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There is a bounty of on-demand delivery apps in the market. In today’s digital world, not many visit a nearby restaurant to get their favorite meals or visit the grocery store to purchase the products.

The on-demand delivery gets delivered at the user’s doorstep with a few taps in their smartphones using mobile apps. This saves their time and eases their work from the strenuous efforts of waiting in long lines for hours to get their orders or their favorite food.

Having a food delivery app like Glovo helped customers to a great extent in getting their orders delivered at their doorstep instantly.

Okay, without delaying further, let us dive deep into the functionalities of the Glovo app.


What is Glovo?

It is a Barcelona-based company founded in the year 2015. It is a Spanish based on-demand delivery service start-up.

The promise Glovo made is to get their users anything they want from any store or restaurant in their city and deliver it within an hour. It is an on-demand delivery service app that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered via its app. It yearns to be a multi-category lifestyle mobile app, with food delivery being the most popular offering. 

 Here in this blog, we are going to discuss developing a food delivery app like Glovo. In the following sections, let us also see the other delivery services Glovo offers.

Food delivery app like Glovo – Brief Introduction

In the era of advanced digital technology, there exists innumerable food ordering and delivery apps in the market.

The primary reason why such food delivery apps encourage customers to use them often is that they get to order varieties of food online right from the comfort of their sofas and get it delivered in a span of few minutes at their doorsteps.

How has Glovo attained huge popularity in the food delivery sector?

Glovo is a Spanish start-up founded by Oscar Pierre in Barcelona in 2015. It is a user’s demand delivery service that picks up and delivers products ordered via their mobile app. It has gained popularity in the market due to its business model and its goal to deliver things to users in one hour. Their success is not just due to having user-interactive and intuitive mobile apps but also because of doing things they have promised to their users.

This has immensely inspired many entrepreneurs and food giants to opt for an app like Glovo. Hence, it is the right time to kickstart your business in building a food delivery app like Glovo.

As many such food delivery apps are developed and launched in the market, there arises a huge competition in the food delivery sector. People’s expectations keep increasing dramatically; hence, businesses need to meet their needs and systematically satisfy them.

You may wonder how to do that. Well, there is a solution. Associate with the leading clone script service provider, Inoru, and consider developing your app by implementing your business ideas in our ready-made app like Glovo that fulfills your user’s demands in the most accurate way possible.


The streamlined workflow of our Glovo clone app

         1.  Users log in to the app by entering their credentials. They can swiftly get into the app by logging in using their active social media channels.

         2.  Next, users have to add their payment method like debit/credit card, digital wallets, cash to process secure transactions.

         3.  They have to select the right delivery address and choose any product they want like food, medicines, etc.

         4.  Once the user has chosen the product they want and places an order, they get connected to the nearby delivery service providers.

         5.  After the delivery personnel accepts the order, users can track the delivery agent’s location until the product is delivered.

         6.  At last, once the order is received, users can leave a review in the app.


What are the advanced options we’ve coded in our Glovo clone app during COVID-19?

Contactless delivery

Considering both the user and delivery agent’s safety, we have integrated this safety feature in our Glovo clone script. The delivery agent can leave the order at the user’s doorstep and take a picture of the delivery dropped off at the doorstep to notify the customers. This primary feature enables users to pick up their orders left by delivery personnel.

Take away

Sometimes, your users might want to pick their orders and not have them delivered. This option allows them to do that. While ordering, they can select this option and can either pick the order at a scheduled time and the place. Once 

the order is ready; they can come and take away the order for themselves.

Precaution Details

The app has a section that has a step-by-step guide explaining the app to the users, like ways to disinfect handle covers, packages, etc., ensuring safety to both parties.

Safety Badges

The Coronavirus induced fear, and various preventive measures followed with varying amounts of safety standards. For businesses, the Glovo clone app will assist you in gaining more potential customers.

It provides a badge that ensures that the service providers are free from COVID symptoms and is called the Safety Badge.

Users can provide safety badges to stores that follow all safety protocols suggested by the government. This way, users can rest assured.

Selfie Screening

Delivery providers can further go for work only after confirming that they are wearing masks and gloves by uploading their selfies to the app.


What are the other delivery services you get in the Glovo clone app

With the Glovo app, users can order anything from meals to flowers, medicines, and other goods. Following are some 

of the delivery services Glovo offers 

         1.  Pharmacy delivery

         2.  Grocery delivery

         3.  Drinks delivery

         4.  Flower delivery

         5.  Courier delivery


Attributes presented in our ideal Glovo clone app

100% responsive enabling users to use your app from multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Bug-free scripts

We offer a bug-free Glovo clone script so that the app does not crash along the way.

Multiple payment options

We’ve integrated our Glovo clone with multiple payment gateways to process secure transactions and make payments convenient for users.


We’ve integrated our Glovo clone app with multi-language and multi-currency accessibility, allowing your users to operate the app in their local/known language and their local currency.

Advanced report analytics

This attribute facilitates you to observe the earnings report, its breakdown, and areas that require more attention.

Fully licensed source code

Our Glovo clone script complies with ethical app development, enabling you to make modifications and customizations based on your business and your users’ needs and requirements.


Summing Up

Therefore, become a titan in the race of developing an on-demand delivery app and have your own Glovo app using our impeccable Glovo clone script. This helps your business rage among a wide range of users that takes your business altogether to a new level.


Establish a Stronghold in the On-Demand Delivery industry using our Glovo clone script

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