Reasons as to why investing in an Educational App is the best decision you’ve ever made!


Ever since the pandemic pounced on us like a crouching tiger, it has been hard for businesses to get back on their paws. (Pun intended). Theatres shut down, shopping malls lay deserted and trains ceased to work. But one thing remained working, effortlessly processing new information and churning old ones. The student’s brain. As ludicrous as it sounds, a teenager’s brain will constantly shift from looking at just the facts to having multiple meanings. Basically, the students’ brain has the ability to process tons of information and the institutions that provide this have unfortunately shut down.

Here is where business opportunities arise for hungry vultures such as yourselves to make money out of. (Just Kidding). We as educational app developers are readily equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide entrepreneurs, startups, and even educational institutions with their own Educational clone application. Now let’s dive right in and have a look at the wide array of features and functionalities you will receive with your purchase.

If you’re second-guessing yourself on whether or not to invest in an app like this, let us get a few things out of the way. Students, teachers, parents, and the management team WILL need an app like this. Here’s why.

For the Students 

The application comes loaded with effective solutions to keep the students engaged. They will be able to submit their assignments online and keep track of them. A digital library stacked with the latest e-books on various subjects of interest will only be a click away. This will, of course, include their course material as well. Students will now be able to digitally bookmark whatever page they were in and access it in the future. Also let’s not forget the important bit, assessments. The application will come with a mechanism to assess students that will be hassle and worry free not just for the teachers but for the students as well. Whether or not the answers are honest is upto the evaluator to decide. These features will uplift student engagement and make them want more. I mean, let’s face it. Kids spend the majority of their time on gadgets anyway. They might as well learn something from it.

For the Teachers 

Now let’s look at how much teachers will be benefited from this application they buy from you. (yes we’re that confident you’ll do it). With this educational app clone, teachers’ lives will be made easier. No more throwing dusters and pieces of chalks at students. The app comes with a built-in User Interface (UI) which will keep the students engaged and make using the app easy and enjoyable. What’s more, the evaluation process will be so much more efficient and transparent to ensure teachers have a seamless transition from years of correcting papers and calculating final scores.

Added to that, the student management system that comes with the application will help the staff ensure student attendance, tardiness and overall performance. This is so much more functional than keeping an eye on them. An app will get the job done. Wait, it keeps getting better. The teachers will be able to communicate with the students through the App to answer queries and doubts. And just like the student, the teachers will also be able to access the e-books and the digital library and update their own custom content on the App so the learners will be able to get personalized notes from them. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

For the Management 

With this next generation educational mobility service, the institution can enjoy secure functioning which implements various online learning programs, backend systems, a secure fee management system so parents can pay the bills without any skirmishes, e-library and so much more. With this single application, the institute will be able to monitor and manage its resources which takes a process driven approach, leaving everyone happy at the end of the day.

Now if these features aren’t convincing enough, let’s look at some of the extra features that come with this application. The app will come with separate user bases for students, tutors and the admin with a variety of features including

  • Easy sign-up
  • Subscription
  • Search and filter
  • In app communication
  • Search and filter
  • Subject lists
  • In app notifications
  • Uploading documents, videos and audios
  • Managing questions and answers
  • Managing students, tutors and subscriptions

And guess what? These are just the highlights. The clone application will come with many more exciting features that make the learning and teaching process easier.

The Technology 

As mentioned earlier the app comes with the latest features and technology to ensure the user’s easy access. The clone application will be available on all platforms, which includes Web, Android and IOS. so anyone can make use of this app using any device, which makes investing in an application like this a wise decision. We have an excellent team of developers and product managers who have the experience and expertise to give you timely delivery and an application that has been tailored to fit your needs and requirements. What more could you want?

And last but certainly not least, here are all the educational app clones available for you to choose from, which includes customization and white labeling so you get to brand and own the application. The range is wide and makes the learning experience of students all over the globe an exciting venture.

  • The Udemy Clone for those looking to take the course plan route
  • Lynda Clone to captivate user with informative videos
  • Quora Clone to give users the best of questions and answers
  • My CBSE Guide Clone for all the aspiring CBSE students with courses for all ages
  • The Solo Learn App to guide the all keen coders
  • The Meritnation Clone targeting classes 1 to 12
  • Byju’s Clone if you’re looking to capitalize on the most popular educational platform
  • Vedantu Clone if you’re looking to focus on the 6 to 12-grade population
  • Vidyakul Clone for seamless at-home classes
  • Toppr Clone to target the 5 to 12 grade audience.
  • Doubtnut clone for an interactive educational app
  • Unacademy Clone the cost effective solution to get into the industry
  • Khan Academy clone or feature filled learning
  • Coding Ninjas clone to make the coding process exciting

With this wide array of educational clone applications to choose from that are filled to the brim with the latest features and functionalities, and with the current scenario that is in desperate need of educational apps, choosing to invest in a clone application is sure to take your business, enterprise or institute to greater heights.

Reasons as to why investing in an Educational App is the best decision you’ve ever made!

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