Foundation Clone – Enter The NFT Space With A Foundation Clone Equipped With Salient Features

Foundation Clone

Foundation is an NFT marketplace where digital artists and collectors would participate in decentralized auctions. This platform supports the auction of different artworks which will be related to healthcare, fashion, sports, insurance, real estate, etc. It is built over Ethereum blockchain operating with smart contracts. Looking at its seamless capabilities and prominence, would you like to launch an NFT auction marketplace like Foundation? Here’s the blog about Foundation Clone alongside features & functionalities. 

Foundation Clone – Explained

Foundation Clone is a pre-engineered solution empowering entrepreneurs to provide an ecosystem for traders and let them trade non-fungible tokens. It is equipped with significant features ensuring the typical functionality of the NFT marketplace. It is being built & operated on the Ethereum blockchain network. This being a customizable solution, additional features could be added for so and so to enhance the performance. In this blog, let’s know more about Foundation Clone software detailly. Catch a glimpse of it.

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Indispensable Features In The Foundation Clone

As we will be aware, the well-known fact is that features are a much requisite thing to be considered for defining the functionality. The following are the important features of the Foundation Clone.

  • Creators’ profile

Every creator on the NFT marketplace like Foundation will have their profile page, where they could showcase their digital works. Alongside, they could get to know more about their bidding with necessary information.

  • Search Filters

It is the most common feature of the NFT marketplace. Through this, users or traders will be able to find the type of NFTs they are looking for. 

  • Minting

Minting is the process by which creators like artists will have the option to transform their digital artworks into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These would be stored on a blockchain digital ledger. 

  • Selling The NFT

The creators utilizing the artwork space could display their works for other users to purchase. The ones who hold the NFTs will have ownership without any legal issues.

  • Integration Of Multi-Wallets

The Foundation Clone will support multiple digital wallets. This would comprise TrustWallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and MyEtherWallet.

  • Asset Listing & Categorizing

The users will have an option to list their digital works minted and listed on the platform. Moreover, categorization of different kinds of digital assets will aid the counterparty in finding what type of NFT they look for.

  • Social Profiles

The one prominent feature in the Foundation Clone Software is users will be able to link their social profiles if they have them. After that, they can share the non-fungible tokens they have minted on the platform. 

Functionalities Of The NFT Marketplace Like Foundation

Knowing the important features, the following steps will indicate how the NFT marketplace like Foundation will work. Check these out.

  • Those who have to carry out minting, buying, and selling non-fungible tokens should have wallets of their own like MetaMask. 

  • The foremost step is that digital creators like artists have to join the community through the invite link they have received and continue with creating their profiles.

  • Once the creators like artists have done with profile creation, they could convert their digital works into NFTs. However, the digital works could be in the format of PNG, JPG, video files, and so many.

  • After that, the creators will be able to list the bidding price of their NFTs in ETH, so others can participate in the auction and start bidding until the auction ends. 

  • As soon as the auction ends, the collectors who won the auction will hold the NFTs. On a considerable note, the digital assets will be transferred from the creators’ wallets to the collectors’ wallets.

  • Thereafter, the choice is for collectors to display their bought NFTs on the marketplace, which they could sell on other platforms like Rarible, OpenSea, etc. Furthermore, they would share these on social media.

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INORU is a leading & reliable NFT marketplace development company with excellence in delivering the world’s best-in-class Foundation Clone. The team of developers will aim to proffer the NFT marketplace development solution suitable for every niche, and yes, it will be a perfect fit for your needs. Here’s a list of what so perks you could get when choosing INORU for Foundation like NFT marketplace development. 

  • Expertise In The Field Of Blockchain & NFTs

  • Multi-Chain NFT Platform Development

  • Various Stages Of Testing To Ensure Bug-Free Platform

  • Smart Contract Integration

  • Post-Launch Support

  • On-Time Delivery

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Final Words

With the immense growth of NFTs today, launching an NFT auction marketplace like Foundation will take you to leap into the NFT sector. On an additional note, to make this possible as soon as possible, approach INORU and get the Foundation Clone personalized.  


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