Dream11 clone app solution – Key Benefits And Simple Working Principle

Dream11 clone

The fantasy sports sector has been one of the most thriving businesses for the past few years. It is a platform that allows its players all over the world to play multiple digital games at any time. A few such apps also provided the betting feature that pushed more users to register with the fantasy sports app. Apps like Dream11, Mobile Premier League (MPL), etc., are among the most successful fantasy gaming platforms in the industry at present. Let us have a quick look into the stats of the fantasy sports market here,

1.The fantasy sports solutions have reached around 65% of the people in metro cities and 70% of the people in non-metropolitan cities.

2.The user engagement has spiked to 8+ crores from 4+ crores in the past few years.

3.65% of the people in North India use the app, while around 66% of the people in South India use it.

4.In the West, more than 63% of the population uses a fantasy sports betting app, and around 60% of people in the East have played via these apps.

5.Around 90% of people prefer playing using their mobile phones and tablets.

6.The fantasy sports app has over 81% male users and 19% female users.

Being a businessperson, you can also venture into this lucrative industry with a readymade app solution – Dream11 clone built by the best minds at Inoru. We have the most skilled and experienced team of business professionals and developers who toil hard to deliver a robust, secure, and user-friendly app for your end-users or gamers. 

Benefits of a fantasy sports app like Dream11:

Both the user and the app owner enjoy a handful of benefits from the platform. These perks are the major factor due to which many entrepreneurs are trying to be a part of this industry, and millions of users are registering with these apps. 

Player benefits:

A fun-filled betting experience:

Betting on cricket or other sports is illegal in many countries across the world. Fantasy sports apps like Dream11 are completely legal and allow users to enjoy an exciting game of betting. This platform provides a chance for ardent fans to bet on their favorite sports and players. 

Multiple games – One platform:

This is another crucial benefit that a player gets to enjoy. Users need not switch between apps to play their favorite sports. You can launch an app that comprises multiple sports, matches, and leagues. It will help you gather a large user base for your fantasy sports brand. 

Earn an income:

Including the amazing gaming and betting experience, users can also earn an income while playing via your platform or when they win a bet. This is also the main crowd-pulling factor. 

App owner benefits:

A profitable business:

The fantasy sports industry is a rapidly growing industry that many entrepreneurs wish to set foot in. This is mainly because it is an income-yielding business opportunity for app owners. Gaming will never go out of trend at any time, so you can earn good profit consistently. 

Multiple revenue streams:

An online fantasy sports app can be integrated with several revenue models such as commission, advertising, etc. app owners can generate revenue on a regular basis. Even if one source fails to yield revenue, the other streams will help you earn an income. 

The simplified workflow of a Dream11 clone app:

At Inoru, our experts will make sure that the fantasy app has an easy to use and attractive working principle. It will help you captivate the interest of your users instantly. 

1.Users will have to download your clone app and install it successfully. They can register with the app by providing the necessary details such as name, age, etc. users will then have to complete the authentication process successfully.

2.Users can then proceed to create a fantasy team after selecting a sport. The number of players they can pick will depend on the game they choose, and the team size required. Users will not be allowed to choose extra players under any circumstances.

3.Users will have a fixed budget or credit points using which they can buy players. They have to give up a fixed value of credit points for each player they pick.

4.Users can then view the list of tournaments or matches available and join instantly by paying the entry fee. They should adhere to all the rules and regulations of the tournament.

5.After the match is over, the prize will be shared among the winning contestants based on a few fixed parameters.

Build your fantasy sports app now!

With all this information under consideration, you can meet our team and frame an efficient app development plan in no time. Our seasoned experts will stick to the plan and ensure to deliver a high-quality and white label Dream11 clone app solution for your venture. Approach us now!

Dream11 clone app solution – Key Benefits And Simple Working Principle


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