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Online casino industry is one of the sectors that is gaining immense popularity among the users in the market. The market has come across a sudden spike in its number of downloads, users, and revenue post the lockdown imposed in several countries. With people staying indoors for the past few months, they have no access to any land-based casinos in their vicinity. So, they have turned their focus to the online casino services available in the market.

Benefits of online casinos over land-based casino:
This might be a puzzling thought for many entrepreneurs out there. If you are one among those businesspersons who are wondering about why users are attracted to online casino services, then here is your answer. With land-based casinos inaccessible at present, people are approaching online services.

Users seemed to enjoy online gambling in comparison to offline casinos. It was mainly due to the fact that online casinos provide a higher level of security, engaging gaming experience, high-quality graphics, and clear audio. These elements came together to proffer a real-time experience to users at their homes. Another major advantage was that users could get access to online gambling at any time, unlike land-based casinos. As a business person, you can also venture into this remunerative industry with an optimized casino game development solution provided by our experts at Inoru.

What are the casino games that we include in the software?
When developing an online casino solution for your business, we make sure we add multiple games to the app, as mentioned below:

This is one of the classics among the many casino games. A player will win if they get to the closest 21 at the earliest. Each card will have a value. For instance: Kings, Queens, and Jacks will have 10, Aces will have 1 or 11, and so on. Players have to make sure that they reach 21 without surpassing the dealer’s value.

Bingo is a fun-filled game mainly based on numbers. Players will all have a different set of numbers. Each number will be called out after the game starts. The first Bingo player to cover all the numbers provided will be the winner of the game. Players usually utter the word ‘Bingo’ after they win the match.

This game is completely luck-oriented. Players will have to choose a set of numbers from the range 1-80. Once all the players choose the numbers, the winning set of numbers will be announced. The person with the majority of their numbers matching the winning set will turn out to be the champion.

Slot machine:
This is an interesting game that was played only in land-based casinos until a few years back. The digital version of the game is a hit ever since its launch in the industry. Constructed out of a Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm, the players will win if they land on three same symbols, signs, or numbers.

Video poker:
The video poker game in our online casino software is similar to a traditional poker game that users play in offline casinos. From the comfort of their houses, users can experience a good game of poker in real-time.

It is a bit of a nail-biting game in reality. A wheel with numbers will be available, and the player has to select the number on which the ball might land. If the actual outcome turns out to be the number predicted by the player, they will then win prizes.

These are the set of interesting and fun-filled games that will be available in our innovative online casino gaming solution. We put in our best efforts in order to deliver a high-quality solution for your end-users.

Enhanced features powering up the casino solution:
Features are the focal point of any app. That same can be applied to the casino software as well. So, we include attributes that will ensure a user-friendly gaming solution for your global users. Below listed are a few features that will increase the unique factor of our app solution.

Easy registration:
We allow the players to sign up with the app via multiple options such as phone numbers, email IDs, or social media handles. This will help them register and enter the world of online casinos in a jiffy.

Manage games:
This feature benefits the admin. It will help admins to add new games to the software or website, create game categories, view analytics and reports, access user data, etc.

Manage payments:
Admins will be able to instantly manage the payments via this facility. They can approve or deny withdrawal requests, fix a commission percentage, and more.

Segmentation of players:
The casino gaming solution that we build will categorize or segment players depending on factors such as personal data, game performance, betting details, etc., helping in understanding the performance of users effortlessly.

Detecting frauds:
Our solution comes integrated with an anti-fraud system that will help in identifying players who are a potential threat to the platform. It also helps in detecting fraudulent payments done by users and any privacy breaches.

Limited gaming:
Gambling can sometimes get too much into a person. So, we set certain gambling limits for your players in the software we provide. This will make sure that they are not stuck with your app for a long time and affect their emotional well-being.

Timely bonus:
You will be able to provide bonuses to your players when needed via the software we build. It will help in retaining your users and in attracting new users as well.

KYC system:
When users initially register with the casino software, they have to complete their KYC as a part of the verification process. This will enable app owners to allow only identified and safe users to access the platform. Admins will also have the facility to block any suspicious account when required.

Multi-language support:
The white-label online casino game solution that we offer can be viewed in any language of the end-users’ choice. This facility will help you gain users from across the world.

Secure payment gateways:
We also integrate multiple safe payment options such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI payment, and more. No banking information of any player will be tracked for any purpose.

Daily/Weekly targets:
Players can try to achieve their daily or weekly goals to win exciting prizes and goodies. Admins might even provide them with free spins or wild symbols on achieving the target.

Multiple game screens:
Users will have the facility to play multiple casino games simultaneously. They can switch between games or screens with this innovative feature.

Additional tools:
We also offer a set of tools in the admin dashboard to help them manage the platform efficiently. These tools will enable them to access user data, change any game rules, ban any player, disable any game, and so on. Efficient management will guarantee an error-free and smooth gaming experience for all your users.

Speak to our team to build your casino gaming software:
At Inoru, we have the best set of skilled and highly trained developers who will strive hard to provide a whitelabel and bug-free solution for your venture. Talk to our business experts and developers to avail of casino game development services at nominal rates. Work towards launching your online casino venture now!

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