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We know you have landed on this page after not having clarity about the app, BitPatron. By now, you must have been exhausted browsing in the search engine, having no idea about the app. Well, here in this blog, we will help you give a crisp and brief explanation about the Bitpatron app and its usage.

Are you a business person who is on the lookout to kickstart your business in developing a Bitpatron app? As you hardly find BitPatron app’s resources, it is complicated to build your app from scratch, making every individual professional understand your requirements. Besides, the cost of developing an app is quite expensive. 

To bring out effective solutions, implement your valuable business ideas with the leading clone script service provider, Inoru, offering top-notch, fully functional, and readily launchable clone apps that help your business reach global users in no time.

As there is low competition in this market, steadfast your business by launching your Bitpatron app using our script. Here in this blog, we will unleash all our crucial modules, features, etc. Let’s get started!

What is all the fuss about Bitcoin and BitPatron? How are they related?

Before we move with this topic, let’s have an idea about Patreon.


It is a membership platform that helps connect content creators with fans and followers. 

It helps creators like writers, podcasters, Youtubers to set up multiple membership tiers with various rewards. The number of tiers and the subscription rate at each level is left up to the creator. This encourages casual fans to pay a low rate, perhaps $1 per month, while dedicated followers can subscribe upwards of $10 to $20 per month.

To be precise, it is the best way for content creators to earn substantial amounts.

It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards in the form of their riveting content to their subscribers.

What is Bitpatron?

It is a Bitcoin-version of Patron and a digital platform enabling your user to earn Bitcoin in return for writing content. The users earn Bitcoin for opening up their thoughts using their content in any form. They earn Bitcoin for their thoughts, for speaking their minds without being hesitant about their writing/content being removed from the platform.

The rise and the value of cryptocurrencies will never cease to exist. Realizing its scope and demand, now’s the right time to launch a decentralized Patron alternative, Bitpatron, that lets creators earn Bitcoins for spilling their thoughts and voicing out their opinions with no hesitation on the platform.

Who is it for? 

Our BitPatron clone permits any form of content creators like podcasters and video creators to offer creative content to their followers/supporters.

Our BitPatron platform supports content creators from all walks of media. It is a platform where your users receive financial support from across the world seamlessly with a censorship-resistant currency. 

Benefits of using our BitPatron clone script

1.BitPatron allows content creators to earn Bitcoin by creating valuable content in the platform.

2.Your users can share their thoughts and opinions, speak up their views freely, and can get complete freedom of expression on our platform.

3.Our BitPatron provides hassle-free login for content creators offering total privacy. They don’t have to be concerned about any of their credentials except for the situation where they will have to recover the forgotten password.

What we offer in our BitPatron clone script

Content storage is encrypted

We developed our BitPatron clone script with a team of experienced professionals with the latest Blockstack technology. It provides safe and decentralized storage hosting. This technology is used in our script because it ensures the content is encrypted and verified.

Censorship-resistant currency module

In BitPatron, the decentralized Patron alternative, transactions are carried out by Bitcoin on-chain & Lighting payments; there are no mediators or intermediary fees. The transaction happens between the users and content creators,  carried out by Bitcoin & Lightning payments.

Multiple Payment Integration

Our clone script is integrated with multiple payment options. Users are given the flexibility to process their transactions based on their convenience. They can switch between Stripe, PayPal, credit/debit cards. We’ve integrated multiple payment modules because even if one blocks the content creators from payment, they can swiftly opt for other options available on our script. 

Wrapping Up

Hence, kick off your business by utilizing our BitPatron clone script helping your users use the fullness of the app effectively. Run your decentralized platform with Inoru’s impeccable BitPatron script, paving way for artists and creators to get substantial income, thereby enabling your business to help various creators to share and spill their thoughts using your app, thereby reaping huge profits in no time

Serve as a mediator for innumerable writers and let your app create a platform for them to voice their opinions and thoughts.

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