Instantly Connect Resellers And Vendors With An Advanced Meesho Clone App Solution

Meesho Clone

How do small and medium-scale entrepreneurs manage to take their business online? Have you ever wondered about how they earn  income consistently? No matter what the size of your business is, you can upload all your products online and allow users around the globe to resell your products instantly. Still confused about how you can do it? Your one-stop solution is apps like Meesho. It helps you offer a platform to potential resellers, vendors, and earn profit at the same time. At Inoru, we help you launch an optimized reselling platform with all the necessary features. You can approach our adept team of developers to start developing your app. 

How does our app like Meesho function?

Get clarity on how our Meesho clone app solution works. The simple working principle we include in the app will help you captivate users’ interest towards your platform. 

  • Suppliers will have to download the reselling app and register with it by mentioning the necessary details. 
  • They can then upload the list of products available with them along with information such as descriptions, images, videos, etc. 
  • Resellers or users can then browse through the list of products uploaded by vendors. 
  • Resellers can choose a product they like and share the item with their friends and family via social media handles such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 
  • If anyone of the friends or family wishes to buy the product, they can confirm their order with the resellers. 
  • Resellers will, in turn, log in to the app and place the order by specifying the profit margin and complete shipping address. 
  • Suppliers will confirm the order and pack the requested product. The order will then be passed on to the delivery team along with the shipping address. 
  • The delivery executives will then deliver the order to the end-users’ location successfully. 
  • Profits will be transferred to the reseller’s bank accounts after the product has been delivered. 

The revenue model of the Meesho clone solution:

The product reselling platform has a list of revenue streams that will help you earn a good profit on a regular basis. 


You can cut down a fixed commission from the seller for every successful purchase of the products they have uploaded. After the end-user pays the product price, you can cut down a fixed percentage as commission and then transfer the earnings to sellers’ bank accounts.

Delivery fee:

As the admin, you can incur a delivery charge for each order based on the distance. Hence for each successful delivery, you will earn an income. 

Ads and promotions:

You can get into partnerships with other brand owners and allow them to host their ads on your app and other promotional content after your approval. A fixed amount of money can be collected as an advertising or promotional fee. You can also set a limited validity period for displaying ads or promoting ads after which brand owners have to renew the partnership. 

Approach our skilled team to build your reselling app:

Schedule a meeting with our professionals at INORU and build your reselling platform in no time. Our Meesho clone apps are designed to provide a bug-free and smooth experience to your end-users and resellers. Succeed in the market with a premium reselling app solution. 


Instantly Connect Resellers And Vendors With An Advanced Meesho Clone App Solution


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