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MealBox Clone

In the name of modernization, we have gone through different food habits, dressings, etc. The change was in the pattern and style and not in the basics of life. Similarly, food is today’s priority for each and every one of us. Getting healthy, yummy, tasty food delivered at the doorstep is like being treated by heaven after a long tiring day. Food delivery apps like MealBox caters to these holistic services. They have created a great demand in the global market for entrepreneurs to develop and launch the Mealbox clone app to render food delivery services for their unique benefits. 

At INORU, we extend your services to Develop your MealBox like app that is classic and cool enough to skyrocket your food delivery business in your locality. 

Mealbox Is An Unusual Food Delivery App. 

MealBox, operating in the city of San Francisco and the bay area. Unlike other food delivery app, it carries a unique business model. It collects the deliciously cooked fresh food that is unsold from the restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other places, including supermarkets, at comparatively less cost. The users can taste a new variety of food from different locations. All that the users do here is seek out a food outlet with excess food, where the user requests the delivery executive to collect them. It can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinner at comparatively lesser prices. With the increasing demand and fame, the app is now working on expanding its wings in other cities as well. 

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Something That You Need To Know About MealBox

Nearly 40% of food cooked every day in the United States is wasted. 

1. MealBox has taken the initiative to create awareness through its app, ensuring the food prepared is eaten and not wasted. 

2. To encourage its users, the cost of food ordered through the app is comparatively low.  

3. MealBox ambassadors help and fight against food wastage in their locality. They extend their service by facilitating the leftover food to reach the hungry people. 

4. The app has features to gift food for underprivileged people who starve in hunger. 

Simple Three-Step Working Of The MealBox App

Food delivery app is expected to be simple and easy to perform. With more complicated features and facilities, no user would show interest in the app. 

Listed below is the Three-step process of the MealBox, a food delivery app that has a unique fan base for its simplicity and unique business model. 

After the usual log-in and profile setup process, the step is as follows.

Step 1 

The user gets to pick the store and place their order in the store through the app. 

Step 2

The food will be packed, and the user can pick the order from the store at the mentioned time. The food need not be cooked again. 

Step 3

The user can enjoy their food and be proud of helping to achieve a motive not to waste food. 

The app is super cool to get instant notification options and other features that increase the app’s productivity, thereby boosting the services effectively and bringing in users interaction. 

The entrepreneurs can take this opportunity in other localities to grow their food delivery business in this niche. The app lacks, delivery option. By infusing that into your MealBox Clone app, you can help society practice a good habit. Through your app, you can contribute to eradicating food wastage eventually. 

Growth Of Food Delivery App 

1. By 2025, the Food delivery industry will reach the mark of US$200 billion. 

2. The market for food delivery services is about to reach 63,551.77 million US Dollars by the end of 2025.

The business for food delivery is lucrative, so do vitalize on the idea and get your MealBox Clone app developed at INORU. 

Why Develop Your Food Delivery App With INORU?

Like you see, the MealBox app model doesn’t support delivery options. But with our white label solution, you can easily incorporate delivery service options in a much effective way. We provide you with advanced solutions to gear up your food delivery business at ease. The app is made flexible enough to accept customization facilities. That adding and deleting features, improving its advancement level is all very simple and easy to do. 

At INORU, we help you develop and launch your fully-featured MealBox clone app with a user-friendly interface and advanced features filled with attractive apps that help you rule the food delivery industry. Apart from this, we provide you with an instant solution to launch your app. The process of building your app is considerably reduced with our white label solution, and the cost completely depends on the additional functionality you want to infuse in your app. 

Factors Influencing The Cost Of Development 

1. The advancement of features.

2. Additional functionalities 

3. Design of the app

4. UI/UX

5. The cost of hiring a team

6. The time for development

Final Verdict

MealBox has paved the way for society and is following its motive to eradicate food wastage. By developing and launching a similar food delivery app with its functionality, you can contribute to the greater good. 

Being a successful food delivery app model, get your MealBox clone app launched with us. And get to rule the market with an awesome app benefiting the business and society eventually. 

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