Couchsurfing Clone – A Blue-chip To Take-off Your Travel And Hospitality Business Online

Couchsurfing Clone

69% of the travellers still show their willingness to travel amidst the lockdown crisis, and this offers lucrative opportunities for the blooming need for travel and hospitality management apps like Couchsurfing that facilitates the users satisfied with all their needs. 

This also created an impulsive market with the increasing amount of user interaction and facilitators to list themself in these apps. Entrepreneurs who are looking to develop your travel business in an online forum, INORU is here to get your Couchsurfing clone app developed at ease. 

Let us here get to know why CouchSurfing like app is a lucrative model for Travel businesses. 

What is Couchsurfing?

CouchSurfing is a global hospitality exchange service carried out through an app to reach the global audience effectively. This app facilitates its users with features to enable communication among the couch surfers to interact and hail each other’s services on need. Like a gift, this app emerged in the ecosystem to ease the lodging facility for the tourist and does not charge lodging fees.

Couch Surfing, also known as a Collaborative community, originated to facilitate the regional people’s sharing economy for tourists and travelers. This is more likely to benefit new bees in the tourism spectrum, connecting the regional people with the travelers. 

Get to know the detailed process of developing your Couchsurfing clone app now

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The Need for CouchSurfing app 

1. Hospitality and tourism management platforms acting on the concept of collaborating community eliminated the presence of bad hosts and guests that emphasize the safety of innocent users. 

2. The app helps you connect with local people who know all the gems hidden in their locality and allow the user to get what they want, and also provides pro tips to save money. 

3. As the platform is designed to operate on the global spectrum, the region-specific attributes are eliminated. That the user can reach out to their needs. 

4. The app is confined to travelers and helps families, couples, and any tourist in that place.  

5. For entrepreneurs, this app is easy to manage their business from any corner of the globe. 

Working Of the CouchSurfing app

The app facilitates everyone, irrespective of the geographical location, to create their profile. As the community operates on the global spectrum, it needs to be connected with people from every end of the world. The main attraction here is references people leave for each other, making others identify the right person to communicate with. Once two surfers meet, it’s kind of mandatory for them to go to each other’s references. They are public, and it is open to everyone. The Couchsurfers, before meeting one other, can understand and identify if the other person is trustworthy and reliable. 

With that, the process is as follows, 

1. The user can create their profile in the app. The more information they give, the more they get to know each other. It is required to upload photos, interests, etc. the user can share the best stories on their travels, which connects people to know each other effectively. 

2. On top of the app, the users can search for members, hosts, other travellers, events, etc., specific to the place they want to travel. The information regarding events, carnivals, festivals, etc., of each place, their prime times, attractions of the location are all listed in the app. The information is verified that the user can trust. And also choose their company by them as they have all access to know another user through the references left by other users.

3. From there, it is a user’s choice to decide if they want to continue the trip with the Couchsurfer or not. 

Why develop a CouchSurfing Clone?

We all know how the business is blooming in a travel app. Couchsurfing clone is a pre-built solution that is ready to launch and is more flexible to make changes and adapt to customization needs as the entrepreneur developing the app wishes to carry out their business online through the app. This platform has the capability to emerge as an online community exclusively for travellers to connect with each other. 

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the app and create an extraordinary marketplace online to render their travel and hospitality management services. Through the app, they can ensure to render safe and secured services to their users and community members. This compatible platform helps the users connect with people in the locality of the place the user visits. So why not develop your CouchSurfing Clone, one profitable solution with INORU. 

Prominent Features of Couchsurfing Clone app

1. Advanced and extensive dashboard facilitates users to easily navigate different cities and places they want to connect with. 

2. Efficient profile set up option for users that helps others to know them in a much-elaborated way. It is ensuring safety. 

3. The inbox feature is unique because it has an order to send and receive requests from relevant hosts, travellers, locals, etc. 

4. The app is capable of operating in multiple languages that efficiently connects users around the world. 

5. The unique blog feature helps users share information of recent news, events, etc., to keep the app users updated. 

6. It also facilitates features to build strong relationships and communities through reliable and trustworthy connections. 

7. The app is safe in that its unique reference feature, which is open to all, is proof to know the people as they are. 

Develop your Couchsurfing Clone app

With the lucrative travel business developing your Couchsurfing clone app from INORU, you get to reach global attention at ease. Our white label solution in the app development process helps you launch your app in less due time. With efficiency improved with advanced features and technological inputs, the app is flexible enough to accept entrepreneur customization requests. 

So what else, Get your Couchsurfing Clone App Developed from us and help your users explore worldly attractions at ease. And that eventually, with positive approaches, you get to experience user traffic, increased professional contacts, and expanded revenue opportunities. 

Launch your Travel app like Couchsurfing that connects travelers and regional people around the globe

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