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Generative art has transformed the traditional art market. Over time, it has become one of the most popular sub-segments in the crypto space. This itself presents opportunities for individuals, especially creators like artists, to launch their art NFTs on the NFT marketplace and make the most out of it. With generative NFT arts grabbing wider attention, creating and launching an NFT like CryptoPunks in this blockchain era will bring the best returns. Employing the CryptoPunks Clone will aid in instant deployment. This quick informative blog will let you know what exactly the CryptoPunks Clone is about and the simplest way to create NFT digital collectibles.

What Are CryptoPunks NFTs?

CryptoPunks are a series of a fixed set of unique 10,000 digital items that are created on the Ethereum blockchain. These unique 24*24 pixel art images depict humans (mostly) and other such things, including zombies, aliens, and apes. Out of these 10,000 generative art NFTs, 6039 are males, 3840 are females, 88 are zombies, 24 are apes, and 9 are aliens. 

In CryptoPunks, there is no such possibility of one NFT art being resembling another one as it is generated algorithmically. The users will be able to purchase CryptoPunks on the NFT marketplace that is launched by Larva Labs. Like other types of NFTs, the CryptoPunks NFTs art has gained prominence and the value raises considerably in the crypto market.

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Highlighting Points Of Cryptopunks

  • Users are able to browse through various CryptoPunks on the platform by checking out their attributes and then proceeding with buying. The background color of the CryptoPunks will indicate the status. That is,

  • The blue background indicates that the Punk is not for sale

  • The purple background indicates that the Punk has an active bid

  • The red background indicates that the Punk is available for sale

  • These 10,000 unique generative arts are approximately worth around USD 400 million. Out of these, CryptoPunks #7523 is expensive, with a worth of USD 11.7 million. 

  • There is a prediction that the CryptoPunks might sell higher than in previous years, witnessing a never-seen-before selling cost, which will be more than 5000 ETH (Ethereum) in 2022.

2021 was undeniably the year of the digital revolution when NFTs even witnessed such a tremendous hit with the increasing trading volume & sales. Moreover, the vogue of NFTs will never subside. Henceforth, it would be a great niche to Build an NFT  Marketplace like CryptoPunks and become a part of the generative NFT art space.

How To Launch A Marketplace To Buy & Sell Generative NFT Arts Like CryptoPunks?

There are two possible approaches by which a marketplace for buying and selling generative NFT arts like CryptoPunks to be developed. Here are these explained briefly.

NFT-Based Marketplace From Scratch:

The first model is creating the NFT art marketplace from scratch. It involves designing, developing, testing, and deploying it from the ground. As per the individual entrepreneur’s wish, the source code is illustrated with new features, functionality, and technologies.

CryptoPunks Clone Development:

The second model, which is an alternative to the previous approach is CryptoPunks Clone development. CryptoPunks clone is a pre-engineered solution that will enable technopreneurs to launch the NFT art marketplace instantly. Being customizable, it could be modified according to varying needs, which involves less time duration and investment compared to the previous one. 

CryptoPunks Clone – What Else To Know About It?

CryptoPunks Clone is a tailor-made solution, which is similar to an NFT marketplace like CryptoPunks, allowing users to buy as well as sell pixelated generative art NFTs which have been created algorithmically. Some of the considerable attributes the CryptoPunks hold are uniqueness, transparency, authenticity, security, scarcity, liquidity, and robustness. 

It operates on the Ethereum blockchain network and this platform is readily available for customization. Furthermore, the features to be infused and blockchain technology to be used can be your choice. Aside from using Ethereum, you could make the CryptoPunks Clone support other blockchain networks like BSC, TRON, Cardano, EOS, Wax, Polkadot, etc.

Hence, it is a commercially viable solution for individuals who think of going ahead with NFT marketplace development like CryptoPunks, expecting the instant launch & joining the NFT arena.  

Create Cryptopunks Clone Infused With Salient Features For Seamless Functionality

To a brief say, the creators of the virtual Punks or CryptoPunks can list their generative art NFTs on the platform and choose the auction or instant sale option. 

Depending on this choice, the counterparty or potential buyers can purchase the NFT directly when it is put for sale for a fixed pricing. Whereas, when the art NFT is put for auction, the potential buyers have to participate in the bidding process and start to bid. When the auction ends, the individuals who bid the highest at the end will own the NFT. Let’s check the features of the CryptoPunks Clone here.

  • Virtual Store Exhibitory

  • NFT Collections Listing

  • Search Options

  • Digital Wallet

  • IPFS (Interplanetary File System)

  • Bidding/Buying

  • Bidding History

  • NFT Tracking, etc

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