De-Fi Crowdfunding Platform – Entrepreneurial Guide To Head Up In Crypto Verses

De-Fi Crowdfunding Platform Development

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have gained so much popularity in the last few years demanding people to come under its roof. This is because of its decentralized property of offering peer-to-peer connections without involving any third party. De-Fi Crowdfunding platform development is what entrepreneurs are eyeing to make their stand in the crypto industry.

Crowdfunding has always been a thing since the olden days and the introduction of web 3.0 with blockchain is changing the game of crowdfunding today. The drastic increase in the user base of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is demanding new projects in the field. Are you a blockchain enthusiast planning to take steps in developing a blockchain-based project? Here is a complete guide for you to learn about Decentralized Crowdfunding on the blockchain network.

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What is De-Fi crowdfunding?

Decentralized crowdfunding is based on a blockchain network where you can mint a coin or a token or even security and launch a sale to the public. Public investors anywhere in the world can participate in this funding and contribute to the project development. Through this, the projects will get their funds for the development while the investors will be able to get a product or a service at the end of the project development. So investors who participate in these events will sell their token of investment when its value increases to other investors and earn a passive income out of it.

Blockchain-based fundraising modules

With a number of crypto projects coming out with various applications, there was a need for different fundraising methods in order to satisfy their needs on raising funds. Some of the most used fundraising modules are

1. Initial Coin Offering

2. Initial DEX Offering

3. Initial Exchange Offering

4. Security Token Offering

5. Initial Farming Offering

6. Initial Liquidity Offering

7. Initial Insurance Offering

8. Initial Gaming Offering

9. Initial NFT offering

Initial Coin Offering

One of the most preferred blockchain-based fundraising modules is Initial Coin Offering. This is similar to Initial Public Offering or IPO where people sell shares to raise funds. Adding on, ICO will have to mint a token or coin on the blockchain and launch a pre-sale to raise funds. There are many ICO listing sites and platforms that can highlight your project to investors. 

Initial DEX Offering

Initial DEX Offering is another popular fundraising module preferred by both startups and investors. This module is most preferred over others like ICOs and IEOs recently. This is because the tokens are minted and pre-launched in a decentralized platform that offers immediate trading options to promote liquidity. As this method offers immediate liquidity there can be a quick increase in the value of the tokens. That is why crypto geeks nowadays are more into IDO Token Trading than cryptocurrency exchanges.

Initial Exchange Offering

In Initial Exchange Offering, a third-party exchange platform will conduct the fundraising campaign instead of the project holder. It is just opposite to ICO where the project holder itself hosts the fundraising campaign. 

Initial Liquidity Offering

Initial Liquidity offering is also a fundraising method used by projects and startups which is hosted on a decentralized exchange platform. They skip the pre-sale part or in other words, they do not go for ICO before launching it in the decentralized exchange platform. The main aim of this method is to improve the liquidity of the tokens and boost their value of it by circulating them on a well know exchange platforms.

Initial Insurance Offering

It is the recently introduced fundraising model in the industry. It initiates token offerings or token distribution through European options trading.  People who meet the requirements given by the fundraiser will be able to participate in the IIO. It offers iTokens which is a form of insurance to the investors that protects them from price fluctuation and rug pulls.

Other fundraising models like Initial Gaming offering, Initial NFT offering, etc., are available to raise funds for developing their blockchain-based NFT games and to mint their NFT collections. 

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How should be your De-Fi Crowdfunding platform?

When it comes to a crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology, you can easily target a global audience. So it is important to have the following features to offer better support to the investors.

⮞ Simple withdrawal of funds

⮞ Direct Money transfer to the user’s bank account.

⮞ Exceptional adaptability

⮞ Real-time notifications and alerts

⮞ Innovative marketing strategies

⮞ Ensuring the security of the funds

⮞ Reasonable Platform charges/fees 

⮞ Multiple payment gateways

⮞ Easy customization

⮞ Simple administration 

⮞ Round-the-clock assistance

⮞ Multiple language support

Do you have any essential and innovative features that would help investors to have a better experience? You can add your ideas to developing a crowdfunding platform. 

At Inoru we offer a wide range of crowdfunding platform development opportunities and you can get a transparent development process from our side. Our professional developers with years of experience in the blockchain field can bring your dream De-Fi platform real.


It is indeed a decade of blockchain technology and the right time to enter the crypto world. De-Fi Crowdfunding Platform Development is not only in demand but will also be a great contribution to the blockchain community. If you have an idea to implement, you can always discuss the feasibility with our developers and start your development process immediately with us.

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