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Prospectors Clone

The gaming industry today has reached soaring heights. With the bloom of NFT and crypto spaces, the industry has diverged into various revenue-gaining streams and sectors. With all these possibilities, then why not! Take your chance now and vest on building your empire on the technological ecosystem as you desire with INORU. You can simply bestow our full-fledged services, widely jarring in the spaces. Prospectors like NFT gaming solution, with 18.22% increased income volume in the last seven days, and we facilitate you with a much advanced Prospectors clone development opportunity. 

Let us get to know more about Prospectors like NFT play to earn games that are widely capable of enduring you with enormous abilities. Let us get started. 

Escalate with INORU’s Prospectors clone – a customized crypto gaming solution

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Prospectors – Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Platform

Vesting on one of the highly competitive storylines, the Prospectors games are designed based on the 19th century Gold Rush Atmosphere, a completely exciting and strategic game story. As this platform is built on the blockchain networks operating in a Decentralized platform, there are abundant revenue streaming opportunities and functionalities in the space. The players are benefited from endless possibilities in the game as they get to earn and simultaneously monetize through varied means. Not just players, you now have the ability to make increased revenue by developing a similar NFT gaming platform like Prospectors with INORU. This mining game can be a golden ticket for you to soar high in the blockchain spectrum with more capabilities. 

The Gameplay 

The gamers start their game with three workers and a map. It is up to the player. The player can either choose to play for free in the initial stages, and then with the pace, they can assign the workers with mutual works like forwarding material to different locations, or they can invest in land and rent them as plots. All of these activities allow players to pedal up in the game and gain huge in-game rewards like coins, tokens, and cryptos. The goal of the player in the gain is to accumulate more gold that is exchanged for real cryptos through the game. There are varied options to accumulate wealth in the game. While mining resources like coal, clay, iron, wood, stone and processing them to build factories, mines, and other industrial buildings using tools, are also a part of the game. They also can come together and form groups and teams and work together to achieve a common goal. The players can also assign real-time work to their workers and get things done. For a few activities, the time can belong, and the player must have some planned strategy to get through the game. 

Functionalities of this virtual gaming platform

1.The players mine minerals to construct large extraction with bare hands. They get to create mines, quarries, and enterprises. The processed resources are used for building and production. Players, by extracting various resources including iron, coal, clay, wood, stones they can vest on building industrial spaces. That later can be sold and traded with other players.

2.The players in their constructed building can bring in equipments, create specific and other materials for the citizens in Prospectors to take their business to the next level. With each upgrade, the players give room to additional workers that bring in extra benefits.

3.Players in the game can sell and trade all their assets in the game from vehicles, materials, and tools. And with the help of tools, they mend to ease their work, construct new buildings, vehicles for commuting, and much more.

4.The platform is very comfortable to trade all and any asset mined and produced by the gamer. The in-game prices from up to free economic relations. By giving extra attention to the necessary goods that they can produce in their enterprises. Which will constitute a huge profit, and in case of not having any tools, the worker must do things with bare hands.

5.By hooking up with other players, they can do a huge business with less spending as the players ask their friends to join. And potentially, they can increase their capabilities and exchange basics like cutting woods, producing iron plates, tools, etc. These collaborations can get players to new heights and reach their goals in a shorter span of time more effectively and efficiently.

6.The game provides various options to earn and make their findings their own way by searching for gold, selling goods, transporting stuff, working with other players, planning for your own business reward. The player can infuse any fun business to earn money. They can bring in the total excitement they want to with their idea. With the best idea, it’s easy and quick to make huge money. The player can spend and also stake the rewards. They can also keep searching for gold. Instead, they can choose to bake clay blocks, tiles and build them huge.

7.In-game currency – GOLD, has a major role to play as it is in consent with economic relations. Any player can earn gold by taking part as a team in the working process. The players in the team would need gold to upgrade their accounts, pay the workers for trading, pay taxes, and others. Building exciting buildings using appropriate tools is also easy to earn gold. The players here will have to pay a fee in order to use a lot of gold, and each time they mine gold, the complexity in the process increases up to the reduction of the deposit. With the use of various technologies, the efficiency of mining can be eased.

8.The PGL TOKEN (Prospectors Gold) is one other important in-game token that is limited to 220 000 000 tokens which cost approximately the amount of all the planet’s gold. The players can easily withdraw the gold from the game and convert it to PGL Token that can be later used to exchange other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this in-game token has good value in the real-world market. There are options for a player even to stake their PGL token and excite its value, gain increased rewards, and eventually influence the platform’s decision and future plans. 

Build your Prospectors clone – a sure-fire Crypto gaming solution for increased payoff

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Features of Prospectors like NFT Gaming platform. 

DApp performing on the Blockchain is highly potential enough to put yourself on a highly competitive note and bring in a chance to develop and soar your business with Prospectors Clone, a social network of your own.

  • Gain gold Reward 

The player gains rewards such as gold that can be used to buy cryptocurrency in real-time. And the GOLD is also used to gain new prosperous business. 

  • Decentralized Gaming experience 

This first-ever multiplayer gaming platform is massive and gives a real-time Online gaming experience along with real-time economic strategy involvements that the EOS is powered with. 

  • Extensively Free-market Economy 

The in-game goods and services and their cost will be determined based on the supply and demand in the market. 

Get your Prospectors Clone developed with us.

The highly competitive game market is solemnly a sure-fire gaming space with increased return policies. The highly embedded solution for today that any entrepreneur in the crypto space could venture with surety is the gaming sector. With the ability extended from INORU, you can simply develop your NFT gaming platform like Prospectors. We give you a customized solution along with high-end capabilities. We render you with a timely resolution that you could gain your market in a shorter time. Our Prospectors clone is a cost-effective solution with increased flexibility. Moreover, with your gaming platform, we help you launch it under your banner and tag. 

So What next, Reach out to INORU and hail our professional service in the process of Erecting your Prospectors Clone with increased abilities. And take your business eventually to a new and better place in the crypto market. 

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