailed information like the product name, price, weight, and so on.

Recent update 

Asia’s tech space is buzzing with excitement over the merger between two of the well-known, renowned largest Indonesia’s tech startups, Gojek and Tokopedia, with the combined entity to be valued at over $18 billion.

The Indonesian authorities have reportedly given the amalgamation with Tokopedia the green light.

For buyers/shoppers

Users can search and get any products ranging from fashion items to household products at affordable and reasonable prices. After making a purchase, they can track their order online. Online shopping on Tokopedia is secure, fraud-free because the payment is forwarded directly to the seller after they receive their goods/products.

Now that you have understood the huge demand and impact it has created in the market, we firmly believe you must have understood what Tokopedia is all about and how it has impacted the market. So, grab this opportunity and get your business started by developing an online marketplace like Tokopedia. Or do you want to be the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace where other vendors can sell their products on your platform?

You can turn your long-term business dream into reality by associating with the clone script service provider, Inoru, helping you build and launch a user-engaging app. Curious to know what our clone app is bundled with? Here in this blog, we will see the outstanding features and other attributes our Tokopedia clone has in store.

Remarkable features of our Tokopedia clone 

1.Easy on-boarding

Our Tokopedia clone has this incredible feature allowing customers and vendors to log in to the online store using their social networking sites.

2.Variety of products

This astounding feature in our clone script enriches the online store with simple, virtual, downloadable product types and helps consumers get many options in product categories and their variations.

3.Seller dashboard

Sellers can get a God’s eye view of their store performance, inventory levels, etc., using this feature.

4.Master admin dashboard

With this feature, the admin can monitor and control the whole marketplace. It enables them to customize settings for different groups of suppliers.

5.Product videos

This outstanding feature in our Tokopedia clone makes online selling more responsive and persuasive as it permits users to showcase their products with product videos.

6.Flexible commission

We have integrated this feature in our clone app, facilitating your business to create multiple commission rates for each vendor listed on your marketplace.

7.Bulk emailing

This astounding feature majorly helps you send bulk emails to all your app users instead of sending emails to every individual.

8.Feedback column

Entice more users with this feature as our clone app enables your business to display social proof for the products with star ratings and reviews alongside your products.

Our Tokopedia clone app is developed in a way that can be customized for every aspect of the script to make it completely personalized to your business needs.

Business models

Our Tokopedia clone script is developed to be market-ready for all business models.

1.Sales commissions

This model charges a percentage as a commission for every successful sale made through your platform.

2.Listing fee

Our Tokopedia clone charges your sellers for listing their products on your platform for sales and exchanges. The charge is based on the value of the products and the number of days to keep the products.


This is a common yet effective business model enabling your business to earn a sustainable income by publishing banner ads across the platform. 

Since multiple vendors are vying for the same users, this model allows vendors to advertise on your platform to grab more user traction. 

4.Fulfillment fee

We have integrated this model and can be used if you are keeping your products in the warehouse for shipping. The fee is charged for the space utilized by the product in the warehouse.

Advantages of using our ravishing Tokopedia clone

1.Customer loyalty

2.Brand awareness

3.Quick launch for products

4.Ease of promotion

5.More customer engagement

Wrapping Up

Grow your online business and stay ahead in the competitive market by getting associated with our team experts. We, at Inoru, understand every distinctive business need and help you create a thriving Tokopedia clone app with our user-friendly clone script.

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