StepN Clone – Develop A Move To Earn Business Protocol Turning Real-Life Crisis Into Crypto Earnings

StepN Clone

The world has incorporated several elements and innovations into the environment standing high in the space. Technological advancements are the most prominent booster that has covered every nook and corner of the globe. People are dependent on technology for their day-to-day activities. All the technical developments hinder them from moving from one place to another. Everything is possible with a single nudge; with the evolution of smart devices, people can do anything in their comfort space.

Moreover, the work culture has canopied people’s physical activities. People are losing their health on the verge of earning money and accumulating wealth. To be precise, “Loss of health in search of Wealth.”

Apart from countable fitness freaks, most of us are obsessed with obesity. People have forgotten about fitness and a healthy lifestyle by indulging in several activities. Accurately, the pandemic period has made people halt in spheres without physical activities; the work-from-home schedule has made individuals dwell in a single place for a whole day without moving aside. The body movement and physical activities are eliminated.  

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GameFi and Social Fi

Since the search for wealth has overshadowed the need for healthy, an intriguing innovation has been discovered in the digital space. The space provokes the individual to do physical activities and rewards them with cryptos; interesting, right!?. 

StepN has made it real; the infusion of cryptos in real-life activities has opened a new income route through fitness activities. The app is expected to be developed with Metaverse elements through which the activities like running and walking will turn up into rewards converted into real-time revenue. The GameFi and Social Fi are the finance platforms oriented toward games and social interactions. The convention and theme are the same as the NFT games, where you can earn while playing. With native and governance tokens, people can promote their way of income. 

The StepN app has been developed and evolved in FitFi basement, which means fitness finance. The crypto-based app is designed with a motive to make people involved in any fitness activities and move to earn by rewarding them based on the calories, distance, and time they had spent exercising or walking. 

On Acknowledging the practical intent of the app, the StepN clone development has been initiated. INORU, the famous NFT Marketplace development company, renders the development process that can walk and run to earn. 

Working on StepN Clone

You may doubt how physical activity can be interlinked with an application that rewards? Let’s get it cleared. The StepN clone application works like the mother version, with all the gates open to earn with physical activities. The application is a metaverse-based platform that inhales the elements such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and functions in the upgraded M2E theme.

Once the app is open and geo-location is switched on, it starts tracking the time and calories burnt, which are calculated and rewarded in cryptos. 

An idea of tracking and calculations

As we know, the cryptos are rewarded based on the distance covered and time spent on fitness activities; let us get an idea of how the calculations occur. Let us assume and calculate and draft an estimate on the rewards obtained; a person walks 7000 steps per day covering 2500 meters of distance, average heartbeat is 70 bpm, and the calories burnt are 1500 kcal. With the above numbers that a person spends on physical activities, he can draw 0.25 dollars per day. As the numbers increase, the digits in the rewards increase simultaneously. The main motive of the app is thus implemented in this way and promotes people to earn being healthy. 

Upcoming features of StepN Clone

The StepN clone can bring in new working models that encourage the users to rent the sneaker token for a day and participate in the activities to earn rewards. By renting the sneaker token, people can get a chance to invade an amazing world and pull people into the newly evolving Move2Earn ecosystem. The entry into the platform has hindrances that are stopping many from having access to the platform. The rentals and associated details have to be discussed with the owner, and only if the owner agrees you will get access to the platform. The rental period is 24 hours, after which the tenant returns the sneaker to the owner for repair and checking. Additional discussions can lead to an extension of the rental period by up to 7 days. Everything depends on the decision of the owner. 

A concept of Metverse development

Metaverse allows the user to experience a real-time action in an imaginative space with certain accessories. An avatar that denotes the user can be created, and the avatar replicates all the user’s activities in real life.

The StepN clone can develop with the metaverse elements in the future. The app boosts exercise daily, and the avatar that has been created in the app grows to levels that eventually increase the rewards. When the users have the native token in the app, it bridges them with the gates of income. The token is nothing but a sneaker that you cannot wear in reality, but with the support of metaverse, the avatar representing you will wear the shoe and proceed with running or walking. The distance covered by the avatar and the calories burnt are calculated daily and rewarded the same way.  

Similar Move To Earn platforms Like StepN


Genopets is a Solana-based M2E platform with VR and AR inflexed. The users get all the benefits, including virtual avatars and free Genopets on the platform, which is a part of their Beta program that can be brought up. Various Genopets available in the passive marketplace can be bought and sold. This is similar to the popular AR game, and Pokemon go that yield cash rewards, while here they are Gene tokens. The user’s physical activities determine the growth of the Genopets, and meanwhile, the power increases with time. This is expected to evolve as a Role play game in the metaspace that the real-world crises are met through virtual gameplay.

Step App

Step App is one other M2E platform built on the Avalanche network. Along with blockchain abilities, the platform is supported with AR and VR attributes and is open to metaverse functionings. The main motto of this ecosystem is to monetize the individual’s fitness goals. Unlike in gyming and fitness studios, individuals can make money and gain rewards as they strive to improve their bodies. Social enjoyment, fitness camp, and competitions are also a part of this ecosystem. DeFi features in the platforms allow locking, staking, incentivizing liquidity, buybacks, token burn, and others. The FITFI and Kcal are the native tokens with governance abilities. The user can buy sneak using the kcal token. And staking sneaks can give a chance to earn huge rewards. 

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The StepN clone is paving the way for people to get strong physically and financially at the same time. The cryptos are converted into cash by infusing the wallets with the app. Today’s world is dependent on a backing force to boost to do any actions; the StepN is provoking people to live healthy and rewarding for that. Fitness freaks and enthusiasts can catch hold of this app and add this routine to their fitness schedule to earn as they burn. 

At INORU, we are ready to help you build your move to earn platform like StepN and make your user’s fitness regime yield rewards alongside sweat. We have the collective knowledge of the field and an efficient team of developers who can develop an app that can be compatible with all the devices, whether IOS or android. Moreover, business people can develop this app, collaborate with famous brands, and promote people to participate in move-to-earn initiatives. Why waste your time? Get fit and rich with a StepN clone from us. 


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