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Discord Marketing Services

When you heard Discord marketing, you might have wondered what is this new term? Or you might have wondered how a messaging application can be used as a marketing tool. How efficient will it be? You might have been running around numerous strategies to effectively communicate with your community. But believe it or not, Discord is the most efficacious tool that helps in managing large communities effortlessly.

Are you looking for a perfect marketing service to promote your brand or crypto project or NFTs through Discord Marketing services? Here is all you need to know about discord and effective strategies to follow for a better outcome.


Discord is a messaging application that can help people chat through voice, text, and video. It is not a simple messaging application like others in the market. It is a powerful application that has amazing capabilities in managing a large number of people under one roof. Like you create group chats in other apps, Discord allows you to create servers that are similar to groups yet with a huge capacity. Discord can host more than 800,000 members on a server and can effectively manage them with various features. 

Discord was initially created for pro gamers, who need to be in touch while gaming. They usually connect themselves in voice channels (voice chat groups under a server) while playing. Servers stand as the base and pillar for discord marketing.

Discord Servers- Assisting Effective Community Management

It is important to understand Discord servers, their features, and facilities in order to use them effectively for marketing purposes. As mentioned earlier, a discord server can host more than 800,000 members. The largest server right now in discord has 827,000 members. 

The servers can have subgroups or categories within them. The server admins can categorize the server members with this and they can also create various channels under a category. These channels are the mode for communication of the members either through voice or text.

Admins can use Discord Bots and Moderators to manage the servers. Members can be appointed as moderators of the server by the administrator. They can take care of the management activities on behalf of the admin. Discord bots are the most useful and effective tool which can do a number of automated tasks.

Discord Bots can 

1. Send welcome messages to new members

2. Post scheduled messages on specific channels

3. Post social media posts posted

4. Ban members who violate discord rules

5. Scan chats for spam, spoilers, outside links, and bad language

6. Play music from youtube, Spotify, etc

7. Create polls on the server

8. Schedule events and more

There are many more features in discord that helps in managing a huge community with simple features. You can conduct events through voice or videos. Discord also allows admins to stream videos with a group of people together.

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Discord Marketing Strategies- To provide Promising Results

Discord is a simple application that requires proper understanding to use as a marketing tool. There are several strategies to follow in order to reach the target audience better. 

Some discord marketing strategies you must know are given below

⚡ Build a community using a discord server by sharing the server links in various social media platforms, official websites, and other platforms.

⚡ Join discord servers with similar genres to meet people of the same interest.

⚡ Categorize the server with various categories and split topics under the categories as channels so that the members can easily take up information for these channels

⚡ Create a separate channel for general chat, announcements, feedback and testimonials, events, social media updates, suggestions, giveaways, technical support, rules, customer support, and many more

⚡ Creating separate channels can make it easy to manage a huge user base

⚡ Deploy discord bots to welcome new members and ban members who spam, spoil, and use bad language. 

⚡ Use discord bots to automatically post social media posts in a separate channel so that members don’t miss out on any of them

⚡ Having an announcement channel can make it easy for the members to check them out without missing any important announcements

⚡ Have a feedback page for the members to post so that new members can read them

⚡ Have a dedicated team to answer the customer quires as soon as possible. 

⚡ Engage with the community daily with new information going on in the industry.

⚡ Host giveaways and other events for the members exclusively for community engagement.

At Inoru, we have experts in discord marketing who can bring out transparent results. They have come up with several strategies to reach the community better. We offer multiple strategies to build and manage the community efficiently. 

Discord is Beneficial Over Other Marketing Tools

There are a number of reasons why you should take up discord marketing for your project. Discord has already emerged as a way for marketing in the blockchain industry. A number of projects raise funds through ICOs and IDOs now and they use discord to build a strong community of early investors. Several NFT projects also take up discord as a marketing tool to reach a huge user base. They manage communities efficiently through discord. You might ask why discord is adopted these days and is worth the hype? Here are our reasons why Discord Marketing Services is better.

✔ Discord offers a well-organized environment to manage a huge community at ease

✔ It offers an efficient way to reach the target audience

✔ It is an algorithm-free feed that the posts won’t get lost. Announcements made in social media might not reach people effectively because of its algorithm. But having an announcement channel on the server will make sure it reaches the audience.

✔ All the social media posts made can be posted in the discord channels too with their links by using Discord bots

✔ Discord bots are another important tool that made discord distinct from other marketing tools. 

Why struggle in building a community when our experienced professionals can do that for you? Our team is experienced in discord marketing and is ready with customized strategies for your project. 

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Discord is the new trend in marketing and people are trying to use this platform for a better outcome. Get in touch with our team and discuss your business with us. We can help you shine in no time. 

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